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I hate hippies.


But, dykes? Hey, who doesn't love dykes. Check out some of the pictures from the anti-RNC protests in NY. I have a feeling none of these people were going to vote Republican anyway, but I could be wrong. . .

Sorta defeats the purpose, doesn't it? Posted by Hello

Caption me!

Damn Michael, was that you? Mix in a salad man! Posted by Hello

But you HAVE to love us


Will i need to re-think. . .


Allen Iverson?

Me and Skip, Streets of .fire

Laura Branigan died. No mention of the Streets of fire movie. She had a song on that most decent of soundtracks that also included the best song the Fixx ever made.

almost 5;00am and i think ol' dirty skippy is finally asleep. I'm going back to bed.

"Hello", he lied.


This is a refresher for me.

I used to think I wanted to be a writer. In fact, I still do want to be a writer. Unfortunately, I will never actually become a writer. Why? Two reasons; first, I have no talent. Second; I have less skill. Easy, right.

I'm reading some of this stuff and thinking, well, I could do better, but the truth is, I can't. I can't do better, but I can reognise that the stuff I write is bad, and that kills me. So, I blog. I can justify blogging. It's just public e-mail.

Unions, 'nuff said.

An AFSCME union local filed a grievance against East Haven, Conn., mayor
Joe Maturo recently for violating the city's labor contract by
personally doing the civic task of reaching down into a storm drain and
repositioning the drain cover, which Maturo noticed had become
dislodged. According to the union, if a cover comes loose, the city is
required to call out exactly four union employees, three of whom would
get time and a half and be guaranteed four hours' work. Said union
president John Longley, "It's not about the money; it's about our work."
(Maturo, a licensed electrician, was a longtime union member himself.)
[Newsday-New Haven Register, 8-2-04]

What the Hell?

Hmmmm. I have no idea where this picture came from. It looks like our computer.

I wonder if this is where Gabe is getting his orders from? It would explain a lot.

Baseball was rained out last night, which was good, since we needed rain badly, and I was late getting home anyway. I gotta get this project over with. A new baby's bad enough, but working until 2 am, then getting up with the kids all night is a serious hassle.

Uh-oh Posted by Hello

More music


I found an old 60 minute cassette in the trunk of my car that had most of Music from Big Pink by the Band on one side and one audible song on the other. It was 'It's All Over Now Baby Blue' by Bob Dylan.

Maybe he was as good as everyone said. Anyway I can forgive him for almost anything just because of that song.

A clarification

I didn't say any of the musical crap listed below was any good, I said it was better than the crap that passes for rock these days. That's all I meant. Hell, even Billy Idol is better than the shit leaking out of ClearChannel nowadays, and Billy Idol belongs on that ill-fated plane with Madonna, Cher, Don Henley, and the dueling piano horrorshow that is Elton John and Billy Joel.

Besides, any adult that doesn't play sports for a living and still calls himself Billy needs to have his nuts put in a glass of that blue stuff they keep combs in at the barbershop and set up on a high shelf so he can look at them, but they'll still be safe.

Jack's got a new list


His top ten westerns. I noticed a lack of Henry Fonda, he wrote me back said he was thinking about it. Other than that, it's a good list.

Testing this out

Post by e-mail, this could get interesting. Also, comments are open
without registration now.

Scott Stapp is Kevin Durow's Bitch

Cedar Rapids has at the most six radio stations. That's important to the story. Why? Because there was no changig the station once it started man, game over.

