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Bob Lutz Has a Blog


OK Bob, let's talk about why Chevy's been making the same cars since '89? Ugly ones to boot? Seriously, the "new" Impala looks exactly like the old Lumina. Ugly Ugly Ugly. And do something about your minivans dude, they are too small, I know. I've got one. Toyota can make a minivan that gets 27 miles to the gallon, and it's HUGE. Honda makes a minivan that everyone wants, because it's pretty (for a minivan), and Chrysler makes minivans with seats that fold into the floor, and Kia makes a dirt cheap minivan that is exactly on par with yours. In fact, the Kia beats your safety ratings and is about half the price. If the Kia came in an extended version, I'd have bought it. You got me with the no interest loan, free money.
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