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I quit, I can't take it any more.


My Alma Mater, Villanova University is dedicating a memorial student lounge dedicated to a professor who killed her own baby and then committed suicide in prison. Who the fuck came up with this? What the hell is going on, does murder mean NOTHING anymore? Do children NOT COUNT? This is a supposedly CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY. At this point, I'm in shock. When I calm down, I might consider writing a letter to the idiot priests who run this school and tell them to get off of their cassock-clad asses and SAY SOMETHING. They won't, I know they won't.

You know at this point I just need someone to reassure me that all of the money I'm dumping into Catholic schools for my kids is worth it.

I got this tid-bit from Joe Sherlock, a fellow Prep grad and Villanova Alum who writes a blog that answers the question, "Who buys those model cars advertised in Parade Magazine?" All kidding aside, he's an everyday read for me.


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