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Wish I had watched this game.


Mainly because I remember when Atlanta had the best pitching in baseball and John Smoltz was a huge part of that. But also because last week Smoltz had his first start as pitcher in what, four years? and got lit up like a candle, ending up with an ERA of 11-something after only five outs. This is Smoltz's second start, and he throws 15 strikeouts? That's brass balls, he's going to kick some butt this year. I don't know how the Braves are going to do, but Smoltz will scare the pants off of hitters all year.

In other baseball news, Junior's not hurt yet. Yet.

Hayden and Gabe start baseball practice this week, and I'm in Orlando for most of it.

I start a new job today. I had a post all about it, but Bollger ate it, and if you are wondering if the new "recover post" button works, it doesn't. In fact, it's not even there any more.

I have to remember, it's free.


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