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A Fundemental Human Right


This is the procedure that was used on my wife when our fourth child died in utero. Our child was already dead and we had a lot of trouble deciding to go through with the D and E.

Some people think they should be able to have this done to LIVE fetuses, ON DEMAND. Think about that for a second. Earlier this week there was a story about a new camera technique that showed color images of a fetus "walking" in the womb at 12 weeks. They've been able to operate on and remove tumors from babies before they are born. You can spend three hundred bucks and get 3D color ultrasound pictures of your BABY in the womb!

Or, you can pull it halfway out and deflate its head.

Blast from the Past!



A Monday link

Fish eat ball

What the hell?

This is a joke. Right?

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Neave Lab


Lotsa links loads of fun.

Shouldn't This be Front Page News?


Army unit claims victory over sheik



Michelle Malkin

The Secret Life of Newt Gingrich

The Secret Life of Newt Gingrich I have a soft spot for Newt. He was, after all, my congressman the year he was voted Time magazine's "Man of the Year".

I actually have an anecdote! I met Mr. Gingrich once. I really did! In '95 or '96, don't remember which but I had Hayden with me in a Snugli, I went to a campaign rally for a friend of my wife's who was running for insurance commissioner as a Republican (he was all of 24, guess who won). It was up the road (Smyrna-Powder Springs road?) in the Smyrna Library. Hayden and I got there before the food, and before the canidate, but Newt was already there, drinking a Diet Coke and talking to political looking people in suits. At the time I was 24, looked 18 and weighed all of 150 and had a 12 pound monster baby in a Snugli on my chest. I must have looked like a poster boy for teenage pregnancy ( I was poor too, but he didn't give me a laptop computer, I was sort of hoping). Anyway, he looked shorter and heavier in person, but as soon as he saw me he came right over, introduced himself and said lots of nice things about the unusually large and loud growth on my chest. People were beginning to show up, but as soon as he found out my wife was from Haddonfield, NJ he lasered in on me for at least 10 minutes (an eternity at one of those things) and lectured me on. . . . Dinosaurs! It was very cool, I would have loved to take one of his classes, he's extremely charismatic. Before he let me go, I mentioned something that I, at the time, thought was one of the smartest things I had ever heard. The Dean of Engineering at Villanova University (my alma mater), a civil engineer, had opined at some dinner or another that the next war in the Middle East would be over water rights. Newt stopped dead, made a half turn and said, and I can still hear him saying this, "Interesting theory but totally wrong.", pretty typical Gingrich there, "The next war in the Middle East will be a result of jealousy, greed and rampant state sponsored anti-semitism." He smiled, waved bye-bye to Hayden and greeted the next person in line, there was, by now, a line forming behind him.

An extremely interesting guy, bigger than the room and full of energy, he talks super fast. I could see why a lot of people didn't like him, for a polititian, he wasn't very politic with his language, like Rumsfeld today. He had a gut instinct that there were a lot of people far removed from the urban ring around the edge of the country that believed in smaller government, lower taxes, fewer entitlements, and the freedom to live with as little government control as possible. In '94 and '96 he was right. By 1998 everyone was making too much money too give a crap about common sense, and he was gone. Our government lost a visionary, imagine what he could be doing as Speaker today. Goodbye "NoChild Left Behind"! So long prescription drug entitlement!

Oh Well, after what the press did to him, you won't see his like again.

The Hidden Song Archive

Via the Presurfer: The Hidden Song Archive something useful at last.

Oh, He's a Prick.

But MAN can he write. He's taking a breather from bashing Mother Teresa, and delivering a bitchslap for the ages to Michael Moore. Who deserves it, BTW.

Check out the Hardware!


