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Oh God,


This probably means The end of civilization as we know it.

So Now he tells us.


Andrew Gilligan "Yes, I believe it was a just war "

Here's something that might refresh your memory.


Have you forgotten? Remember the chalk marks on the tires of the cars at the train stations? Remember the effort to rescue the dogs and cats left in houses and apartments? Remember the bicycles left chained to the parking meters? Remember the flyers and posters?

Remember ANYTHING?

This is one suburban Philadelphia college. I hit this site every day for months. I can't forget. And I won't.

lgf: Photos from the Heart of Idiotarianism

Here are pictures from an "anti-war" protest in California.

You know, I was going to let this bog thing fizzle out until I saw the first picture on that link. Ou of the 3000 odd people who died in the WTC, I can say that knew exactly one, and before I found out she had died in the attack, I hadn't even thought about her since my senior year of college. She was a freind of my wife's, my wife was the coxwain of the Villanova women's crew team that year. Amy Jarret was a flight attendant on UA 175. Dead now.

Very important research paper.


Electron Band Structure In Germanium

Check your political affiliation


Here, I'm a "Right Wing Zealot" Interesting.

8-year-old's felony charge thrown out

Read this then tell me if there should be blanket zero tolerance policies for kids.

Blair terror speech in full


Reform the UN

Holy Hypocrisies


Richard Corliss in Time magazine. There is a reason some people get paid to write and I don't.

Hitch was having a good Friday.

Did anybody think Christopher�Hitchens would like this movie? Or like the guy who made the movie?

So many things about this column irritate me; hearsay, accusations of homophobia, and the whole last sentence.

Face it Hitch, a coward would't have made this movie, wouldn't have spent his own money, and wouldn't refuse to contradict his father, even if we know, and he knows that his father is wrong.

There is nothing whatsoever anti-Semitic in the gospels. A retelling of the passion of Jesus is not anti-Semitic. I go to church all the time, I relive the passion all the time, I'm not anti Semitic.

Mr. Hitchens has a problem, he's anti-Catholic, and as with so many ant-Catholics he believes he knows more about Catholicism than any Catholic, and he's wrong. Despite his supposedly encyclopedic knowledge of Church canon and dogma, his line by line memorization of the second Vatican council. He doesn't know what it's ABOUT, he knows the words, not the meaning of the words, like an idiot savant playing Beethoven by ear.

My prediction, someday he'll convert, he's too smart not to.

Plus there's free booze on Sunday.

California Supreme Court: Catholic Charities employee health plan must provide birth control


So now what?l Catholic Charities will drop it's prescription drug coverage. Way to go CA Supremes!