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Thank God for Small Favors


U.S. insists on keeping control of Web Hell, ICANN's bad enough, we should want the UN?

News related equation.

Miller Ready to Testify in CIA Leak Probe

'We had signed a waiver more than a year ago,' Attorney Joseph Tate said. 'We didn't think this had anything to do with Scooter."
My source has now voluntarily and personally released me from my promise of confidentiality regarding our conversations relating to the Wilson-Plame matter," Miller said in a statement Thursday
Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. said that "as we have throughout this ordeal, we continue to support Judy Miller in the decision she has made. We are very pleased that she has finally received a direct and uncoerced waiver, both by phone and in writing, releasing her from any claim of confidentiality and enabling her to testify."

White House aides signed waivers earlier in the probe, but Miller wanted and received personal assurances that her source's waiver was voluntary.



A freind reminds me that I've been a total slacker. Here are some pictures of my new neice "Weeping" Willow maeve


Evan Coyne Maloney

Brain-Terminal.com � Don't Say These Words at Bucknell

The world is a scary place.

New Book!


The second volume of the Mitrokhin Archive is out. I read the first and it scared me to death. It also opened my mind to a lot of things. For example, the Rosenbergs were guilty, guilty, GUILTY. No matter what the apologists in the American academic establishment try and foist upon unsuspecting Freshman.

If you don't know what the Archive is, here's the backround. In 1992 a disheveled Russian man walked into a British Embassy pulling an old beat-up case on wheels. Turns out he was the last archivist for the KGB and he had the whole archive with him.

A lot of people over the years have tried to make the USSR look like a paper tiger and try to explain away the Cold War as simple paranoia. Read these books and you will be shocked at what was really going on, how right we were sometimes and how scary wrong we could be.
Here's a review of the second volume.

Reports of anarchy at Superdome overstated


The Seattle Times: Reports of anarchy at Superdome overstated

No way!

Guardian Unlimited | Murder and rape - fact or fiction?


Transcript for September 25 - Meet the Press, online at MSNBC



More in the extended entry:

I jus wanted to say that I thought a lot off this was hooey in the very beginning. check it: My Only Hurricane Post and it got worse when I noticed that they were repeatedly showing the same scenes over and over again. Then the stories became more and more outrageous until now. Looks like a lot of the stories are falling apart, too late for anyone to notice.

Ive decided


I’ve decided.

Things just aren’t all that exciting around here.  

I’ll illustrate.  

Last night I lost an argument with my DeWalt cordless drill.  As punishment for being “wrong, wrong, WRONG!”, I was required to sacrifice three-quarters of the cuticle on my right thumb.  I was sad to lose it, I used that cuticle all the time.  

In an attempt to make myself feel better, I put the coolest “Fairly Oddparents” Band-Aid* on my thumb.  It worked.  And it also stopped the fountains of blood pouring out of the base of my thumbnail.  So that was cool.

This morning, I got up and went to work.  I drove in to the office in Louisville for a change, as I had never been there before.  I met some of my co-workers for the first time and we spent a good fourty-five minutes talking about the Fairly Oddparents.

Then I did some work.

The “=” sign key fell off of my keyboard.  It’s been sticking up funny for a while, but it had never broken off before.  Today it did.  I was devastated.  Called my boss, we commiserated.  He will not buy me a new laptop.  Obviously because I am taller than he is.  Tall people always get the shaft.  Our height advantage breeds resentment.  We make short people feel inferior.  It’s not our fault.  Short people are just different.  Half formed, smelly, malevolent, dwarfish creatures, they tend to drift towards places where because of their diminutive stature, they can claim some sort of moral indignation.   Like elevators.  Listen shorty, it’s not my fault your face is at the same level as my ass so don’t give me that look.  I don’t know what you had for dinner, but I had eggs and onions, OK?  So get your tiny little feet off of my back.  

So I stuck the key back on with some two-sided tape.

Then I wrote this.


*I Capitalized This So You Would Know That It’s A Trademark.


