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Happy New Year.


Just changed my first crappy diaper of 2004. Won't be the last. I dunno what exactly that kid was eating, but I hope to Christ I don't feed it to him again.

At least I'm not hungover. A little tired maybe, I did stay up until midnight (Whoo - Hoo!) me, the wife and Dick Clark, what a night. Did anyone else think that last night's New Year's Rockin' Eve, a title that, if it's possible, gets more desperate sounding every year, looked staged? Not moon-landing fake either, more like very special episode of "friends" fake. You know, the one where the whole group goes to Time Square in search of love and end up meeting Dick Clark himself who dispenses some fatherly advice and a memorable catch phrase. Corny fake.

Speaking of corny what's up with New York's mayor? Was he drunk? What's with the tearing up? We know it wasn't smoke getting in his eyes, maybe it was secondhand confetti. Paper fibers, floating everywhere getting stuck in our lungs. We seriously need to ban that crap. I just watched it on TV and I've been coughing for hours, who do I sue?


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