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No Way!


I just finished Clive Cussler's "Valhalla Rising" without once checking a dictionary OR thesaurus.  I tell you there is nothing finer in all of modern literature than a Dirk Pitt book, destined to go down as a classic. 

There is one thing wrong with this book, and it took me a while to figure it out. . .

300 pages, and Dirk Pitt wasn't shot in the meaty part of the ass once.  I think old Clive must be slipping.

The end is near.


Why? Take a look.

I gotta stop reading the news.


Clinton Adviser Probed Over Terror Memos Evidently he stole classified documents from the National archives by sticking them down his pants. This happened before he was to testify before the 9/11 commission.

Think there's something these jerkoffs forgot to tell us? Just what, exactly, would the news be like this morning if it was Condi Rice who stole these memos?

And the first guy the National Archives staff called was Clinton's lawyer? WtF? Has Mr. Sandy been known to have done this before?

Google Sandy Berger this morning, read up some. I'm too pissed off.



The ISA servers at work are blocking blogger (not my fault, they use the default downloadable list), so I can't update during the day, so I guess early morning will be my post for the day.  Anyway, this is a vacation week and I'm not at work, so I won't be on the computer much, except for Thursday, when you all can expect LOTS of pictures of Skip.

That'll be the day. . .

Wait, it was!

So, Joe Wilson Lied, I knew that.


This is mean, nasty and unladylike, but funny as hell.
Seriously, she reminds me of my wife.



Teddy Kennedy has a dog namedSplash.

OJ has a hamster named Slash.

Condit had a cat named Chandra, but it ran away.

Scott Peterson calls his goldfish Trunk.

Oh Man

This is how I remember my visit to Germany.

67 meters! Ja!


Fun stuff Shoot quickly




I wanna see where this goes.

This guy was a theater major in college for a while and out of the blue, he's been asked to take a part in a play.

What's interesting is his reason for switching his major. Theater Majors! Exactly the same reason I gave for switching my major.

I remember the conversation I had with my advisor (he thought I was a pretty good writer *patting myself on the back*) when he tried to talk me out of switching. I gave him a couple of BS reasons; I can't spell or type and therefore it takes me twice as long to format and finish my assignments, I don't think it's right that people should get acting class credit for being in the audience for an infomercial, the smell of clove cigarettes makes me physically ill, and I learned a hell of a lot more about life failing physics lab with my jock lab partner than I did sitting around in the dark reading Buried Child with a bunch of Bjork lookalikes and hairdressers.

Neither here nor there, I don't think I had the talent he thought I had, plus I wanted to graduate with my class, so I got out.

I'd love to do something creative again, this blog was supposed to be a creative outlet, not the cheap way to get around the e-mail filters at work. Maybe it will be some day, maybe when I'm sitting up late with the new baby, but not now, I just don't have it in me.

Moore Lies

And Moore of a response, kinda, sorta.

This is Funny


Watch this with the sound ON.

Abbey Road


Greatest Review EVER

Drive it like you stole it

Car vs. Telephone Wires

Let America be America Again

OK, I suffered through enough college Lit courses to actually know where this came from, so I have a question. Who in their right mind, while running for President, would pick a quote from an avowed Marxist as his campaign theme? I think I'll spend today thinking up new campaign themes for the canidates.

PS: Is there now an unwritten rule that not only do presidential canidates have to have a favorite political philosopher (pick someone obscure so Slate thinks you went to class), but they also need a favorite poet? Democrats need to pick a black one for street cred with multi-culti college professors. Communists are just a bonus.

Mother F*****


NCAA Places Villanova Team on Probation

CFNY 102.1 Sounds and Recordings: Airchecks


AAAAAAAH! Listen! Retrogression

I Knew It!

Steven King, you're going down!


Read the Second story down. Duuuude, no waaay.

Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing


Oh Dear. Help me people!

Another July Fourth. . .

Another Regatta. I miss my town.

Thinking of getting me a Gift?


I want these. On a related note, Charisa and I have decided to become functioning alchoholics once we have the baby.

You pick color, You pay now!

Origami Boulder