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everyone else is doing it


You're not the fastest, nor the most nimble, but you're cute and you have style. You're not intensely competitive, but when you pass by, everyone turns to look.

Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

Oh Yuck

When this woman is alone in a nursing home, I think someone should stick this article to the common room bulletin board.

Fell asleep to CNN


Last night and this morning it was all about Hamas.

As much as I could care, something inside me said "HA! It's the end of Hamas". Then I rolled over and realised that I had let all of the air out of the Sleep Number bed that they have in the Hotel.

Once you are responsible for fixing potholes, the end is near.  It's why mayors don't make good Presidents.



Good wine?  No, great wine. 

It's one of those I know what I like things. In particular, I read in the Delta Sky magazine about this grape, mostly from South America, that is really good and inexpensive enough to buy by the case.  So, since I am pathetic and alone, I went to a wine shop here in Roseville MINUTE run by a reallu nice guy and bought a bottle of Bodega Norton Malbec 2003 for 8.50.  Hit Boston Market for the beef ( I feel so alone) and cracked the bottle.  Let it breathe while I complained about my room not being cleaned, seems someone put a do not disturb sign on my door ha-ha.  Then I drank, well, am drinking the bottle.

One word, yum.  Go buy it.

Back to St Paul


Just so you all know, I say St Paul because I can't spell Minneapolis.  But I'm on my way back there on an emergency call and will be there through friday.  So, does anyone out there know a good place to eat in Roseville?  Besides the olive garden?

Back from the Twin Cities


Got home from the twin cities yesterday with some kind of horrible coughing, snot producing, headache bug from hell. After I dropped her off at the bus station I drove home in the new car.

I would just like to say, driving a car that doesn't shake your teeth out at any speed over 50 is a treat, I was doing well over 90 at one point and I didn't even feel it. Which is nice, because if I had hit 90 in my old car I wouldn't be typing this, I'd be dead.

So anyway, Minneapolis and St. Paul are very different than you would expect if you, like me, could sum up your expectations in two words, "Purple Rain". Number one, it did not rain, was not dark and I saw very few jherri curled men on purple Kawasakis. It was cold. And the people I met did think that the weather was great at 32 degrees when I thought I had entered into the third circle of Hell. I had no idea that the cities were so large, and they have paved roads, and an Olive Garden. Other than that it seemed like a nice enough place, natives seemed friendly, women were cute. At least the young ones at the Olive Garden were.

Incedentally, the Olive Garden is a big hit in St. Paul. There was one by my hotel, so I figured I'd go for some salty Italian fast food. Well, I thought wrong. I got there right before six o'clock and put my name down for a table for one, thiry minutes later I was still standing there waiting. The freaking place was packed. I went and asked the guy how much longer it would take, since they were seating people who came in well after me by this point, he says another fourty minutes, I call bullshit and bail. I was really pissed off. Listen people, Olive Garden just isn't that good. They have a nice, inexpensive wine list, but the food is pretty much chain-restaraunt food. Not bad, but not good enough to mob the place, and definatly not good enough to justify me waiting while some pimply-faced geek seats people in front of me because bigger parties leave bigger tips. Gimme a break loser, I hope they charge you for the pager that you may or may not have lost.



62 degrees in Madison and I'm spending the weekend in St Paul Minnesota.

I'm actually in a chain mexican resteraunt now, it's about 8:00 here, 9 my time and this lace is packed with happy Minnesotans on dates.  I am alone.  I am bummed. 

Grocery stores better sell beer here. 

My waiter's pissed because I didn't want to sit at the bar.  The bar was crowded and noisy and I want to blog and read, he's not 600miles north of homem. He can drop dead. 

Anyway, I'll get my food fast.

BING!  Swear to god, I just got it.  I'm going to eat, enjoy your weekend.

If I ever win an Oscar


I'm going to thank Mr Clean for inventing the "majic eraser".

