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I was saving this for Halloween


From The Presurfer comes The Amityville Horror Truth Website. It's because of all the Ozzy and Iron Maiden they play on the radio here. Seriously, when was the last time you heard "Flight of Icarus" or "Mr. Crowley"? I heard both on the way to work last week. OK, I'll admit, "Icarus" had me driving a bit too fast and banging my head, but what kind of middle school stoner music is "Mr. Crowley"? More importantly, who runs the radio station that puts that crap on the air? Believe it or not, there is radio friendly Ozzy, "Flying High Again", "Crazy Train", and "I don't Know" all come to mind, in fact, I'd probably crank up the volume if any of those songs did come on. But they never do.

I'll admit, the only Ozzy song I know that was released after 1983 is that duet with Lita Ford , and the only reason I know that one is because I had a good friend in High School who was obsessed with Lita Ford. (TOK for those who know me) But I don't think that that fact in any way invalidates my opinion , in fact, it probably reinforces it. Most Ozzy is crap.


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