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Hitch was having a good Friday.


Did anybody think Christopher�Hitchens would like this movie? Or like the guy who made the movie?

So many things about this column irritate me; hearsay, accusations of homophobia, and the whole last sentence.

Face it Hitch, a coward would't have made this movie, wouldn't have spent his own money, and wouldn't refuse to contradict his father, even if we know, and he knows that his father is wrong.

There is nothing whatsoever anti-Semitic in the gospels. A retelling of the passion of Jesus is not anti-Semitic. I go to church all the time, I relive the passion all the time, I'm not anti Semitic.

Mr. Hitchens has a problem, he's anti-Catholic, and as with so many ant-Catholics he believes he knows more about Catholicism than any Catholic, and he's wrong. Despite his supposedly encyclopedic knowledge of Church canon and dogma, his line by line memorization of the second Vatican council. He doesn't know what it's ABOUT, he knows the words, not the meaning of the words, like an idiot savant playing Beethoven by ear.

My prediction, someday he'll convert, he's too smart not to.

Plus there's free booze on Sunday.


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