I rented a brand new Chevy Cavalier at the Eastern Iowa airport when I finally got off of the plane last Wednesday morning. Biggest POS I have ever driven. I drive a sixteen year old Volvo, it's a nicer car than the 2004 Cavalier, seriously. The only thing that this car had going for it was the radio, it was good, the whole car was speaker. So in the parking lot, while I try and figure out the controls to this design nightmare, I'm scanning the radio stations. I go past the Jesus, the bad country, the two urban, and the top fourty to the 'rock' station. How did I know it was a rock station? They told me so, 'This station Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaakss', between ever commercial. So I'm expecting Led Zepplin, AC-DC, you know, crap like that, but what do I get? Some bad teenage poet with a speech impedement, then another, and another. Three songs in a row that sounded like some kid with a mouthful of marbles singing his own words to Smashing Pumpkins (not gish either, the last one, that double crap albumn). And then, the announcement. It's a double-shot block, at 1:30 in the morning whoo-hoo, I'm thrilled. But then, what do I hear? No de-tuned minor key bass, no crappymoog effects, just drums. Boom, BANG, boom, Bang. Sounds old, I think, then it hits me. . . It's QUIET freakin' RIOT! A twofer! Cum on feel the noize and Metal Health. It ROCKED that POS Chevy.

Now I know what you're thinking, Quiet Riot? Randy Rhoad's old band? The Slade covers? Bang Your Head? Rocked? Hell yes.

I, like you, have not heard Quiet Riot in years. And I, like you, thought that I never wanted to hear Quiet Riot again, because they sucked. Right. But they 1982 sucked, not 2004 sucked. It's a very important difference. I'll give you another example, the next double shot was Motley Crue, "The looks that kill" and "Girls, Girls, Girls" both songs sucked, now they're freakin' classics. In fact, I dare you to listen to "Girls, Girls, Girls", go ahead I'll wait.

Finished? It rocked, didn't it. Damn straight. Now you know why Tommy Lee fucked both Heather Locklear AND Pamela Anderson, while Scott Stapp got beat up by his wife.

Believe it or not, there was another set, Warrant, "Cherry Pie' and "Where the Down Boys Go". Definately not good, but you think the shoe gazing Nickleback guy with the face mullet would have had a chace with Bobbi Brown? 'Cmon, even in queer matching suits Warrant beats that crap like a drum.

As I took the exit for my hotel, they were on the last set in the block, and I only got to hear one song, but I sat through the whole thing in the parking lot. Aldo Nova, "Love Is." Fuck Yeah. If I still smoked, I would've had my lighter out.

Let's compare, shall we?
Aldo Nova: "Looove iiiis aaallll around yeeeew!" Oh yeah, that rocks.


So, what am I saying? I think Tom Keefer from Cinderella said it best, 'You Don't Know what You Got, Til it's Gone"

Maddad went to Cedar Rapids and all I got was. . .


Frostbite, Fallen arches and contact lenses glued to my freakin' eyes. This where I spent the whole trip. Why? No remote accessto the box for installs. Thanks and and, of course, Microsoft. Pricks. Oh Yeah, the install, that didn't work.

I am now telling the computer EXACTLY what it can do with a lifetime's supply of chocolate. Posted by Hello

The View from the Parking Garage

They call them "ramps" out here. I had no idea what the hell the guy at the front desk was talking about. 'Need a ticket for the ramp?' he said. 'No thanks, I'll take the elevator.', I said. 'Moron.', he thought. 'Hayseed.', I thought. we went on like this for hours.

Beautiful downtown Cedar Rapids

This is so true.


A Day of Atonement

Off to the Races

Light posting, I'm off to beautiful Cedar Rapids, Iowa. To bask in the cool shade under palm trees while nubile young native women slather me all over with coconut butter and feed me frozen drinks.

Or not.

But I will be in Cedar Rapids.

On Thursdays it smells like Crunch Berries.

The whole town.



My parents are visiting for a day or two to see the new baby. They brought me two cases of Yuengling lager and a case of birch beer. An embarrassment of riches. The Beast has been charming my Dad, who pronounced him "incorrigable", and Mom's been holding the baby. The older two have been, so far, pretty good. My parents haven't seen any of them since Thanksgiving, and they have all grown like weeds, so we're going shopping today. I'll post pictures.

Come to me. Come to the beast.

