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I'm selling, and I'm not wearing any pants.+


I need someone to sue. OK, I don't see anything wrong with what Eagles Radio did. I DO however think that this guy shouldn't have been working there if he didn't know how to dress. And if he was wrapped so tight, he got offended at what is, on its face, good advice, he shouldn't be working anywhere.

Of course, now that he has his money, he doesn't have to work for a while.

I'm of Irish Catholic descent. I would not be offended if I read a book telling me that if I was going to sell something to say, Ian Paisley, I should avoid wearing a kilt. It would probably not be a bad thing if it told me to show up sober and not talk about the damn Pope so much. That way, the product is the message, not my ethnicity.

The Judge or Jury or Human Rights commission or whatever it was in Philly that decided this case all need to be dragged off and shot.

If the "Philadelphia Human Rights Commission" or whatever is really interested in human rights in Philadelphia, they should do something about the damn wage tax. If they can't do anything about that, then they should at least teach people to curb their goddamn dogs. There's a human rights issue, right there, dog crap. It's EVERYWHERE in that city, not just in Fishtown.

You know what insults me? I spellchecked this post and Blogger suggested "killed" for the word "kilt". What are they trying to say? Huh? People from Kentuckiana don't know the difference between "killed" and "kilt"? Am I some kind of a moron because I live in an area where people speak with a certain accent? Where's the goddamn Madison, Indiana Human Rights Commission"? I'm suing Google! They certainly have more money than Infinity Radio. Those bastards are going DOWN!

Stole the link shamelessly from Joe Sherlock a fellow Philly ex-pat and SJP and Villanova Alum.


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