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Did oil companies add lead to gasoline in order to make it more expensive, therefore they could charge more for gas even though they knew tetraeythyllead was a poison?


Did Galileo get thrown in prison for daring to question the that the sun revolved around the Earth contrary to the Bible?


I shouldn't have to do this, but I came across these two common myths just this morning and I almost had a stroke, so here's the real stories. Stories that ANYONE with an ounce of interest in the truth, or half an education could find in a minutes work. It's my conjecture that most people who hear these stories believe them not because there is any grain of truth behind them, but because the WANT to believe them. It's a matter of faith for these idiots, and they will insist that these stories are true, EVEN if they should and do know better.

Why was lead in gas? Lead was in gas because car companies, and the public, wanted more powerful cars. Did lead make gas more expensive? Actually, lead was a cheaper additive than iodine, so it actually made gas cheaper. It was added to gasoline because gasoline, at the time, was very low quality and had very low octane. Low octane gas causes detonation in high compression engines. Detonation can cause all sorts of issues inside of the engine, especially with the valves. So between the low quality of non-racing fuel, and the low quality of mass-manufactured engines, something was needed to fix the problem. Lead was cheap. Was it a poison? Sure. So is almost everything in gasoline. Will a lead additive make your new car run better? No. Your new car has a catalytic converter, lead will kill that. It also has very hard, nicely machined valve seats. You don't need lead. Was there some kind of conspiracy to keep lead in gas? No. Any car made after 1975 had a catalytic converter and couldn't use leaded gas. Also, newer engines (not the newest engines, but from say 1974 to early 2000's) ran lower compression than they did in the late 60's. Your car sucked anyway, you didn't need high octane gas. You still don't need high-octane gas, you already have it. Unless your car specifically tells you to run higher than 87 octane, you can use the cheap stuff. The Illuminati won't care.

Did the Catholic Church censor Galileo for the heresy of heliocentrism? No. I'll sum up. The Church censored Galileo for insulting the Pope. Galileo was an asshole. The Pope read a copy of his book and invited him to Rome to talk about it. The Pope sent Galileo a list of questions he wanted answered, and Galileo wrote another book. In this book, the questions the Pope asked were, verbatim, asked by a character called "the Simpleton". That pissed off the Pope, who was pretty much Galileo's king. Don't tug on Superman's cape. Incidentally, no one said Galileo couldn't teach his heliocentric model, he could, just not as "truth" or what the Church would consider "fact". This was because most of the SCIENTISTS at the time didn't agree with him. Interesting, the scientific consensus at the time was wrong, and Galileo couldn't pass peer review. I wonder if that still happens... At any rate, Galileo wasn't in trouble for religious reasons, he got in trouble because he was an asshole to the fucking Pope.

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Ther's a debate tonight between of all people, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I will not be watching. I will be preserving my mental health and watching something soothing, like UFC, pro wrestling, or snuff porn.

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Holy Crap


Stay on message.

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Quit it


Stop describing things as "staggering", "mind-blowing", "amazing", "insane", or "incredible". Chances are, they aren't. Also, I've noticed that lately everyone who posts on the internet has some sort of mental illness. These people also think I should care. I don't. I don't care how you're "living with anxiety". Who the fuck doesn't get anxious? Get a fucking prescription or get in a hospital. You don't care about my hangnail, I don't care about your fake disease. Know how I know you're faking? Because you are posting personal bullshit on a message board that allows comments. If you were really gold medalist at the anxiety Olympics you wouldn't be posting at all, especially not some place I could show up and call you a bullshit artist. You're a bullshit artist.

Also, I know real people who have been clinically depressed. Know what? They don't spend hours making memes about what it's like to be depressed. They're depressed and can't be bothered. Jeebus Christmas people, grow the fuck up. Is the population of the entire world just now entering junior high?

Just Fucking Quit it.

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I got to see Junior Brown over the weekend, he was awesome. Really professional and put on a fantastic show. I didn't get anything else done this weekend, so I was glad I had something to show for it. Or not. But at least I had a good time.

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The bullshit of the day is about Donald Trump. If you didn't know, Donald Trump is running for President as a Republican.

Donald Trump.

On the other side of the aisle is Hillary Clinton.

Hillary. Clinton.

At the Democratic National Convention, the Democrats, Hillary Clinton's party, rolled out some asshole who said his kid wouldn't have been allowed in the Army if Trump were President. Of course, what the asshole didn't say is that if Trump had been President in 2004, his kid would still be alive. He also didn't say that had Trump been President in 2004 then Hillary Clinton would never have had the chance to vote for the invasion of Iraq. Hillary Clinton being the nominee at the convention where this asshole made his speech.

And make no mistake (my least favorite "presidential" figure of speech), this guy IS an asshole. Having a kid in the Army does not absolve you from being an asshole. Even, and I can't believe I have to make this clear, even if the kid dies. And just to make things even more clear, me calling this guy an asshole does not mean I'm calling his kid an asshole. His kid may have been an asshole like his dad, but I don't know, I never heard his kid be an asshole on TV. I heard the dad be an asshole on TV. The dad is an asshole. I repeat, that doesn't mean his kid was an asshole.

I know of which I speak. My kid is in the Army. I can be an asshole. You may not have a kid in the Army and not be an asshole, but there are people who don't have kids in the Army who are assholes and people who DO have kids in the Army who aren't assholes. There are people in the Army who are assholes. There are people in the Army who were killed in action who were assholes, there are people who were killed in action who were not assholes.

Merely pointing out that some asshole is an asshole doesn't mean anything. It doesn't dishonor the asshole's son's sacrifice any more than it dishonored anything else. This Khan guy is an asshole.

I believe this is all Trump was trying to say, but Trump is an asshole, so he didn't do it right.

So now we have the unbelievable spectacle of the fucking Democrats telling the rest of America how to "honor the troops" and half of the fucking Republicans chiming right along with them.

Fuck them, and if you are making a show of agreeing with them? Fuck you too. You asshole.

Also this week, the fucking newspapers are trying to tell us we don't need to floss any more.

Fuck that.

Please floss. Your breath stinks.

Every self-anointed master of the universe is crowing about how the "scientists" don't know anything. These guys are assholes.

It's not the scientists, you shitheads, it's the fucking newspapers. Floss, shitheads.



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Try to remember


This will never be big news.

Charges against the two guys who made the Planned Parenthood videos dismissed.

This fucking country is corrupt as hell.

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