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Moving Day


Everything gets turned off today, I'll be without cable until Friday. No updates until next Monday.
This is the new digs. It's about 30 years older than our current house, but it's about the same size, except for the finished basement that adds about 900 square feet. We're in walking distance to school, Pope John XXIII elementary and Shawe HS.

doesn't matter really, we're going home. I think I'll change my name to Hoosierdad.
Maybe not.

Moving day.

Very, very cool


I'm a huge fan of the Muppets, and a puppetry fan in general, always have been. It's just so cool. I am unable to explain it, but when someone says the word "art" I think puppets.
Click this link and watch the movie, these aren't even real puppets. It's just incredible.

ASCAP Launches Infringement Actions against Establishments Performing Copyrighted Music without Permission

The lesson learned here? Hire live bands. Put a good bluegrass band in your bar, hire a piano player, sign up a few local college cover bands and your bar will be better and more popular for it. So will your business. Plus, musicians work cheap. Lawyers work expensive.



Antiabortion zealots, Catholic or otherwise, have shown that they will stop at nothing to inflict guilt and to compound the grief, sadness and sense of loss that these women experience," he said.
So why did they kill their kids?

This quote illustrates the mindset of the typical pro-abortion type. The Church isn't doing anything to the women who had abortions, who are perfectly content to think that the fetal remains go out in the trash with the used rubber gloves and syringes. The Church is taking care of the babies, who, in my opinion, deserve a burial, Christian or otherwise. But this guy doesn't want anyone to remind the women of the choice they made. Well I've got some news for you, it's not the Church that's inflicting guilt and compounding grief, it's your conscience.

Just so You Know. . .


I'm still pissed off at 'Nova, but. . . Damn!

Villanova 83, Kansas 62

I quit, I can't take it any more.


My Alma Mater, Villanova University is dedicating a memorial student lounge dedicated to a professor who killed her own baby and then committed suicide in prison. Who the fuck came up with this? What the hell is going on, does murder mean NOTHING anymore? Do children NOT COUNT? This is a supposedly CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY. At this point, I'm in shock. When I calm down, I might consider writing a letter to the idiot priests who run this school and tell them to get off of their cassock-clad asses and SAY SOMETHING. They won't, I know they won't.

You know at this point I just need someone to reassure me that all of the money I'm dumping into Catholic schools for my kids is worth it.

I got this tid-bit from Joe Sherlock, a fellow Prep grad and Villanova Alum who writes a blog that answers the question, "Who buys those model cars advertised in Parade Magazine?" All kidding aside, he's an everyday read for me.

What Can I Say?

Fucking Scumbags

Too Good not to Share

I really don't have time forthis, but I'm sure you do!

There's a Picture of Me on the Intarrweb.


Everything I Need To Know I've Learned From Iron Maiden See if you can find it.

Administrative note.

I've got seven draft posts, just sitting in Blogger. Two are pretty
good, one has some pictures of the kids, but I'm just not in the mood
to post them. To be frank, (Hi, Frank!) I've got too much going on
and the stuff I want to complain about, I can't complain about. Think
work. I'll probably do better after the move. I'm moving next week.
And I'm going to use the post by email feature more often, even though
the format comes out all screwy. There's a lot I want to do with the
blog too, I want to add a blog roll and maybe a profile, change the
template etc. Goofy stuff, but hell, no one reads it anyway, might as
well make it look the way I want it.

Anyway, it's getting close to the time that I start thinking about New
Year's resolutions. And I'm still working on last year's. Typically
they go in to effect around Easter in my world and I like to have
everything mapped out well before hand. This is an issue, because I
haven't even decided what they are yet.

So, to make a long story short, this is the worst part of the year for
me, always is, I think I've got that seasonal affective disorder. But
I'll pull things together pretty soon, once things settle down.

You know


If no child is left behind, that means one of two things. 1)
Someone's carrying him. Or 2) Everyone else is running slower.

