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That'll fix it!


Why I moved away.: "Street has declared the violence throughout the city a crisis and as a result has ordered the full review of police department policies and has suggested a full moratorium on the issuing of gun permits."

Good thing too, because every one of the last 21 murders was committed with a properly registered and permitted firearm.

Street is killing that city. Everyone knew he'd run it into the ground and they voted for him anyway based on stupid, ignorant, party politics.

I like Ed Rendell, but he made his deal with the devil and he is the root cause of Philly's problems. Now he's the Governor of a state who's largest city is having a flashback to the mid-eighties crack epidemic, who's DA is a burned-out headline grabber, and who's mayor is so ungodly corrupt they should call him "Boss". How's it feel to be Governor of New Jersey, Ed?


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