The King


Drink at Work is a site run by the guy who writes the comic strip "Sally Forth". On his site, he discusses the merits of Burger King marketing. I decided to add my own spin to his creativity. Try it your own self.

Stuff you find on the Internet

For my older brother. My theme song.

Welcome to the Jungle

Maddmom has been out of town and was supposed to be home yesterday, but since she was flying standby, she got bumped off her flight. So I had an extra sixteen hours to clean house. Thank God. So while cleaning last night I fired up the iPod and listened to the whole "Appetite for Destruction" album, and all I have to say is...


I was rockin'. I still remember every word to every song on that album. I was doing the snake holding on to the broom, air guitar on the Swiffer, man. I wanted to put down the mop, pick up a bottle of Jack and head downtown to pick up some hookers and put the beat-down on some hair-metal posers.

Then I saw the calendar. I was 16 when that album came out senior year. 16. I remember being 16. I'm still 16, I swear to God. I don't feel any different. Heavier, maybe, but still 16. I think I'll probably be 16 for the rest of my life.

It's one of those guy things. Every guy picks a year and remains stuck in that year for the rest of his life. You ever see an old guy dressed up? Notice the Members Only Jacket? Or the plaid pants and white shoes? How about the guy wearing his High School track warmup to his kid's basketball game, you know what? That's his year.

Mine's 1987-88. Think I'm kidding? I had a turtle neck on under a polo shirt the other day. I drove an '89 volvo 240 for eight years. I was so happy that my new car has a cassette player in it that I dug out a milk crate full of tapes.

It's 1988 man.

Fourth in a Series of Undying Truths

"Dora the Explorer" is the creepiest damn thing on TV. Especially when they dance. Nightmare inducing.



Is it possible to be an Objectivist and a Catholic? Because I've got all sorts of concern for my fellow man, but it's a private concern, a duty to God, part of my faith. But when the government wants to take the money that I work for, with the implied threat of prison, well that really pisses me off.

I understand the whole, "give to Ceasar" stuff, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. And that also doesn't mean Ceasar is right.

Welcome to tax season, it's gets hairy around here right 'bout now.

Time to close some stores.


On Thursday evening, Maryland's legislature passed a law requiring any company employing more than 10,000 people in the state to pay up to 8% of its payroll for health insurance. The law was aimed at Wal-Mart, one of four companies that qualify.
On Friday, Wal-Mart called the measure "a bad law." The company's shares (WMT) lost 0.7%.

Stupidest law I have ever heard. So if Wal_mart picks a more expensive plan with lower benefits, would that count? If I had an enterprise corporation with a branch in MD I'd get out now. And I'd have my PR flacks spread the message far and wide, I won't be blackmailed.

How about closing some stores? Laying off about 5k people? That would be my first order of business. Retail is an incredibly low margin game, so you could lower wages to balance out the theft by government. Where is the money going to go if you do pay the taxes? Not to the employees of Wal-Mart I guarantee you that.

I would get downright mean. I'd have to get someone to figure out how much the tax would be, and file a lawsuit contending that the law is unconstitutional, I mean it sure looks like a bill of retainer to me, fight the lawsuit until you reach that dollar limit, then reduce headcount. Then take the money you would have spent on those taxes and put it in to an ad buy during election season.

Play hardball Wal-Mart, take no prisoners. We have to stop this crap before it's too late.

I'm back, tanned, rested and ready.


Actually, I'm not tanned, rested or ready, but here goes....

I generally feel bad for poor people, I give money to charities, contribute to food drives, etc. But there's a limit, and here it is:
These people should be thrown into the stocks and pelted.

Listen what the shitbird had to say:

"What has happened is that we're going along with a lifestyle that you couldn't imagine we should have," Pancoast said

He's right there. I can't imagine he should have it, I can't imagine anyone should steal money like that. That's what he's doing, same as if I told everyone I needed donations for a kidney and used the money raised to get my wife a boob job.

