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Christmas Eve


My father -in-law made it in last night after four hours of sitting in
the snow on I-71 South below Cincinatti. Says when he finally got
moving again he didn't see any accidentd, just two snowplows sitting
by the side of the road. They didn't plow anything, but they were

This is going to be a memorable Christmas. We've got tons of snow,
it's 0 degrees, we have one car, and we have three weeks to find a new
house and move. Still, we've got presents, and we've got freinds over
and the fireplace works. I've still got half a bottle of Capt' Morgan
and a half gallon of eggnog. Will brought me two more cases of
Yuengling, I've got a big bottle of red that eats like a steak and a
bottle of the same Chardonnay that my Dad had at Thanksgiving.
Assorted vodkas left over from summer, a big bottle of Canadian and
one of Maker's Mark and a twelve pack of Canada Dry. Why move it?
It's disposable.

Woke up this morning to the Veggie Tales and the Toy that Saved
Christmas. It's a good show, I like the Veggie Tales. Had to dig out
the bottom of the driveway, it got all iced in again. I think I'll
create a machine that simulates show shoveling and leaf raking. I'll
license the manufacturing rights to the Bowflex people and make a ton
of money. (And maybe even meet the hot granny they got goin' on their
commercials.) Spent the rest of the morning sledding with the Beast.
Huge fun. We were out there for hours. I'm so tired I might throw

Curch in two hours, bed in four. Got everything wrapped and the
cookies are waiting. I can finally say I out did my wife in the gift
dept. All is well.

Merry Christmas.

Bleeerrereergh, urp.


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