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the floods recede


And it's about time to remember that the Rat Pack began in Madison, Indiana.

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when you've lost "The Nation"...


Investigations for the purpose of investigation, or to de-legitimize a political opponent has been, lately, a pretty good strategy. Unfortunately, it also backfires. It backfired on the Democrats with the Plame Game, and it backfired on the Republicans with Whitewater. Process crimes are mostly forgiven by the public if the economy is doing well, and real crimes by subordinates and friends are shoved under the rug by one party and the media (but I repeat myself) and sound like "whataboutism" from the other. Normally, I tend to wash my hands of all the nonsense, the longer someone has been involved in politics, the more corrupt people they have met and the more corrupt they become. So, our former Community Organizer in Chief most certainly would have friends and or political supporters who would both involve him in their shady practices and help him with his own, and the same can be said about the former governor of a small southern state with little of his own cash, a wandering eye, and a high-powered law partner for a wife and the former owner of a major league sports team in Texas (former home of the NCAA "death penalty", for following the rules). If you felt like it you could go on line and dig up published lists of their friends, relatives, confidants, campaign workers, lawyers and nannies who ended up in jail for basically theft. Right? Those people were put in jail for stealing money in one way or another.

But starting with the Plame affair, there's been a change. In the Plame affair, a cabal of careerists in the Bush State Department opposed to the Administration's foreign policy leaked the name of a CIA asset to the media in order to discredit said policy. The story didn't hold water, but the Democrats and the media (but again, I repeat myself) were OUTRAGED that an asset was outed (prodded by her nasty, lying, husband who was one of the aforementioned State Department Careerists). Not surprisingly, no one was ever convicted for the crime being investigated, but Scooter Libby was indicted and convicted of obstruction of justice. No crime but that ever came out, but the entire basis for the war in Iraq was deemed false based on one newspaper column. Scooter Libby was never pardoned, the Plames wrote several bullshit books, Sean Penn made a terrible movie, and it was all a lie. A lie by the government against the government because of a policy disagreement that caught a scalp. Someone was convicted of something, that's all that matters, no one cares why.

Now, the group of people at the center of that bullshit are at it again, looking to put SOMEONE in jail for ANYTHING. Even "The Nation" thinks this is frightening. Read the whole thing.

The publication of the Republican House Committee memo and reports of other documents increasingly suggest not only a “Russiagate” without Russia but also something darker: The “collusion” may not have been in the White House or the Kremlin.

Never talk to the cops, even if the cops are Congress, FBI, or "Special Counsels". NEVER TALK TO THE COPS.

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the best


Ash vs the Evil Dead is the best show on Netflix... the best everywhere, actually. I can't recommend it enough.

Oh, and the Eagles may be going to the Superbowl for the second time since I've been updating this here blog.


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New Years


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Look, this has been the best Christmas in years. Despite all of the crazy shit that's going on, the loss of one good friend in a shocking accident and the death of a family member. Despite the creeping Hungarian Death Flu attacking my wife and kids (and me, but I'm working through it). Despite the freezing cold and emotional bullshit of this time of year and, of course, my forty seventh fucking birthday (I'm so old now I can't even keep the list of cool celebrities that I've outlived). This Christmas will go down in history as the first Christmas in... well, since I was a child anyway, that I did not hear that abomination, that horrendous, disgusting, foul pile of fermented shit that is Paul McCartney's "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime." Seriously. I am over-fucking-joyed.

Merry Christmas, and here's number six on the worst Christmas songs of, well, forever.

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never again


So down in Alabama, the nutcase won the GOP nomination for a Senate seat in a special election. A TWO YEAR SEAT. Because the establishment guy didn't get the nomination, because the REPUBLICAN VOTERS IN ALABAMA DIDN'T LIKE HIM, the GOP establishment took their ball and went home. Or rather, they actively CAMPAIGNED FOR THE DEMOCRAT.

Now they are blaming the nutcase's campaign manager for the loss of a Republican seat for at least two years while the President and House are both "Republican".

I will NEVER vote for a Republican again. Voting for a Republican is voting for a permanent Democrat majority. PERIOD. There is no difference. Power hungry assholes. All of them.

I hope they lose every seat. I hope the Trump administration destroys the party. I hope it goes broke. I won't even vote Republican LOCALLY anymore. What good does it do? Screw 'em.

Done and done.

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Dear God.

If you're wondering why I haven't posted in forever, it's because I forgot my Google password. I even forgot my forgot password. I was logged in to Google on my phone, which is scary, and was able to update my password from there. I wrote the new password down on a sticky note.

Seriously. Some Chinese dude with no english and remedial computer skills can access all of my Google, Yahoo and MS accounts at will, but I can't get my Black Friday email or write on my online web log or access my MySpace page.

God dammit.

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