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OK, I really can't describe the bugs.  We're talking Africa bugs.  The lights are actually smoking from the burning bugs. 

Hayden's back on first.  WOOT!

4 to 4 in the 4th

Brutal, every other batter's ben hit.  This is the only field that still has lights on, murder on the outfield and worse on the spectators. Bugs.  Lots and lots of bugs.

Sidewinders v Rockhounds

Rain delay.  Murder.  I'm supposed to be leaving for the beach at 4am and here it is almost 8, and I'm not packed and the game hasn't even started.  Hayden's in Center after two games at first....two games I missed because I was in New York.  Weather delayed my flight last night and I didn't get home until 11:30.  So I missed last nights too. 

I'm about done, I put in a whole day of work today instead of comping this afternoon because of the NYC deal.  It better pay off, I'm telling you. 

Game's starting, I'll be back in the fourth.

Sometimes you just need a camera.


There's a woman here at the LaGuardia airport who is wearing regular jeans.  Not low rise jeans, I have been informed of the difference.  She is wearing said jeans around what looks to be her upper thighs.  To complete the ensamble he shirt is hiked up to her armpits, so she is, in all honesty, mooning the whole airport. 

The two teenages girls sitting next to me can't stop laughing and it' becoming contageous.  This woman is oblivious.  I wouldn't mind if she had a nice looking rear deck, but it's just not so good.  No visible scars, warts or pimples.  But just not a nice view.

Missed Gabe's Game


And he hit a triple.  Not fair.  To make it worse, I'm back in NYC next week.  At least this time I got a hotel in the city.

Back in NYC


Thought I'd be done by now.  The weather is great, at least.  But I'm a fish out of water here. 

Had some fun navigating the subway, felt like a real city slicker among the crowds of tourists.  I guess riding the subway is like riding a bike, because once I found out what line went where, I was just fine.  They do need better maps, though.  And better access to JFK and LGA.

I don't know what's going on this week, but there are virtually no hotel rooms in the city, I'm working in Brooklyn and sleeping in Elizabeth (don't tell my wife).  If this city thinks it's ready for the Olympics, it's got another thing coming.  Why is there only one hotel in Brooklyn?  Hey, Trump.  Wanna make some cash?

Blackberry posting is only good in short blurbs, and I'm going to miss the boys' games this week, so this is all you'll probably get. 

Both of you.

Too Good for Little League?


Check this. What a flaming bunch of pussies. The kid quoted in the article is right, you teach your kids that it's OK to quit if something comes up that they don't want to do, and they'll be assholes all of their life. Thats what the coaches are teaching in that league, if you can't compete with talent and dedication, get rid of the talented and dedicated. Even that playing field.

My kids ball teams this year SUCK. I am not kidding. And I'm not too happy about it, I'll admit it. But, my kids teams play, and my kids are expected to play hard. Even if I know, and they know and the coaches know that they'll get their asses handed to them.

Saturday Hayden had a game at 9:30 that went into extra innings and ended up a loss by one run. They played ball for three hours, against a team that was better at hitting, had better pitching and had an infield that's been together for three years. In the first two innings our team was performing so poorly that I thought the coach should've benched some players, including my eldest son. Why? They weren't trying. Instead, he took all of the mopers out of the infield and put the young kids in. You know, the kids who can't catch or throw, and yet, they are thrilled to be there. Thos kids worked so hard and with so much intensity, that not only did they hold the other team scoreless for four innings, but they rallied the rest of the team too. Bats started swinging, players started covering the positions they were assigned, no one was daydreaming in the outfield or in the dugout.

I want to be fair, our team should have lost by a helluva lot more than one run. The other team had TWO over the fence (205 foot) runs by two different batters. Some of the older guys on the team had written this off as a loss before the game even started, and they didn't play to their ability. Why did we almost win that game?

Individual effort by undervalued players spurred the rest of the team to play like they meant it.

Remember, these were the kids who KNEW they didn't have a chance, they just wanted to play. Those kids learned something, so did the slackers the coach put in the outfield.