Now lets see how he explains it

Pointing to the expensive homes on the hills surrounding town, he said, "Is this community theirs or is it ours?"

Guess what, it's not yours. What do you do but mooch off of their hard earned dollars. You steal their tax money, their charity and then call them names after they've supported you and your family all these years without you raising a finger to do one day's honest work. Who the hell do you think pays for your "alternative lifestyle"?

You should be dragged off and shot. I'd take your kids and put them in an orphanage and let you starve on the street. You're nothing but a stray dog. Actually, you are worse. A stray dog can't work, a stray dog is completely dependant on himself. You've been lying and cheating and stealing your whole life.

I'd rather give my money to a crack whore. She may be wasting it, but at least she earns it. You disgust me you worthless peice of garbage. I'd run you out of town on a rail.
You disgust me.

Outta Here


I'm off to a conference for a few, got the alarm set and the cop next door checking on the wife and kids. No updates for a few unless something absolutley MUST BE BLOGGED Which means I'll probably stub my toe and write a paragraph or two.

You'll have to content yourself with a (bad) picture of the new ride. Those of you who know my mother will no doubt have a chuckle over the paint, but I like it.


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Game day


Pope John 2 vs EO Muncie at the Brown Gym.  Brutal. 

On the upside, they haven't doubled our score yet, and Hayden had a field goal.  Other than that, I would sit at least 2 of the PJ players for showboating.

EO Muncie is really well coached, they've got some good players and play really well as a team. 

Turnovers are killing PJ2 and something needs to be done.  It's supposed to be fun, and doing nothing but running back and forth while the showboats play 2 on 5 isn't fun.  Especially when they can't shoot.

The Internet's a wonderful place.

This is awesome. I'm assuming that anonymous comes from, or lives around Elk City, Oklahoma. Or at least knows the area. I'm actually just shocked that there IS an Elk City, Oklahoma. I just picked the name out of my head, probably from a book I read somewhere. It looks like a nice enough place. Maybe if I ever drive out Rt 66 I'll stay a while.

I wish anonymous had left a name, because now I want to know how he knows there's no Circle K? Does he or she work for Circle K? Or a competetor? How did he find that particular rant? Is Elk City a nice place? Does he want to buy a slightly used Chevy minivan? I'm curious dammit!

Now I have to figure out where I heard of Elk City from.

And for the record, I live in Jefferson Co. Scott county is next to us, I'm sure the real sheriff is a great guy and doesn't eat his lunch on a metal folding chair in the lobby. And if you live in a trailer off of 356, I'm not dissing your trailer, I'm actually thinking of the one on 256 and Thompson Rd, before they stripped the siding off of it.

And anon, if you come back, lemme know what's up, thanks man.

Thoughts on China's future | Samizdata.net


This is an extremely interesting article. I may be wrong, but I think that this is probably a good thing.

Why? I'm pretty certain when the bailout comes it will be orchestrated by the US and the US economy is the only economy large enough to handle the bailout. It won't be easy by any means, but it will get done. There will probobly be some conditions on that bailout, and I'll trust anyone who happens to be running the show in the US to see that particular opportunity.

I also think the strong central gov't of China will actually be a good thing in this case and that we will see more panic in the non-Communist countries that don't have either the economic or political stability of the US. That is, in the short term, we'll hear a lot of BS about how great Communism was and a resurgence of Maoist geurilla groups in some of these countries. But it will NOT be a setback.

Of course, I could be wrong. But in my experience, most people who proclaim the end of the world are more wrong than I am.

Central Planning doesn't work. It's been proven. It will fail, and it's up to us to bail these poor people out. China could disintegrate just like Russia, people hold grudges for thousands of years. We don't want that to happen, so we'll pay. And we have the money.

For an interesting look at a massive economic collapse and bailout, see this book. At the very least it might make you think twice about New Jersey's choice for Governor.

Of course, you can think twice about EVERY pick NJ has made for Governor.

