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It's Halloween


Nothing to say today, but I got an email that said this post freaked them out, so here it is.


Totally true.

I don't know what to say, but this explains so much....


Burton, with Jefferson, reminisces (with Jefferson) about MTV

Don't make Jokes. Humor will not be tolerated.


What you think you mean doesn't mean what you think you mean. And we know, because we'll tell you what you mean. Got it?

Thank Christ (sorry to offend anyone who may have been offended for any reason, be it my blasphemy or the fact that I capitalized the word "Christ" and that offends you, and anyone who is offended that I might be making light of people who may be offended. ) that I'm not in College anymore. (Sorry to offend those who may still be in college, or may be thinking about it, or anyone who might think that me not wishing to offend college students and/or professors qualifies me as a racist and therefore anything I may say offends them as well, in a sympathetic way.)

First read the article, (again, I'm not wishing to offend those who can't or won't read, or anyone who does not have access to the internet and therefore can't read this, let alone the article) then try and decide who is smarter, the author, the commenter, or the college kids who are the subject of the article who were obviously having fun instead of competing in the largest stick up the ass contest. (and I am sorry if I offended anyone who either writes articles or comments on articles with a stick up their ass and I sincerely did not mean to degrade the practice of walking around with a stick up your ass. I do know that some people have been persecuted for having sticks shoved up their ass and that historically it has only been a recent phenomena that a person with a large stick up their ass could get tenure at a state run University. I also do not wish to offend the people who may have a stick shoved up their ass sideways. I realize that I did not mention you in this parenthesis, but I realize that you are a distinct group and undoubtedly either wrote, contributed, were interviewed for or commented on the article I linked to which in no way was meant to offend the commentators, authors or interviewees who may have nothing in their ass at all but may have shit in their brains.)

College gender gap widens: 57% are women


I see a big problem here.

Get ready, I'm about to piss people off.

Do you know why more boys aren't going to college? I do. And I'll tell you why. Go on, click read more.

Boys aren't going to college because they don't feel that it's their responsibility to earn a good enough living to support a wife and kids.

They don't. And it's not limited to kids on the way up, it's adults too. In fact, BOTH of MY brothers have said the same thing in no uncertain terms. Basically, "It's not fair for the man to take on %100 of the financial responsibility for an entire family."


The first thing through my mind was, "What a bunch of pussies." The second thing was, "These guys have absolutely no clue as to what comprises financial responsibility, especially for an entire family."

Because financial responsibility doesn't just rest on the shoulders of the person brining home the bacon, most of the responsibility rests on the sholders of whomever's frying it up in the pan. I know this because my wife stays at home to raise our four kids.

I was twenty-four and dirt poor when we had our oldest. I was making $10.50 an hour as a financial aid consultant. My wife was making $42k per year doing something with insurance when she finally left on maternity leave. Imagine losing three-quarters of your income three weeks before you bring home a new baby. I don't have to, I did it. On purpose.

When we found out my wife was pregnant, we both assumed that we would both work, that's the way it's done today, right? But after looking in to infant day care, where the child would be, our childcare benefits from work, how far we both had to drive to and from work, then to pick up the baby... let's put it this way, We would have to drop the baby off at 6:30 in the morning and we wouldn't get through the front door of our house until close to 7pm. That's if we were able to leave work on time. On top of that, infant care is hysterically expensive. We would be losing my entire salary to pay for child care. Question answered, I'd be a stay at home Dad.

And before anyone thinks it, I would like to say that I don't see anything wrong with being a stay at home Dad. If you've made that decision, you're a harder worker than I am. I think a stay at home Dad is just as good as a stay at home Mom, with one difference. . .I don't have tits.

That was a kicker. My wife wanted to be a MOM. She wanted to breastfeed, she wanted a vaginal birth, she was even considering natural childbirth (by number four she was sucking gas on the way to the hospital. . ."wake me up when he's five"). I didn't see anything wrong with that, after all, I couldn't do it, and I wasn't the one carrying the kid around for nine months.