That said, if someone gave me a quarter of a million simoleons to talk
nice about the no child left behind act, I'd take it. Then I'd use
the money to pay my kids tuition.

It's a job and it wouldn't bother me, and it doesn't bother me that
some guy was paid to talk nice about something he liked anyway. I
think he's lucky.



I've got an old car. So I'm always looking for cool old car stories.

Here's a 20 year-old jeep recuing a brand new H2 hung up on a stump.





Bob Lutz Has a Blog


OK Bob, let's talk about why Chevy's been making the same cars since '89? Ugly ones to boot? Seriously, the "new" Impala looks exactly like the old Lumina. Ugly Ugly Ugly. And do something about your minivans dude, they are too small, I know. I've got one. Toyota can make a minivan that gets 27 miles to the gallon, and it's HUGE. Honda makes a minivan that everyone wants, because it's pretty (for a minivan), and Chrysler makes minivans with seats that fold into the floor, and Kia makes a dirt cheap minivan that is exactly on par with yours. In fact, the Kia beats your safety ratings and is about half the price. If the Kia came in an extended version, I'd have bought it. You got me with the no interest loan, free money.
GM FastLane Blog

Hat tip to Buzzmachine

A Nation of Wimps...Again?


I think I posted this before, but this post made me think of it again. That and the fact that Hayden broke his elbow at basketball practice tonight, and horror of horrors, I wasn't there. Who made the rule that parents had to sit in on all of the practices? I played soccer for three years, my parents went to two GAMES. Practice? Ride your bike kid.

I was talking to the woman next door the other day and she said all the parents were there because the coach wasn't a babysitter and shouldn't have to discipline someone else's kids. Riiiight. Well she is right about something, I find out the coach had to discipline MY kid, and my kid is going to be disciplined like no kid has ever been disciplined before.

I'll probably end up going to prison for buying Hayden the birthday present I'm going to buy him, a nice BB gun. But I don't care, I just bought a house with a two acre lot, that has woods, a tree house and a creek. I've got four boys now and they need to tear it up. They need room to roam. They've been cooped up in this subdivision for over a year now and everyone is going a little stir crazy.

I argue about this with a lot of people. Some people can't understand why I would want to move back to Madison. Those are the people who don't understand why I moved over here to begin with. I moved here because here was supposed to be "just like Madison" only 25 miles closer to work. That ended up being half right, it's 25 miles closer to work. But there's only one road to work, the interstate, and if it's backed up you're done. It takes me between an hour and an hour and a half to get home from work every night. That's 25 miles. All highway. I used to time myself door to door when I lived in Madison, shortest time? 55 minutes, longest, hour and a half, if I had to go through Scottsburg. That's a 55 mile drive, driveway to parking garage.

As far as the rest of it, well, these two towns aren't anything alike. The only thing about this town that I actually like is the church. Although the train thing is pretty cool. There's no place to get fresh produce besides Kroger or Wal-Mart, if you need something else, you're driving to the Summit, a big box mall 10 miles away. Madison is self contained, there's a Lowes now, and more coming, it has the largest historic district in America and a Catholic high school. Besides, I've got the time zone thing working for me there, I leave work at five, I get home at five. Can you beat that?

We made tons of freinds in our five years there, and even though we've made some good freinds here in the past year and a half , we're just not comfortable here, something's wrong. I can't explain it, but there's a feeling of not-rightness. Kind of like the feeling you get when you're dating someone and you know it's not going to last. Well, I'm not going to force it, I'm leaving.

If you need me, I'll be

Real Estate Drama


I sometimes think I would like to be a Realtor.

Then I end up buying or selling my house. Then I realize that I am
simply not cut out to be a Realtor. I also would not be a good used
car salesman, multi level marketing manager, international arms
dealer, crack dealer, pimp or lawyer.

Just sayin'

I see no problem


With this gift. I mean, seriously. What's her problem?