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Long Week


I've got one behind me and another one ahead of me. I'm really not looking forward to it. I might break my rule about not writing about work.

I'm taking the house off of the market, I just don't want people wandering through it during the holidays. Plus, I'm finishing the family room in the basement this month, so it'll be a disaster area down there. And Dick Johnson, one half of my realtor, (no cracks about the name) was just diagnosed with cancer of the larynx. That really sucks, he's a really great guy. The Beast is off visiting Lily, his cow, at our friend Paula's farm, because the wife and I played in a poker tournament last night.

Update: I came in second in the poker tournament, made 5 bucks over our entry fee. The Beast is home! He got to ride a four-wheeler. Gabe is super jealous.

Anyone else think Ollie North should be in jail? I'm sorry, I like Fox and all, but damn, it's Ollie freakin' North.

I found a stash of stuff from my college playwriting class in a folder I was going to throw out. Character sketches and one-scene vingettes mostly. Looked at them, but didn't really read them. All I can say is kids today have it so good. Really. Think about it. Laser Printers. Spell Check. Brains. Talent. Whatever.

I think I'll transcribe them out here. Good for a laugh. Give me something to do when I'm not at Basketball practice or working on the basement, at work or picking up after the kids.



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