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Proud Mary


This thing here is a cruise ship built on a river barge. It starts in New Orleans and works its way up the Mississippi to Cairo, then it moves into the Ohio and on up to Pittsburgh. I spoke to a woman who was on this trip, she said she ad been on the boat a little over a week and had seen Natchez, Memphis, Cairo, Paduca and Owensboro, then Louisville, next stop was Madison, where I used to live, then Cincinatti where she would disembark. She said the river was beautiful and looks completely different from the water than it does from a road. She said at times it feels as if you're in the middle of Africa with all the animals and birds on the shore.

I'd love to take that trip. A guy I know has a houseboat, and he takes it up and down the Ohio every summer for three weeks and stops at every riverboat casino he sees. Says there's a new one every year. He also said that being on the river was like being on a different planet.


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