So we thought, well, let's do something novel. We've got about nine months to prepare, not a heck of a lot of expenses, let's put all of Maddmom's paycheck in the bank and live on my check. If her math is right, she'll be able to stay at home for almost a year and still be able to make car and student loan payments. So that's what we decided to do. We stopped going out, except to house parties and barbeques, we used our savings to buy baby stuff (still have the crib), and I got a VERY lucrative second job as a Netware consultant. Lemme tell you, Netware was a GODSEND to me in 1995. Once we realized we weren't going to starve we started having real discussions about raising children and money.

Just a thought here, and listen good. I'm sure most of my family thinks that I think and talk about money a lot. Maybe too much. And that probably goes double for my wife where they are concerned. Well here's what I think about that. If you can't, don't or won't talk about money with your wife, you won't have a wife for long. If you can't be truthful about money with your freinds, you're inviting jealosy and will lose freinds. If you don't talk to your kids about it, your kids will never know how to use it. Simply put, if someone you know just had their kitchen remodelled and you don't know how they paid for it, and they won't tell you, they want you to be impressed. If they're driving a brand new car and won't tell you what kind of a deal they got on it, they leased it and want you to think they have money they don't have. Ask yourself why would they want to do that? Are they really the people you want to be friends with? There's nothing wrong with asking someone how much they paid for something, they'll usually tell you, and they'll also tell you how they managed to afford it. And that's information you can use. I'm not talking about people you meet at the bus station, I'm talking about close friends and family. Always, always be honest about money, what you have and what you don't. People will respond in kind and you will build strong friendships and a trusting marriage and your kids will definately not be spoiled. OK one rant down.

The discussions about raising children and money led to an agreement. You see, both my wife and I had a really good childhood. It was hard to come to that conclusion, because everybody in their early twenties is still under the impression that they had the worst parents in the world. But you don't, ask around. Especially in our case. My mother, and my wife's mother were both stay at home moms. Neither of our sets of parents had divorced. We were really lucky. If we got sick at school, Mim was home to pick us up. Mom was ALWAYS there. Even when we didn't want her there. Wouldn't we want our kids to grow up the same way we had? The answer was yes, of course and we decided to find a way to do it.

Long story short, we knew it would be hard, and it was. We knew we would have to sacrifice, and we did. We knew that my wife would at some point want to get the hell out of the house, and she did, and she was able to. She knew that she would be doing most of the cooking, cleaning and shopping, doctor's appointments and dentist visits, school and church functions. All of that.

I knew that I wasn't going to be able to coast along in some crappy job because it was "cool" or gave me time to "be an individual" or whatever, my job became managing my career. Getting raises, getting promoted, keeping my resume up to date, and being willing to follow opportunity wherever it took me, to New Jersey, to Kentucky or to Indiana. Feeding my wife and kids. That's a man's job. Not what he does at a desk. And it's not easy. There have been setbacks, and I still wouldn't do anything else. As Chris Rock would say, "I take care of my bizness."

Boys don't see this today. Watch any movie or kids show. Who's the smart one? The little girl. Who saves the day? Mom. Who's a big idiot? Dad. Who coldcocks the bad guy bully with a hellacious right? The girl. Who's the best player on the team? The girl. Who's the super-rich executive? Mom. Who's the guy who lies to his kid and never comes home? Dad. There's so much of this crap out there it's really frightening. Women can do it all. They can have careers and kids too, they don't need men, and nowadays they don't get them either. They get little boys with no sense of responsibility, no idea of what it takes to be a success in the real world and no sense of commitment. They see girls who have been raised to think they don't need a man to raise a kid, a court system that doesn't think a man has any right to his sperm once it leaves his body, as long as he can pay child support. A school system that treats little girls and boys as if they are exactly the same animal and a pop culture that has corrupted the word "pimp" to mean something good.

Bottom line here? Boys aren't going to college because they've been told that they don't have to. And little girls have been told that they don't need college educated men because they can do it all themselves.

