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A Nation of Wimps


This article comes to some of the right and most of the wrong concluions. Most middle class parents are nowhere near their kids during the week, and a lot don't see their kids during the week-ends either. These kids have been protected all their lives by people other than their parents. Pople who would go to jail, or get sued to death if little Johnny broke his neck falling out of a tree.

As for the section of the article that talks about college kids binge drinking and acting like jerks, that's what college kids do! And if there's an increase in this behavior, it's not because these kids never had a free moment, it's because they were never taught how to decide right from wrong, because in this world, there is no right or wrong. Grade inflation doesn't come about because of irritated parents, it happens because there are lazy professors who grade that way.

As for this big steaming pile of huggy-huggy horseshit:
There are kids who are worth worrying about--kids in poverty, stresses Anderegg. "We focus so much on our own children," says Elkind, "It's time to begin caring about all children."

What the hell can I say? Take care of your own. For you blue staters, it's in the Bible you bought last month. Take a read, there's some good shit in there. You Red staters should realize that not everything in Wal-Mart has a place in your trailer. Be a freakin' parent.

Just to make things very clear, I love kids. . .wait, I mean I love my kids, I could give a shit about yours, that's your fucking job. If they're at my house, they have to do what I say, or they go back to your house. If my kid screws up at your house, let me know, I'll take care of it. Trust me.


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