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Too Good to Miss


A hellacious fisking,Jeff Goldstein rips it up.

This, by the way, is one of my favorite places to go on the internet super highway. And one day, when I feel like it, I'll start a blog roll and put him on it.

Send your pictures to Dear old. . .


Captain Skippy. ..

Looks like I can post pictures again, now I just have to find them. I'm thinking about turning on word verification to kill comment spam, because yesterday I got a ton of spam on posts over a year old.

Someone should tell this guy to do it too. I would, but I don't want all of the spam.

No travel this week, working from home, mostly might have time to catch up here. Or at least be a little bit more coherent.

Is it wrong for me to loath the Video Professor?

MLB- Wells believes players still using steroids


Will that explain the 4.53 ERA?

Oh man, here's the link.


Ignore the Yahoo BS on the bottom of this post, Im
emailing this one from the airport.

According to Slashdot, theres a measles outbreak at
Microsoft in Redmond that has killed 4 people. Story
is that someone brought it back from India. Get a clue
people, get your kids vaccinated.
In 87 a whole bunch of people came down with the
measles after an REM concert at the Tower Theater in
Philadelphia. Including a friend of my girlfriend at
the time. IIRC, some exchange student from Germany
started that one. The girl I knew never had an MMR,
her parents didnt believe in them. I have no idea how
she managed to stay in school.
This being Yahoo, I finally checked my mail, I had set
this mailbox up in 2001 as a mailbox for my job search
at the time. I signed up for about ten internet job
sites. I have never got so much mail as I have over
the last month. GET A JOB PEOPLE!

Looks like it should be easy in the southeast these days.

Start your day with Yahoo! - make it your home page

Oh man.....


Someone took a crap on this train.....

Sal wants to know


How hard it is to blog.  I told him if Brendan could do it a retarded monkey could do it.  We're in a bar in Manhattan.



Last week I mentioned to some guys that I was getting
pretty good at this airport security stuff and that on
the whole the security stuff didnt bother me. Well, I
was wrong. I got my first trxrqaste of the special
security screening process at CVG, and while I have to
admit, it was professional and polite, if I had waited
through the massive line before getting screened,
instead of getting through the priority line I wouldve
missed my flight, which is about to leave, so Ill pick
this up later.

No, no I wont the flight is delayed.

Next time, I fly out of Louisville, CVGs getting
unacceptable. And Im being nice.


It better work...


This unemployed guy could use some lovin'...women only before the jokes roll in.
I have been experimenting with blogger and it is pretty easy, I just wish I was smart enough to learn how to post ascending instead of descending. I will try to fill empty space on this blog while working on mine, because that is the type pf guy I am.


My brother has a blog. And, like I told him, he'll score now. Nothing sexier than an unemployed guy with a blog. . ..

Police foil gas attack on Commons

Remember, remember the 21 of August. Gas, Treason and Plot. Maybe the Catholics will finally get a break?

Defensive shutout halts 29-game skid


This town went nuts last night. Gotta love small towns.

Saturday with the boys

I've got all four boys today as the wife is off shopping. Then at 3 the older two and I are headed to Louisville to see a Bats game. That's minor league baseball affiliated with the Reds. So what would that make today? That's right, the hottest day of the year.

I'm back in New York all week next week, probably no updates here and my wussy younger brother has decided not to post here while he's living la vida loca in Ireland, so this place will be slow for the next couple. Unless I get time to post some pics I have of the the younger two having a good time.

The USS Stark Incident


The USS Stark Incident



Daffy Duck game



I'm busy as hell, which is cool, but I'm tired and lazy, which is not. So I haven't been posting for a couple of weeks and that irritates me too, because I had a lot to talk about, I spent another week in New York, my brother is moving to Ireland, my kids are back to school and my wife quit smoking. All good posts. (And since Maddmom is in withdrawl, I have no-one *snif* to talk to)

So here's a list of things that I have wanted to post about, but was either too busy, lazy or just plain forgot to post about.

1) Blogger changed the way you post pictures. I liked the bloggerbot in Hello, I did. Now I'm all screwed up, that's why I haven't been posting pictures.

2) I've spent more time in New York than in Indiana over the past two months and i've made some interesting observations. One is that Hoosiers and New Yorkers are essentially the same, but New Yorkers are willing to put up with WAY more crap. For example, I have a potty mouth, I cuss a lot on the internet and sometimes in conversations with friends. I'm always cussing in my head, it's an anger management thing. However, I would never cuss, say, in front of my kids (unless I'm driving, the Pope gave me a special dispensation) or at the mall, or really in public at all, and no the internet does not count as public. Now, for some reason, every time I take the subway, I manage to be in the car with the Brooklyn chapter of American Tourettes sufferers. It's amazing to me that anyone would think that I, maddad, am a "fucking black jehova motherfucker" but evidently, I can be mistaken for one. I had also move my motherfucking ass or I'd get the shit kicked out of me. (he was in a wheelchair, I told him I was walking just as quick as I could) And the little old lady next to me, "that old bitch", had better not cut her eyes or the shit would go down. That was from a lovely young woman travelling on the E train with her kids. It's really offensive, and there's no way around it, how do you raise kids under such a seige of filth? Anyway, that's enough of that, I was just really overwhelmed last week with the heat and the stink and all.

2) We've got hummingbirds in the backyard. I had bought Charisa a humming bird feeder for her birthday and now we've got 'em. The first time I saw one I thought it was a massive cicada or some kind of giant bee, but it was a bird. They are the coolest birds ever.

3) We've got frogs in the pond, that's cool. Gabe named the big one Jeffery.

4)My brother moved to Ireland for grad school, I sent him an invite to post here, so we'll see if he does.

That's it, I'll see if I can update more often.

$18K ? for a used basesball glove?

Someone had a temper tantrum and threw his glove into the stands. Now he wants it back. He really should have thought of that befre he threw it, right?

That said, what the hell is going on with baseball fans these days? Do they have to be such jackasses? I think if you catch something, say a ball, or a glove from a disappointed pitcher, bone fragments from the Mets centerfield or Hep C from some first baseman's dirty needle, and they ask for it back, you should give it to them. My opinion.

The fan here, is being a jerk.

That said, can someone tell the Phillies to get off their butt and win a couple road games? How can you be behind the Nationals? How?

Ticket Quota Cover-up Continues with Pennsylvania State Police


That's the title of this article, but really, who doesn't know that you're more likely to get stopped at the end of the month? Really now.

Political Jerk stealing from Prep Grad


Read all about your Daily thief

Back to School Soon

Get your kids Vaccinated

No one did a backround check on me. . .


And I have kids all the fucking time.

Bill Clinton made me take Steroids.

What crap. As I recall, in the early 90's Ol' W had a litttle something to do with baseball, shouldn't he be held accountable fo rsteroid abuse going on under his watch? Not up for that, are ya sparky?

Steroids have nothing to do with the dotcom bubble or Clinton's blowjob. They have everything to do with dumb kids, lots of money and free agency. You take steroids to be better at baseball and to get bigger muscles. You want to be better at baseball to get more money, you get bigger muscles you look better to girls. You make a pantload of money and can bench-press a bus, you are going to get a lot of girls.

Maybe blowjobs figure in after all. . . .

Anyway, the moral of this story is this:

When conservative pundits who spend all day preaching personal responsibility say that the whole of society has been shaped by the actions of one dirty old man, it's time to head back to the farm.

I don't want people defining me by this BS.

My Brother


Will soon be moving to Ireland. He'll be alone there for at least a year, so here's a little something to help him out.

From POE