Much Stuff


I am an uncle again, this time on my side of the family, my brother-in-law has two girls and a boy and one on the way. So now I am no longer the only breeder in the bunch. My sister had a baby girl named Brigid yesterday. A girl, huh. Who’d a thunk?I’ve noticed lately that when we are out and about with the boys that Maddmom and I attract a lot of attention. At Gabriel’s soccer game yesterday people I didn’t know were talking to me likw they knew me as I ran around with Skippy and the Beast. Maddmom says it’s because we have three kids in three different grades in a school that only has six grades (including Kindergarten).

I guess.

It could also be “unusual dog syndrome”, ie: you have a weird looking or overly friendly pet, people know who you are. They identify you as the owner of the weird dog. The same syndrome occurs if you have four exceptionally blond boys. Anyway, the dog analogy works well since the three oldest now share a room. It’s a lot like some sort of wolf’s den. And when we figured on moving one of the boys out to their own room, none of them took the bait. That’s good, I think. But MAN does it stink in there.

This is a test

This is a test

Testing my extended entry<span class=”fullpost”> again.</span>

Finally...a cousin

Terrence's boys now have the long awaited cousin. Gavin now has a girl to pimp to his friends when they are hanging out together. Let's be honest, it's happening.

Sometimes I Love Ebay



Engadget 1985

Check it out. Go ahead, feel old.

Did You Ever Get The Feeling. . .


Did You Ever Get The Feeling. . .

That maybe, just maybe, you would feel better about yourself if you just sucked it up and bought the replacement wheel covers for your Volvo off of Ebay and stopped mooning over them the way a Depression-era street urchin moons over a toy train in Macy’s window?

My Conversation With The Beast


My Conversation With The Beast.

Beast:  Dad look! (gargles…spits)

Me: (shudders) Don’t put that water in your mouth.

Beast: Why?

Me: Gavin peed in it.

Beast: No he didn’t.

Me: Yes, he did.

Beast:  How do you know?

Me:  I was washing him when he did it.  You were there, you saw it.

Beast:  No I didn’t.

Me:  Right

Beast: (gargle, gargle)

Me: Hey! Knock it off!

Beast: I got it from HERE DAD. (points to faucet)

Me: So what, knock it off.

Beast:  Did Gavin pee on that?

Me: Maybe.

Beast:  Did he poop there?

Me:  If he pooped there would you drink it?

Beast: I don’t think so.

Me: Then he pooped there.

Beast: Everywhere?

Me:  He pooped everywhere.

Beast:  Dad’s talking about poop.

Maddmom:  That’s a great way to teach your kids. (hangs up towel, leaves)

Beast: You’re in trouble.

Me: Get out of that tub before I drown you.

Update on thjose ABC interviews

PoliPundit.com � Hell, Yes!: " My best guess as to the reason these people responded as they did is that they have not been able to watch the cable news coverage. "

The Political Teen

ABC Uses Bush-bashing Baiting Questions, Fails (VIDEO) This guy tries SO hard. But I think as more and more of the people on the ground disseminate into "the outside world" we are going to see a justified (in my opinion) backlash against the Mayor of NO and Governor of LA.

Babies May Start Crying While in the Womb


No kidding, and they don't stop when they come out either. For years. Some of us NEVER stop.



Ive had a lot to post, but I havent done it and now Im
on the road, headed back to New York for a couple.
Hopefully this trip will be over quick. I kind of like
hanging out at home. Excuse the Yahoo garbage at the
bottom, Im posting from the Cincinnati airport. Im not
real happy with this airport, especially their
security lines, but I cant get anywhere from
Louisville without connecting through here and Im only
an hour away. Why wait an hour to fly ten minutes? But
looking at the headlines today, I might have to pick a
new airline anyway, seems Delta is going into Chapter
11, so I might switch my preferred airline. If I ever
get out of the Northeast pattern Ive seemed to have
developed here.

Here we go, Im off to the races. later.

Yahoo! Mail - PC Magazine Editors' Choice 2005

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today. . .