The kids in Columbus whose parents kicked that team out of the league for being too good? They learned a lesson too. I hope my boys never learn that one.

More news:

You may see below that Gabriel caught a bird. He did. He's been trying to catch a bird since before Easter. He snuck up on it, circled around, used Eoin there as a block and grabbed it by the tail. Got himself a Robin.

He said, "This is so cool." I agree. He carried it around for a while, it was in shock, I think, even perched on his finger for a while, then he put it in a tree and it went away.

Pretty Cool.

The Blackberry was down Saturday, so I didn't get a chance to do the usual game updates, but we had two losses. Gabe didn't hit, but he did well backing up second base while playing center, kept a couple of kids on first that would've gone at least to third if this had been a night game. My kids just don't play well at night.

Hayden's gone 3 for his last four at the plate, a remarkable improvement. You want your kid to hit? Buy him one of these. In one week, it's done wonders. I've got Eoin and Gabe working it too. Gabe's still not hitting, but he looks real good at the plate now, he just needs more practice.

Hayden's also on the swimming team and helping out at Eoin's Vacation Bible School, he's a busy guy.

I'm in NY for the rest of the week, on the project from Hell.


Gabe caught a bird,

7 - 2


Sailfish swing big lumber....ugh.

Big Chief Lookout like have strokem.

Me no look, no more.


Lookouts v Sailfish

1 - 1 in the third, not the best offense we've seen from Gabe's team.  We're looking at loaded bases and no outs and the kid at the plate shaves more often than I do.

Good defense might hold them, first base is looking good.

Earworm. Help!

OOOO You look neat in you battery cable jumper and your railroad spike heels.
with your rear end dipped in rubber like a Goodyear without wheels.

At the Sado county auto show, the Sado County Auto show, can't be late ya gotta go to the Sado County Auto Show.. . .let's go!

By your diamond headlights I can see. The tension of those seams. Then you blow a bubble and offer me your jellybean. The enamel of your mind is cracking. Your eyes fully like poached eggs. But I sure wish that I was jacking up the pulleys on those legs.

At the Sado County Auto Show, the Sado County Auto Show.

Let's Go!

Bonus points if you can name the drummer.

9 - 2


Good effort though, if it wasn't for a four run homer in the fourth, it would've been a lot closer.

He shoots.....

Well, no, not exactly.   

He HITS!  A five game drought over.

4 - 1 Sea dogs top of the 3rd.  I think we can hold them, then top of the lineup and our hitters.

Back in the 5th.

Sidewinders v Seadogs

Made it home in time for HaydenJs gameN but it's chilly and I might have to bolt.  Besides Seadogs feilding looks great.  Could be a long game.  We'll see, Hayden looked good in warm-ups.



It's HOT up here in New York.

Stinks too.

Lots of under-clothed women walking around.  That's kinda nice.

Sumertime, and the livin' is broccoli


It's hot, and bright and all that good summer stuff, so here's some pictures of the boys outside playing with playdoh. What a gas. I think Skippy ate most of it, Eoin was feeding it to him.

How do you like Skippy's scratch? He was climbing on the vacuum while his mother was doing housework. (Yeah, that's RIGHT she was.) He fell on his face right down the side of it, hysterics, we thought it was a burn at first, but calmed down when it seemed not to bother him. It was gone by the next day. Maybe Playdoh has secret medicinal proprerties we don't know about yet? Federal Funding for Playdoh research now!

Today we picked the first produce out of the new garde. Four big heads of broccoli. Kids are thrilled. They won't be after we plow through the next eight. This is going to be a big year for the garden, of course, we'll lose some while we're on vacation, but, that's allright, we got plenty.

Headed to NYC next week, staying at the Marriot Brooklyn Bridge. I've never actually seen the Brooklyn bridge in person, so that should be cool. I've got McCulloch's book though, really not as good as I thought it would be, anyone want it?

I probably wont post until I get back. Plane leaves at 6:00am my time.