Geek update

OK, so Fedora wasn't for me. I recompiled the kernel about 50 times and then finally did a complete fdisk and reinstall and still couldn't get my soundcard, PCMCIA card or USP wireless card to work. I do like the new Gnome desktop, open office and the LILO repplacement, but let's face it, I want multimedia and Internet. So I went back to Slackware. Go ahead, click Read More. . .At first I really didn't like KDE, but I'm beginning to like it more and more. Once I get the freaking CD to automount, I'll be happier, but so far, I've got sound, network, video and everything USB but my wireless, so today I'm off to buy a PCMCIA card. I've even got power management modules, that's exciting, now I'll need a new battery.

Koffice looks pretty good and I can sync up with Maddmom's Palm, so I can get all of my contacts into the PIM. I'll let you know if I can get gmail to work tomorrow, I'm not a huge fan of Thunderbird so I installed evey mail package that came on the ISOs. We'll see.

I really like how easy it was to mount my NTFS partition on boot to /fat-c. So easy, so useful. So nice.... droooool. Anyway, downloading Tux Racer today will probably kill the rest of the day. Har.

Crisis at the Madhouse

Last Saturday night Scamper here got hit by a car after busting through our invisible fence. He's back home now, but it's been a long week. He broke his pelvis pretty bad, but the vet said he wouldn't put him down if he was his dog, that this type of injury heals pretty quickly. No internal bleeding, or anything like that, so we brought him home. He's in a playpen we bought from a consignment shop, and four times a day we have to give him some phsical therapy. we have to pick him up and make him put weight on his hind legs. It was terrible. But this afternoon, he went outside and with maddmom holding his rear end up with a strap, he walked the whole length of the back yard, peed three times and pooped. A good thing. I think he'll be allright. Now I have to figure out what's wrong with my fence. He never used to get through it. I can't tell you how happy I am that he's OK.

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This looks like a great movie


Feeling arty farty today.

Edmond Bacon Dead At 95!


I did not know this.

When's the album coming out fellas?


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One of the boys is sleepwalking. A couple of weeks ago I gave the two youngest a bath, put them to bed and went downstairs to help the other two finish cleaning up from dinner and fold laundry. I helped them carry the laundry upstairs and made sure that Gabe brushed his teeth. While we were up there I noticed that the tub was still full, so I put down the drain. It's a pop-up type so I managed somehow to soak the right arm of my shirt up to my elbow. Got the kids into their room, light off, everything cool. Went downstairs and read a book with the maddmom in front of the TV. Not too shabby a night.

A couple of hours later, maddmom and I turn off the TV, shut off all the lights, lock up and head to bead. Maddmom gets to the top of the stairs and yells, "Who the hell is still in the shower!"

I get up there ready to kill the Prince and bust in to the bathroom. The light's on, the shower is running full blast with the shower door closed and the drain closed as well, so the tub is full of scalding hot water. The boys are all passed out, dead to the world. A couple quick shakes, they're all up, sleepy but deny, deny, deny. Riight.

So fast-forward to last night, went to bead early, reading Watership Down (really). Maddmom was watching the History Channel and fell asleep. So I finished my chapter (run Hazel, RUN!)and shut off the lights, put the TV on a 15 minute timer and was asleep before I found out the punchline to the REAL DAVINCI CODE. Well I wake up at 3:30 or so, bedroom door is wide open and all the lights are on. Bedroom, hallway, bathroom, outside lights, kitchen, family room and basement. Useless dog still lying around on the end of the bead, all of the kids dead asleep. The light in the baby's room aren't on, and his door was closed and all of the outside doors and downstairs wiindows were locked, so no one came in. One of my boys is a sleepwalker.

I was a sleepwalker. Once the summer after I graduated from college, I woke up in my car in the parking lot of my High School wearing a jacket and tie. I do not remember going there. I also once walked into a door while supposedly getting breakfast in the middle of the night. I woke up on the couch on more than one occasion in front of the TV in the middle of the night when I was a kid, after having gone to bed. Generally doing weird things. I think it's either the Prince or the Beast. Money's on the Beast because he doesn't sleep well as it is, but could be the Prince, report cards come today. Stress can do it, he has nothing to worry about though, his grades are fantastic, he takes after his Mom.

