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The Great Heresies


How many have you been guilty of?

Gidget Too?


Who's next? These things always happen in threes. Or fours. Sometimes singly, or in pairs.

Lucky Day

Saturday night Charisa and I and I went to the Pope John\Shawe silent auction dinner held at the K of C every year to benefit the schools. As usual it was packed, and got pretty rowdy. It's lots of fun and it felt good to get back in the swing of the community after eighteen months out among the english. I had something to do for work Saturday night, so I didn't drink anything, neither did Charisa, but I think we were the only sober people there.

Part of the silent auction is a basket raffle, groups or individuals donate themed baskets full of cool stuff to raffle off. There's usually about ten of them, there was this year, and they had themes like the Garden basket filled with gardening tools and seeds, the Movie basket, filled with DVDs and a DVD player and popcorn and movie passes. You get the idea. These baskets can get pretty elaborate and some of them are just nuts, I mean, how many John Deere caps do you need? But, Charisa and I bought $20 of chances at $2 each with our drink money, and split them up on three baskets. We chose the afore mentioned Movie basket, a "Taste of Madison" basket (very nice stuff in that one) and I picked one of the booze baskets. I didn't want the one with all of the local wine in it, because, well, I've had most of the local wine and while some of it is pretty darn good, let's just say, most of it would end up as "gifts". I put my two bucks on the basket that had the Dewar's in it.

Guess what?

I won. I had no idea most of this crap was in that basket. I've got barware out the wazoo now. That's cool, I also got a big brass bar stand that's not in the picture, I thought it was part of the K of C hall. It's pretty ugly, but hey, I don't have to buy it. Check this out. Hayden was helping me bring it all in from the car.

Yes, that is a blender in the back.

Hunter Tompson Killed Himself Yesterday

For real, and no, I'm not kidding. Odd. He must have been sick. Physically, I mean. Or just a really bad shot for the past fourty years.

This has got to be fake


A C64 fails, and costs 3 Million to replace?

I was saving this for Halloween


From The Presurfer comes The Amityville Horror Truth Website. It's because of all the Ozzy and Iron Maiden they play on the radio here. Seriously, when was the last time you heard "Flight of Icarus" or "Mr. Crowley"? I heard both on the way to work last week. OK, I'll admit, "Icarus" had me driving a bit too fast and banging my head, but what kind of middle school stoner music is "Mr. Crowley"? More importantly, who runs the radio station that puts that crap on the air? Believe it or not, there is radio friendly Ozzy, "Flying High Again", "Crazy Train", and "I don't Know" all come to mind, in fact, I'd probably crank up the volume if any of those songs did come on. But they never do.

I'll admit, the only Ozzy song I know that was released after 1983 is that duet with Lita Ford , and the only reason I know that one is because I had a good friend in High School who was obsessed with Lita Ford. (TOK for those who know me) But I don't think that that fact in any way invalidates my opinion , in fact, it probably reinforces it. Most Ozzy is crap.

But do they like Pina Colodas?


Clicky Clicky


Why won't they RUN!

No one is immune from the lawsuit crisis

But I have to admit, with this one I'm torn.

Back at it.

I'm back, sort of. Posting by email as you can tell by the crappy
formating. I should have internet access either today or tomorrow, so
maybe pictures of the new digs. Maybe. Don't get excited. Either of