Lookouts v Dragons


5 - 0 Lookouts in the top of the 5th.  Gabe is in right field.  Not hitting, but trying hard. 

I bought the boys a Hit-a-way, a contraption that is supposed to be the best hitting trainer a kid can have.  We'll see.

Sidewinders v Sand gnats


How can you lose to the Sand gnats?

I'll tell you in the 5th.

Hayden's at Short.


Update: 12-2 final. Hayden had a killer game, played the last two innings at first.

We're working on the hitting.

Major League Assholes

The Team Rose should have had first base. And where's Schmidt?


Awesome, just awesome.


Bottom of the fourth


2-5 Rockhounds. Hayden's doing great at the plate today.  Moved him out of Short for some reason, probably because he's the only one who knows how to cover.  Playing Center as the top of the lineup comes up and the pitcher gets tired


Sorry, that's 2-1.  Bottom of the first.

Sidewinders v Rockhounds

Hayden's hitting cleanup.  Took one to the sholder for a base.  He's out in Short now.  Looking good No score.  End of the first.

When Christopher met Peter

A joke is a very serious thing

Say What You Want About My Grades. . .

I still fucked Morgan Fairchild.

Game day.

One early one late. I finally got the Blackberry working, so I'll have an easier time posting. I try and remember to charge the camera.

UMMMMMM........ Well


Goatse Mickey

Odds of Dying

Far out.

You have a higher risk of accidentaly drowning in a swimming pool than accidentally shooting yourself in America, and I'm betting there are a lot more guns around than swimming pools.

On the other hand, don't walk anywhere. Ever.

Oh yeah. . .stay out of the hospital. Just sayin' is all.

Thanks for wasting our money.


Hey Assholes, It's a book.


4-0 bottom of the 5th


A good effort, but......

Not good.

Lookouts v Raptors

Top of the 2nd.  This is going to be a devensive game.  Our lookouts are really strong in the infield, and the first inning went quick with a stop at first, catcher caught a pop-up and third out was a quick infield fly to the pitcher.    Gabe started at center, he's at short at the bottom of 2

I remembered the camera, I'll upload later.

OK, So I'm not a technogeek.



I spent twenty minutes waiting for a conference call yesterday listening to a bunch of salesguys talk about their cellphone/camera/PDA/Blackberries. I can barely get mine to work as a phone.

You know what? I don't feel like doing this today, I had a bad day yesterday, Hayden's coach is an imbecile and blew a 7-0 lead (put a "closer" in who didn't know how to pitch, really, he kicked with the wrong leg), and the baby is a miserable bag of snot with a leak.

I haven't had work e-mail for a week, and when I got it back my calendar was gone, so I missed a meeting yesterday and have one today at noon that I'm really not ready for. I'm trying to be kind, because I have spent most of my working life as a Messaging/Groupware engineer, but a WEEK! For HARDWARE? No Backup? They're still Exchange 5.5?! My ass would've been toast. Toast.

Gabriel had a freind over last night, Hayden went to stay with said freind's brother, and has swim team today, so he will be a bear. And Eoin got in trouble in record time today and is upstairs in his room howling like a wolf in a trap.

Not to mention the rain. It's going to rain until next Thursday.

And I pulled something in my neck working out yesterday, probably because I skipped most of Monday because the baby was crawling around the bench and messing with everything. It's a little distracting.

I'm going to get a shower and get to work.

Top of the 5th


7-0 Sidewinders. Hayden was walked. He's sitting for
the 5th. Blowout. Yay Team!

Update: Yay, who? Coach put a closer in who can't pitch. He can barely get it to the plate and he KICKS WITH THE WRONG LEG! He walked in 6 runs. 6. Thank God for the 5 run rule. We would've lost this game. And we should have.

Sidewinders v some blue team

3-0 Bottom of the third.

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Intruder injured in downtown confrontation

"Confrontation" means the owner pulled a gun. Colt 1911 as a matter of fact.

NoonShadow: Amnesty points out top human rights violators

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