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End of an Era


Nothing to see here, move along.

Crews Demolish Containment Building At Marble Hill Marble Hill was a nuclear power plant they started building on the Ohio River in 1977, great timimg. It was supposed to be a huge economic boom to the Madison\Hanover\New Washington area and it was, for a long time. Population and property values in this area soared, whole neighborhoods were built just for the new professional class. Hereford Lake, where I used to live, Hillcrest, where I live now, College Hills in Hanover, Sunrise, and the late Country Club, were all new in the late 70's and built well. A good friend, who lived across the street from me in Hereford Lake, was the project manager on Marble Hill, he ended up raising two kids and retiring out there on the Lake.

When Marble Hill shut down construction in 1984 it practically killed this area, it wasn't until the mid-90's that population came back, largely due to the new burst of manufacturing plants popping up in Carrollton, KY.

Dow, American Stainless, and National Gypsum all moved plants down the Ohio from up north. This really helped to diversify the economy down here, because for a long time the power plants were the only big thing going.

The environmental lobby, all of these Save the Valley and Save the River groups like to take credit for killing Marble Hill, but they were only partially responsible. TMI killed Marble Hill. The cost overruns created by the increase in safety and redundant systems that had to be shoehorned into an already over-budget project, new regulations, a few bad hires and a legislature that had no stomach for nuclear power after TMI, is what killed Marble Hill.

The Environmental Lobby using their time honored tactic of suing the crap out of everyone involved simply made sure that everyone in Indiana paid their fair share of the 2.5 billion dollars Marble Hill cost in the end. Court ordered injunctions, environmental impact studies, habitat relocation, all of that crap were just line items on an increasingly out of control budget.

Marble Hill was only 20% complete when it shut down in 1984. There are still people working there now, taking it down. But I don't see any environmntal types helping out, in fact, I just read an article where some "save the river" type visited Marble Hill for the first time in 15 years and is SHOCKED to meet people from Westinghouse still on site. They ask him if he worked there, he says no man, I fought the power! And the engineer says, well I guess you won and drives off through the abandoned industrial park. And the crunchy bastard gloats.

In my opinion, people like that jerkoff should be lined up and shot. Because now they're going after the American Electric Power plant in Madison and Kentucky utilities plant in Ghent and their goal is to shut them down. They won't, but they'll add to the cost of electricity, and they'll cause a bottom line crunch, and people will get laid off. But the air won't get any cleaner and the river won't get any cleaner, but people will get hurt. And let's face it, these people don't give a crap about people.


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