That's a Championship trophy down there. Hayden's team, the Braves, won the North Oldham Little League Minor league Championship. A HUGE thing for a nine year old kid, especially when you make the clutch play that blows the whole game open. That nine year old was, of course, Hayden. The play was an absolutley stunning one handed catch at the fence(almost 200 feet out) to end the fourth with three men on base. The thing that gets me is that he KNEW he was going to catch it. I still can't get over it, I'm tearing up. He had to run about 20 feet to get it, the other team was so confident that two runners had already crossed home while the ball was in the air. HA! We held them at 5-4, we were the under. The bottom of our line up came up and delivered like nobody's business, two men on, Hayden up. First pitch, a passed ball, our guys execute a perfect double steal, leaving Hayden up with men on second and third at the 1-0 pitch with no outs.

Now Hayden's had a lot of trouble at the plate this year, so we were all a little stressed, but he takes a walk. You should've seen the look on his face. Bases loaded, and the top of the lineup on the way. Matt, Megan, Garrett, Tyler, Zack Cook, Zack Hall. . . a fantastic job against an incredible defense put us back in the lead 6-5. The Giant's came back and tied it up, so at the top of the sixth it was 6-6 and the place was going NUTS! We're back to the bottom of the lineup, Hayden's up, the Giant's coach throws a signal and, THEY INTENTIONALLY WALK HAYDEN with TWO OUTS and THE TOP OF OUR LINE UP ON THE WAY! Rally caps are on and boy are they working! Matt singles, megan singles, a walk. . . Anthony blasts one for two RBI's and we head to the bottom of the sixth with a commanding 13 - 6 lead.

Needless to say, it wasn't perfect, but it didn't need to be, Tyler Mason pitched one hell of an inning and it was all over, 13 - 7.

I'll try and get pictures of the game up later.

The Link is to the North Oldham LL website, it's a couple of days overdue, but I was assured that they'll update it.


Oh yeah.



It's Geek City Today

The Empire Strikes Back: Lost Scene #1 HA!

I Knew It!


Brendan? Is that you?

When Penguins Attack

When Penguins Attack

Jack made a list

Of what he considers the top 100 country songs of all time. It's a good list. Read it.

I'd add "Blue" by the Jayhawks, because it's an earworm like no other. But it's a good earworm.

Ray Charles dies


CRAP! "Georgia on My Mind" is one of my favorite songs. His country stuff was great.

All that work and all anybody remembers is a piece of shit Grammy and a damn Pepsi commercial.



When I heard Reagan died, I thought, "Oh man, the president died." I think it's because he was "The President" when I was growing up. The big 8 years anyway 10-18. Do you think that kid's who grew up in the 90's will think that of Clinton? I do.

Poor guys.

OK, This is Fantastic

I quit smoking by eating jelly beans too. I ate the Starburst ones though. They're the best jelly beans ever. If they came in black licorice they'd be nature's perfect food.

In '80 I was 9 and thought Reagan was the coolest guy EVER! Really. My hero's were, in order, Larry Christenson LH pitcher for the WORLD CHAMPION Phillies, and Reagan. By the time '84 hit, so did puberty, so pretty much everyone else in the world was wrong, I was right damnit! Who do you think you are! You don't know me! You're just trying to put me down and ruin my life and PLESE WON"T SOMEONE, ANYONE, PLEASE GOD HAVE SEX WITH ME! I was 14, you get the idea. Reagan was no longer cool. Until he bombed Libya, THEN he was cool. Then the Stock Market Crashed, not cool, Dukakis ran against Bush1, Reagan looked cooler all of a sudden. College rolled around and try as I might, I couldn't shake it, I was a Republican, a Pro-Life, anti-tax, small government Republican. So I married the girl who wouldn't have sex with me when I was 14 and had so many kids my next house will have to have steel toes and laces.

To this day at my Mother's house there's all sorts of graffitti by the pencil sharpener in the basement stairway, and there's still bunch of pro-Reagan slogans in the places where it hasn't been painted over. You'd think, looking at that, my parents would have figured I'd turn out alright.

'cause I think I did.

Screw cicadas


Acidman's got ants in his pants.

Before Roe v. Wade, did 10,000 women a year die from illegal abortions?

Short answer: Nope.

The Connection

I'd love to get a copy of this book

Wait! Wait!


There's hope.

What the Hell?

Is this proof there is no God?