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What Timing!


God, I love a good conspiracy theory.

My prediction, Michael Corleone is going down!

Anyway, at some point there was talk that Pope John Paul I was murdered by this P2 lodge for threatening to expose the corruption of the IOR, the Vatican bank. And that they elected JP2, a Pole, because he was completely out of the loop and wouldn't do anything about the scandal.

Anyway, the head of IOR at the time, Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, was a Jesuit who is famous for saying "You can't run a Church on Hail Mary's." Is a favorite target of conspiracy theorists, and was seriously, one of the most powerful men in the world. He's also President Emiretus of the Vatican.

Here's a cool link: Social Network Diagram for MARCINKUS PAUL CASIMIR

Mhuahahahahahah . . . Mhuahahahahahah


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