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snow closings


Pictures of what happens when you leave the doors unlocked. Funny as hell.

Where was this. . .


when I was in highschool and needed it?



Wouldn't/a it be nice?

This couch

is a bike. That's really cool. I wonder if I can get my son to go with me.


"Fart in a tube." Uh-huh. What ever made them think of this?

Can't say I blame them.


Some people are upset with John Kerry.

This is very cool


The Alarm are back on the charts!

Brave Woman


U.S. Must Pay In Men-Purge Scheme

RIAA sued under gang laws

About time, there should be more of this type of thing. If, for instance someone sues for discrimination or sexual harrassment and the suit is found to be without merit, the plantiff and plaintiff's council should be able to be sued under RICO. My opinion, yours may vary.



Yuck but what a great read.

Best Headline Today


via Dave Barry

OK, I lied


This guy has spent a lot more time on this than I have, and I'm letting him do the talking. This is a good post.

Last Duke post, I promise

Discriminations has an excellent post. And the Herald Sun has a story here that shows at least the political science chair might have a clue.

Can duke suck more? Why yes it can!

The Clarification and Reflection It was a joke, you conservatives are too dumb to get it.

Be still O geeky heart


Battlestar Galactica has been picked up by the Sci-Fi channel. I cannot tell a lie, I loved the miniseries. Go ahead and tell me all about the bad acting, the girly pilots, the bad music. I don't care, it's better than I could've done and better than most of the crap that's on TV. So I can't wait.

Duke sucks redux


Instapundit posts comments from law professor at Northwestern University refuting the asinine comments from a professor of Philosophy at Duke. the professor thinks conservatives are stupid and liberals are smart, that's why there are so few conservative college professors. I've been thinking about this, and I think he's right after all. I mean look at it this way, there are an astounding number of liberals who have managed to make money, a lot of money, by doing as little work as possible. Look at rock stars, university professors, movie stars, union officials, TV and record executives, local politicians, and professional gigolos and heiresses. Hard to find a conservative in that group.

Obviously liberals are smarter than conservatives, just the fact that it took me this long to figure it out proves it, doesn't it?

Duke Sucks

The Volokh Conspiracy takes down that jackass from Duke. I would've but I'm too stupid.

Thank God I went to Villanova


In at least one case, a department chair has said they thought the function of Duke was to rid conservative students of their hypocrisies,

I'm sorry, to each according to his need, right Karl?

Tom McMahon: Kerry Campaign Caught Telemarketing From Canada


Pity it wasn't Qubec

George Tenet goes insane


Speech was going great until. . .: "I want to thank you for listening through a lot of details. It's always great to be back at a place I love, the greatest university in America. Let's beat Villanova tonight. God bless you. "

Obviously he's been corrupted by the Jesuits.

The American Spectator

The American Spectator

Twenty Questions


I was thinking of a baseball it took the freakin' computer 19 yes or no questions to figure that out. I'm kinda weirded out.

Very, very cool

These are the states I've lived in.


Since 1992 I've moved from PA to GA to NJ to IN to KY. Not too shabby for a guy not in the service.

create your own visited states map
or write about it on the open travel guide"

These are the states I've been to.

Kinda pathetic.

create your own visited states map
or write about it on the open travel guide"

But Conservatives are the mean ones.



This one's great.

The American Thinker

Well Jeepers. . .


Who would've thought this would happen?

Screwed this up before

/This should work

It is a helluva way to pick a president

"It is a helluva way to pick a president,' ": Yeah, Sherlock, our way. What a whiney jerk.


Michael Novak on Iraq & Combat Casualties on National Review Online


He's not happy.

The American Spectator on Janet's boobies

The Link Now, I've got to say something about it so here goes. I'm not against boobs. I like 'em, really. I would even like to see more of Janet Jackson's boobies. If Janet feels the need to show me her boobies again, she should feel free to do so. Just email me, Janet. I'll make it happen. Seriously.

This time though, we won't do it in front of my kids, it kind of ruined it last time.

This is very cool

Orisinal : Morning Sunshine Dunno why I like it, I just do.