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My, My. My.


Check this out.

So, I wonder. . .

A little while ago I said some people ought to be dragged off and shot. I take it back, what I meant to say was. . . Hangin's too good for them.

And farther back I made a promise; pretty much to myself, (but 'cmon, this whole thing is pretty much talking to myself) that I would cut down on the profanity. Specifically my favorite cussword, cocksucker.

Well, me and Mr. Dewars are taking it all back (and just so you know what kind of mood I'm in, it took me, shit, about 10 minutes to type the first part of this sentence, longer than that to finish the parenthetical).

Let's get going here.

I think the fucking cocksmokers that ratted this asshole out deserve to be flayed alive. The sonofabitches that suspended his ass for writing a fucking journal ought to have their teeny tiny dicks removed (the "women" too) with a fucking chainsaw, and fed to feral cats. And this fucking idiot, writing in a fucking public goddamn forum about killing the fucking idiots that have his balls in a sling needs to be lobotomized for his own fucking protection, the goddamn asshole. Now, we are going to be further indebted to the goddamn bullshit ACLU, who are the only people who stick up for anybody, even if half the time (more than half, in my opinion) they're totally fucking wrong. Thanks, faggot. What a fucking idiot. Hope you learned your lesson, dumbshit. The cocksuckers who give you grades own your fucking ass, understand? Own it. If those fuckers were paying you money they couldn't own you more. I spent a whole fucking year not writing about work, even though I could've come up with some shit that would turn your junior-high ass WHITE and I still won't mention the previous employer, because I might have to go back some day. Listen to me motherfucker, better people than you have managed to piss off the people who hold their nuts. And if you think that because your ass is still in school that people will feel sorry for you? Fuck you. Thanks, dickhead, for making everyone who has a fucking blog look like a fucking nutcase. Next time you want to exercise your freedom of speech about school, just walk into school wearing a black fucking trench coat and eyeliner. See if the fuckers ignore you then, dumbass. You have shit for brains and obviously no ability to control your mouth. How many girls did you lay your livejournal url on? Did you get a hummer out of it? I bet you didn't, you're in band. Asshole.

Stupid piece of shit, if he was my kid, I'd kick his ass. Where's he been for the past six years? Has he never heard of Columbine fucking High School? Does he really think he's been suspended for fucking profanity? He's suspended because the goddamn pussies who run the school are scared out of their fucking minds that some piece of shit band geek will come to school with a fucking shotgun. Drama queens with dreams of shooting their way into high school history are so over man. It's been done, bigger than this shithead could ever imagine, and for real too. Shit, this peckerhead was in what, sixth or seventh grade when Columbine happened? This fuckers parents should beat his ass for being an idiot, and make him take his medicine.

Then he should figure out which of the chicks that he laid his "I'm so depressed" line on ratted his URL to the fucking homo guidance counselor (yes I'm perfectly aware that he probably told a guy too, I'm pretending he's straight) who ratted him out to the school board or whoever makes these fucking decisions, and hire someone to beat her down. I mean c'mon, he couldn't do it himself, that's fucking obvious. Then his father and a few of his friends should throw a blanket party for the fucking guidance counselor one night in the parking lot of the local community center after the "Quilting for Life" class lets out. A few bucks to the fucking principal, and a promise to deliver a couple of votes to each of the assholes on the school board and everything's fixed.

Then Daddy should take the fucking computer, burn the good porn and music to a couple of cd's, and sell it. Cheap.

And the fucker should do it quick before the fucking queen convinces his mom that the experience will make a killer college application essay.

But that's the way it would happen here. This piece of shit's in Connecticut. God help us all.


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