I'm from Joisey


And I'm Faaaaaaaaabulous

Can't help it.

The Mudville Gazette is having a contest. Go there.

From Mudville Gazette
not mine


I'm using Picasa now to add pictures to this mess, instead of hosting pictures on my ISP site and hot-linking them. I like it pretty well so far, it's pretty intuative, but I wish I didn't have to edit the posts after I upload the picture.

I did have to re-install once, so I don't have it run on start-up, that should fix the issue. Here's Skippy.

Good morning?
from maddad

Should Kerry sue the Swifty's?

Lots of talk about it. I think the quickest way to settle this is to release his records, all of them. Remember, it has been accepted as gospel that Bush was AWOL in the Texas Air National Gaurd, even though he was honorably discharged, had his dental records from the days he was supposedly AWOL released, released his pay records, and had the Pentagon search through microfich out the wazoo. One of the keynote speakers at the Democratic convention the other week even went so far as to call the President a "deserter". (That would have been the fat guy sitting next to Jimmy Carter)

It's pretty evident that the RNC wants nothing, NOTHING to do with the Swift boat vets, I got an e-mail from the McCain website, and the RNC (that's right, I was a McCainiac in 2k, who wasn't?) saying that they haven't and wouldn't question Kerry's service, that Kerry's record showed that he served and served honorably etc. . . I'm sure they think that if they play the Swift Boat stuff up AT ALL, it'll backfire, I sure do.

On the other hand, If every single manager officer I ever had, if 22 out of 23 PEERS, not the people who worked under me, but the people who worked with me, had some negative opinions about my job performance I believe my career would be in trouble.

Like I said, some people want him to sue, some people think that that would be a really bad idea. I say, release all your records, just like you've asked the President to do.

First Day of School!


I wouldn't believe it either except that it's true. I'm super busy this morning, not enough time to talk.

Need a better digital camera.


When I downloaded the pictures off of our Cheapie camera, this picture was still on it. Around the 4th of July, we had some killer storms here, no tornadoes, we had them around Memorial day, these were worse, 100mph straight line winds. Every tree in the area lost branches or fell over, some people in Louisville were without power for 10 days. The siding blew off of my house and the headlight covers blew off my car. Again.

When it was over, we didn't have any power, but it was still bright outside and I saw the brightest double rainbow I've ever seen. So I grabbed the camera and snapped. Then I noticed all of my deck furniture in the construction site up the street and my umbrella smashed to bits.

Worth it. I wonder what we'll get for Labor day? Volcanoes?

Double rainbow off the back porch
from maddad

Ever Wonder?

What it looks like when you cross the sound barrier? Check this out, it's fantastic. Read the page then check out the movie, wait a bit, it loads slow, but it's worth it.

It's an F18 or an F14 breaking the sound barrier at sea.

via The Presurfer



Yesterday, I had some free time. The Beast was next door, and the Prince was off at ball practice. So Gabe and I decided that we were going to learn how to ride a two-wheeler, no training wheels. We've been trying to get him on a bike for about a year now, he just hasn't wanted to do it. The Prince has been riding a two-wheeler since he was four, and I'm guessing the Beast will do the same, but not Gabe. He's too smart, doesn't like to get hurt. But yesterday he was ready.

We went outside, plopped him on his bike and shoved off. He was pretty nervous, and a couple of times I was ready to pack it in, but he said, "No Dad, today's the day I'll learn to ride a bike." He really talks like that, so don't go thinking I put words into his mouth.

Make a long story short, by early afternoon he was scooting around on two wheels like he was born there, and today we road bikes all the way to the baseball field and back. Here's an action shot, it's a little wobbly, I was on Charisa's bike with the Beast in the baby seat and a duffel full of assorted baseball gear on my back. The Beast had the batting helmet on, Gabe "forgot" his.

I've decided Rainman is his new name, 'cause he's a very good driver.

Learned yesterday, YESTERDAY!
picture by a very nervous maddad

So he took a picture of me.