Not quite, but close. This picture was taken November 29th, 1985. I was 14 and my future bride was 15. We were on our way to the St. Joe's Prep Homecoming Dance. We were both in our Sophmore year of High School. Ain't she a peach?

This picture gets dug out every year on our wedding anniversary, we were married 11 years ago on Labor Day. 9/4/94, nine years after we met. I'm a very lucky guy.

I'm even luckier when I remember that I have four sons and no daughters, so I don't have punks like that guy in the picture up there putting the move on my daughter.

This is the newest picture of me, it's almost a year old now, that's Skippy on my lap. I haven't changed much.

This is my beautiful wife at Easter time. Ain't she still a peach?

No pictures of us together any more, someone's got to hold the kids. Shame, that.

We are going to lose this war.


Flight 93 marker design picked


SPeaking of old school games. . .



My Absolute Last Hurricane Post

As an Irish Catholic, it is my duty to find the humor inherent in every tragedy.

As a computer geek, this humor should include
old-school video games.

PS: Maddmom says I curse too much on my blog. So I've agreed to a test. I will attempt to reduce the amount of harsh language here. So off we go.

Allrigt, I may have been wrong. . .


On one point. . . But that doesn't excuse the mayor for not following the evacuation plan and using the city's school buses. . . .wait! You can use them NOW! Thanks Gov LePetomaine. The guy from FEMA evidently is totally clueless. Oh hell, I'm just going to go back to posting pictures of my kids. Read This guys archives he blogged the whole thing. Literally, since the Hurricane hit florida. Scroll down.

One more, Check the date, read the copy.


Nola.com: NewsFlash - Mandatory evacuation ordered for New Orleans

I smell an asshole.

And not me either, even though I lied about only one hurricane post and haven't showered in a week in solidarity. (Hey, I work from home.)

I believe I am right about the mayor of New Orleans. Bush declared Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana federal disaster areas two days before the hurricane hit, that should have given the Governor of LA all the authority she needed to get the National guard into the city to help with the evacuation, instead, well we know what happened.

Look, I'm not giving the Feds a pass for the cock-up in NOLA, they've got some heavy explaining to do, but the mayor fucked up, big time, and let the poor and infirm get stuck in that hellhole for no reason.

He should have had the hospitals and nursing homes empty on Saturday. The weather channel guy was going apeshit about how it was too late to evacuate on Saturday night

No blame, bullshit. There's plenty to go around.

My $.02

Posted without comment

Jim Cantore would be PISSED

My Only Hurricane Post

I have one thing to say. The Mayor of New Orleans has got some sort of fucking nerve yelling at FEMA when his evacuation planned consisted of telling everyone who had a radio or TV on to "get out". Where was the plan to evacuate hospitals, when were the disaster preparedness drills? He gave the order to evacuate less than 24 hours before the storm hit. He didn't send the police out to round up stragglers and he didn't have the hospitals cleared. That should have been done DAYS in advance. Look at Florida for Chrissake! We had people from Florida all the way up here days before the last Hurricane hit there.

As for FEMA, those guys had no idea that an estimated 300,000 out of a city of a little over 500,000 people would hunker down during the worst Hurricane ever, nor did they expect roaming gangs of gunmen to take potshots at people trying to evacuate hospitals.

Also, lets face it, most of the reports we are hearing on TV are wrong. It will take weeks to sort it all out, but I am certain that no-one fired on a rescue helicopter and much less, if any, than 1/3 of the NOLA police and LA State police deserted.

Is it bad? Hell yeah, it's worse than bad. Is it FEMA's fault? Hell no. That storm was tracked three days out to hit New Orleans. I was watching the Weather Channel 24\7 because my second son is addicted to it. Incedentally, they were the only people who said up front that New Orleans was done for.

As for the levees? What did you expect? They are dirt and concrete, they were bound to fail. Suck it up, fix it.

The new Pele


Gaberiel started his Soccer games this week.

The big game

What do I do now?