I'm going to end up spending money on an alarm system. I should have one anyway because I travel so much and the kids are all over the damn place. They're worth it just for the Beep-Beep they put out whenever someone leaves the house.

Gah. Taking a day off Friday, that'll be nice. Might try and play hookey tomorrow and get some gardening done.

I know I haven't been posting lately. . .


But I've been busy and on the road.

Read This, and try not to poop your pants. Very scary.

They Call Us, "Doc": Speaking with President Bush


Speaking with President Bush

Now watch :


The Airline Screening Playset


very true to life

Look what I found!

Lucky Bastard

Something tells me this guy's back in NY.

And riding the subway. That's not the way to get good grades son.

What the ALSA matter with me?


Following up on my geek post from Friday. I did eventually get Slackware 10.2 to dual-boot with Windows 2000 in my laptop. Major, major issues. Slack wouldn't set the LCD right and I couldn't get color depth or screen size. So naturally I couldn't close windows once I opened them. No sound, and no power management. My 3Com PCMCIA card was found eventally and there was no sound.

I got pissed.

So I got the Fedora Core 4 torrents and loaded them up on that sucker. Perfect. Easy install, slower than Windows, but not by much, and a much more freindly interface. Found my network and my cards and my screen. Everything's great.


I still have no sound. I can't get ALSA to see my Yamaha OPL-SA3 card. It's driving me INSANE! I googled it and some punk said to load up sndConfig from 7.x and get it that way, I think it's OSS. But I can't get the dependancies straight. So no sound under Linux.

Not only that, but I can't seem to run alsaconf. It's installed, I think it's loaded, the GUI version seems to be working. But CAN'T GET IT TO WORK AAAAAAAAAAAAAGFGFGGFGGD!

If I can figure out wireless support for it I think I'm going back to RH7 and may try to update to 8. I've had Red Hat running at home since 6.1 (don't think I'm any good with it, because I'm not) and I guess I'm stuck with it.

The devil you know....

Breaking America's grip on the net

This must not be allowed to happen. Quite frankly, the first thing that would happen if some quasi-world-governmental agency took control of the internet is some sort of tax scheme to line the pockets of the bureaucrats who will attempt to run it. I won't pay taxes to any government other than mine, and I don't even like doing that.

I would like to assert something here. No one has the RIGHT to the internet. The internet is a privilege given to those who 1) can pay for it and 2) know how to use it. If you can't pay, you don't play. Period. It's the American way. And the internet has done more in the past 20 years to spread the American way than anything else, and you know what? Aside from maybe the activist whiners who run around with their demands for free software for all, EVERYONE who is on the net is involved in some sort of commercial activity, and as far as commercial activity goes, who's rules would you like to work under? France? Germany? Venezuela?

Let's play a game. In the linked article, change the words "United States" to "Saudi Arabia" and change the word "internet" to "oil". You might think we should ask ICANN to start acting like OPEC, or maybe we should just not update the root DNS for a week or so, you know, "supply's been affected"? Sounds good to me.

I'm going to start cursing if I go on, so I won't link the article on MADD. But let it be known far and wide that those blankety-blanks need to stifle themselves or the freaking wussified people of this country need to stand up and do it for them.

And to anyone who writes and tries to tell me I'd feel different if I couldn't afford the internet, I'm calling bullshit on that right now. There's a lot of crap that I want that I can't have, I deal with it, or I save up for it. If I really want it bad, I might have to get a new job that pays better, or a second job period. Try it sometime.

You have a God-given right to complain, I do it all the time. But you have no right to my money, property, time, or attention.

Whew, that's a way to start off a Monday, huh? Let me give you one rule to live by. Just one, write it down:

When you hear the words, " It's for the greater good.", " level playing field", or "... for the Children..." Hold on to your fucking wallet with both hands.
Here endeth the lesson.

And I just broke my promise.

I blame Jimmy Carter.

And all you dirty, dirty hippies.

