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I know it's too big.



I don't normally do this.

Because, well, I don't listen to him. I used to hear him at work when I was in College, the woman I worked with loved him. I remember a the time he was all over Bush 1. Anyway, I got this link in email and read it this morning and, well you read it. I think it puts a lot of the latest crap in persective. A perspective it seems some people lack.

Sounds pretty sharp now he's off the meds.

Leftists and "Humiliation"


By Phyllis Chesler I read her book "Women and Madness" in my women's studies class at Villanova. That's the same class where I read "Beloved" and "Rubyfruit Jungle"

What can I say? The prospect of watching chicks make out in the hallway before class, even hairy, birkenstock-wearing chicks, was reason enough to sign up.

So it was me and all four LUGs that semester. ('Nova ain't exactly a hotbed of campus radicalism) Interestingly, most of the anger, and believe me, there was anger, was directed not at piggy piggy men, but at women, sisters keepin' them down. Never figured it out, think I got a C.

Anyway, this woman, the author, ain't no rock-hard Republican honey. This chick's a bona fide feminist and way left.

Something about lefty chicks with common sense turns me on. I wonder if she's got a nice rack.

Smoke Free for Seven Months

With no smoking ban in place. Howzat? Anyway go read Jack on smoking bans. If you need the short version 'cause you're on your way out the door for a smoke, here it is:

When someone says "It's for the Children!", hang on to your fucking wallet.

Good Luck in Philly.


Might want to re-think taking the train.

John Prine Shrine


Amazing site. Great quote "I explained to him that it was easy to take a shower but it wasn't always easy to have a cold beer when you want one." Love John Prine.

Belmont Club


Read this.

Okay, here's more

HughHewitt has a post that pretty much accurately describes the Eucharist issue. He hits it pretty much on the head. These pols are trying to get a free pass for their votes, their beliefs and they're leadership. Then they are challenging the Church's authority, in the person of the bishop, on matters of faith. They are wrong, and I would hope that these guys get a very strong and public rebuke.

48 House Catholics Warn Bishops That They Aren't Hypocritical ENOUGH

Yep, that's it, House Democrats have officially created their own religion. I heard Nancy Pelosi on the radio the other day call herself a "practicing Catholic", well she'd better keep on practicing, 'cause she doesn't have it right yet.

These Bishops better slap these guys down, and publicly. More on this later. .

Holy Crap!


With ballsthis big how do they walk?

Hey NPR!

Put this in your pipe and smoke it.

Van Lear rose:

Jack Sparks reviews Loretta Lynn's latest. I hear what he's saying, but I've heard a little bit of this album and I think it's just a little too hip for itself. I have a bad feeling that every half-embalmed country star from the 70's is going to show up "reimagned". Can you imagine? I've already heard STP do "Wichita Lineman", what's next? Conway Twitty and the Strokes? "You know, growing up in the frigid asshole end of the arctic circle, Conway Twitty was my musical hero, a genius". Debbie Harry, Jeannie C. Riley and the chick from MTV (just pick one) together on VH1 divas? "Harper Valley PTA" stretched out into a fifteen minute screaming match? Juice Newton covering Creed? Save me.

Sex assignment as social experiment.

The American Spectator has a piece on the John\Joan case. Aboslutely horrific. I've seen a lot of documentaties lately on "gender identity", and there's been some interest raised in the media lately since the Olimpics have decided to let men compete as women as long as they are "transexuals". I actually know one post-op transexual - woman to man - and I'm not buying any of it. "He" can pretend to be anything he wants, I'll call him by his new name, etc. . . but to me he'll always remain the woman he was when I met him. But just imagine if this was forced on her as an infant, could you descibe the damage?

Whoops. . .


This was no boating accident.

Um. . .


Which Witch are you?


Tom McMahon has a post near and dear to my near and dear. There are evidently two different McMahon coats of arms. Read and enjoy. Then throw out all those coffee mugs.

Total Shit


If they expect us to believe THIS we're all gonna die. Seriously, he let some guy on a BUS use his laptop? Did he send the email directly from the BUS? Do they think we don't know how this shit works?

Victor Davis Hanson on Rumsfeld



Shot In The Dark: You Might Not Be An American If...


Mitch Berg has some ideas.

Tiger can't stay out of the woods


What's up with Tiger? My theory is, it's a woman.

You can't concentrate when you're in a serious relationship and either 1, you're not married, or 2, you want out, or 3, both.

Look at Aggasi, Tiger, what he lost in looks he made up in ranking. Big difference between Brooke Sheilds and Steffi Graf, but I would hazard to say that Steffi understands Mr. Aggasi in a way Brooke Sheilds never would. I would also hazard to say that Mr. Aggasi is much happier these days.

Tiger, take a look around, there's some good-lookin' women playing golf now. (And if what they say about female golfers is true, well lets just say you might get to play a player short on your foursome, knowwhatimsayin?)

Either that or marry the girl and get it over with.

The Simpsons House: A virtual tour


The How cool is this? via Tom McMahon