So after I took his picture, the Beast took mine. I think I need a haircut.

Jane! Get me off this crazy thing!
picture by EOIN

I took a picture of him.

Now that I've figured out how to do this picture thing, I've decided to carry the cheapie digital camera we got when we signed up for earthlink three years ago.

Today, Gabe had baseball practice, so we rode our bikes to the ballfield, very exciting, since Gabe only learned to ride a two-wheeler yesterday. Anyway, when we got there the Beast wanted to go play on the playground, so while we were there I took some pictures of him, here's one that came out. Check out his knees.

I'm the king of the world!
picture by Maddad


looks like someone's got some 'splainin' to do. I don't think these guys are going to go away, and the Bush guys aren't to happy they're out there either, but after reading kerry's response, I'm leaning toward the pissed-off vets.

Changed the template again.


twice in two days, but I like this one better, only problem is, I lost all my (very small) customizations, and my links. I'll eventually get it fixed, maybe tonight.

Figured out the picture thing.

Looks like one of those pictuers from a biology text book, doesn't it?
from maddad



Hey, I done signed up. Also the baby just took a dump, seriously, for about ten minutes straight. He's all, uuuurrrrrrggghhhh, wwoooooorrrrggghhhhh. bthtbthtbhtthth. I'm all like, damn.

Inane Bloviation

I bought a book at the library the other day, a hardback mystery anthology called, wait for it, "Ten Great Mysteries". I bought it for two reasons; one, it has the 'Maltese falcon" in it, one of my favorite books, and two, Nero Wolf. I love Nero Wolfe books, they're like literary Cheetos. Anyway I bought this book for a buck, about 700 pages, figure I'm getting my money's worth until I open it and see that when published, in 1954, it cost a buck. Not only that, but at some point the library had tried to sell it for $1.50, and this was a while ago because the price is written in fountain pen, not ball-point. So, I really didn't save any money at all.

(I know, shut up.)

Back to the point, the book has a Nero Wolfe story in it, one of the forty-two thousand Nero Wolfe Stories that I haven't read yet, and it also has a two page introduction to each book in the anthology written by the editor, Howard Haycraft. Howard, in his little essay introducing us to Mr. Wolfe, tells us with great excitement that Rex Stout is currently in negotiations to bring Nero Wolfe to TV! Now as far as Mr. Google can tell me, the first Nero Wolfe series, with the guy from Cannon, and Wild America and of course, Matt Houston, didn't start until the 1980's and Rex Stout died in 1975. That's quite a negotiation. How the hell does anyone make a living like that?

Incidentally, A&E cancelled their Nero Wolfe series, but it's still on, this Saturday at 8:00. I think this show is great, maybe I'll buy the DVD's. Probably not.

Maybe he did make freinds

Viet Cong Vets for Kerry Refute Swiftboat Book It's a joke, son.



CIA Asks Bush To Discontinue Blog


Should've gone into the Guard. Or at least made some freinds. mean, damn!



Trojan Games absolutely hilarious.

OK, here's one


crap, ain't working, here:


I Have GOT

to see this. I know, no pictures yet, sue me. It's been a long couple of weeks.

Fall ball started on Saturday for Gabe and Hayden, yesterday we went to a Louisville Bats game and the kids got to run the bases after the game, I got home at 11:00 and the freakin' baby decided to have gas.

Today is my last day at home. Out of the ten days I took off, I worked six. Starting the day after Skippy was born until Thursday. I turned off my cell phone when it started ringing on Friday, so we'll see if I still have a job when I get back tomorrow. boss says I can take comp time. Right.

Someday I'll get pictures of Skip up, but today is school registration, baby has a Dr's appointment, and we're at the ballfield at 5:30. Also, the backyard needs mowin' my car needs an oil change and air in the tires, the house is a wreck and poor Eoin needs attention. Who?

I need a vacation.

And someone to do laundry.