Getting My Geek Card Renewed


I turned on my old laptop last night and booted into Red Hat 7 for the first time in about a year. Connected into the RedHat network to update my RPMs and I find out that RH7 is no longer supported. Not only that, but the browser, Netscape Communicator, sucks. Badly. So I was off to find a new browser, I figured I could keep RH7 for as long as I wanted as long as I had a newer browser and support for my wireless card. (I'm hard-wired with an old 3Com 10\100 PCMCIA at this point, and I don't like not being able to move. Spoilede now, I guess.) So I go find Mozilla, since it's the new standard, but Noooooooooo, it's not good for anything under RH8. I did find out Opera had an RPM for 7 that works, but most of the plug-ins don't. I'm using Opera to type this right now, so it works well enough. But my wireless card is not supported, at all, for versions under RH9, unless I can find someone's custom driver, I'm SOL. And even if I did, it's been at least 3 years since I built a new kernel, and that was for a standard CD burner, and I had a cheat sheet.

So, I'm looking for a new distro. probably Debian or Slackware, since I don't really want to spend any money and it looks like Red Hat is no longer free. I got a torrent of the new slackware iso's last night, and if you can believe this, they're 650meg EACH! Not that I'll use all of them, but I'm looking to install the new KDE and Open office and I've only got a 4 gig Linux partition on this machine. (2 4gig partitions, one for Win2k and Win98 and one for RedHat, and a Swap partition that's probably too big.) I might get rid of the dual-boot config, but it's nice to have, maybe I'll put XP on it and see if the hardware can hold it.

So, RH7 works OK with Opera, that's what I'm using now, I've got the new Slackware (my torrents are still open, so I'm doing my part guys) and I'm looking into Debian. Is there anyone who can recommend either a new distro or a wireless card that is supported by either? I'm running on a Tecra 8000 laptop, P2 600, 512meg.

Does this bother you?


Doesn't bother me. But then HUAC in the 40's and 50's doesn't bother me. Especially after everything we've learned from the Mitrokhin Archive.



The Beast had gas this morning. Very funny. He was outside riding on his Schwinn Stingray and making motorcycle noises with his ass. Rumble-Rumble vroom-vroom. I laughed until I cried. Funny farts always remind me of my freshman year of college.
More in the extended entry.
I was new to this whole co-ed thing, having spent the previous six years of my life in single-sex schools, so I had absolutely no idea how to act in classes full of women. And there I was, hungover, in Freshman American History, sitting next to my roommate after a pretty darn successful first weekend of partying. As hungover as I was, I couldn't help but check out every girl who wandered in to class, every one. My head was on ball bearings and I couldn't wait for one of these girls to sit next to me. Eventually, a petite brunette, obviously fresh from the walk of shame, in ball-cap and sweats, bursts in and grabs the only seat left in the room, right next to me. I'm ecstatic. I nudge and grin at my roommate, parked on the other side of me, who doesn't seem to think there's any big deal about sitting not two feet away from a real set of breasts for the next fifty minutes. Well I did. And the little chickie next to me knew it, she started pulling the old "stretch in the desk" move. Now I'm sure guys who went to those co-ed girlie schools were wise to this one, but to us Prep guys, well, lets just say I was entranced. I have tunnel vision.

And then. . .
. . . right before the professor starts talking (presumably about American history), the girl rips one off. Loud. Leg up, leaning to one side. A perfect beer fart. Natural Light, I think. 1988. It was a rainy year.

Being a guy, with no sense of couth or hygiene, farts were funny, a riot. A good fart was to be celebrated, commented on, the farter should be held up as a model for all. So without thinking, I laugh. Loud. And not only do I laugh, but I speak. I say, "HA! WHY DON"T YOU TAKE A SHIT WHILE YOU'RE AT IT! HA!

When I calm down, I realize I am the only one laughing. Everyone else is ignoring the fart. They are even ignoring me. I was shocked. After class I ask my roommate what was up, his answer was simple, girls don't fart.

incidentally, I never saw that girl again, she must have dropped the class, I even went to it a couple of times just to see if she was there. She wasn't.

Amanda Hugenkiss, please come to the Office

Phil McKreviss, Please, Phil McKrevis . .

Fantastic. Made my day.

AAAAH College.


I wish we had Google when I was in college.