Third in a series of posts on Undying Truths


Americans who use British slang sound like dickheads.

Even, and I mean this, even if they affect a phony British accent while they do it.

Even and especially, if they are quoting Monty Python and are over the age of twelve.

Just stop now and save yourself the embarassment.

Interesting Conversation

this on instapundit. Lots of interesting comments. I was prescribed Vioxx for joint pain; my shoulder, knee and foot, if you must know, and it was wonderful. Nothing has come close to helping me with that pain. I can take Tylenol, or other OTC medication, but aren't I just increasing my risk of liver damage?

Now I would think that the root causes of my pain were all my fault, but I did the damage to my shoulder and knee under the influence of Southern Comfort. Should we pull that product? I broke my foot running for a plane, should we enact laws against planes leaving without paying passengers? Should we outlaw running in loafers? How about stairs?

I felt like an entirely different person when I took Vioxx, in fact, the Dr. that prescribed it to me said that other issues I complained about were probably symptoms of depression caused by chronic pain. Now I keep a stash of Vioxx around for when things get hairy, or I need to be on the top of my game, but they're samples and a lot stronger than my prescription was.

Now they want me to take a drug for my cholesterol. I can't get it down. I exercise and changed my diet, and there hasn't been any real noticable effect, so I'll be on some other drug for the rest of my painful life. This one will probably shrink my testicles down to the size of bb's, but will that one get pulled? Hell no.

Incedentally, if you read the comments in the linked post, there's one about the Corvair you should read. there's a grain of truth in there, I'll leave it to you to find it. But let's face it, the Corvair was a POS and dangerous as hell. Of course, most cars built during that era were POS's and dangerous as hell, but the Corvair looked cool and people wanted it. That's why Nader picked that one. Discuss.

The beast and the monster


OK, I'll stop now. Posted by Picasa

Christmas Picture


Did you ever wish there was a timestamp on these things? It must have been 5:00am. Posted by Picasa

Bye Bye old buddy


Someone told me once to take a picture of every car you owned. snif. I'm all choked up. So long pal. Posted by Picasa

Happy New Year



Yesterday I went out and bought a new (to me) car. I've bought a couple of cars, two minivans anyway, so I guess I've had a new car, but I've never had one that I picked out for me. (Me, me, me, mine mine mine, I WANT IT!). I didn't really want to buy a new car, really, I mean that. Really. Sort of. What I didn't want was a car payment. So I was going to get my car fixed. Then I found out that after fixing the tranny, the brakes, the clunking strut and new tires, I was well over $1000 bucks, plus the AC didn't work and the front seat foam has turned to powder, so my back was resting directly on the seat frame. I had already switched the seats once and pulled "new" seat foam out of a wreck, So I didn't really feel like doing it again.

So anyway, the Green Monster is going to someone who will take care of her, a Volvo shop in Louisville. They are going to fix her up and sell her for about 3k. I wish I could, but hell, I want something new. I drove that car 110 miles a day, door to door for four years, and for the four before that, back and forth to the airport. It served me well.

I'm going to take a picture of all the kids next to it before I bring it down to the guy and pick up my new car. Somebody once told me to take a picture of every car you own, it's a real memory boost when you look at a picture.

I bought a totally goofy car, a 2001 Volvo v70 T5. What do I need with a 300HP station Wagon? Nothing really, but I wanted it and I can afford it. It's going to be nice driving up and down I-71 and not slowing to 45 on the hills. I plan on keeping this thing for at least eight years and the clock starts on Tuesday.

I can't wait, in addition to being the most comfortable car I have ever been in, the thing is an animal on the highway. I test drove a couple of volvo's starting with a very low mileage '95 850 GLT (still a very nice car, I was really impressed with the quality after 10 years, I don't know why I should be, aside from the driver's seat, my car still has a great interior after 16 years) and then a couple of late '90's V70's. The latest was a '99 V70 that I almost bought right out. It was really very, very nice. Then I drove the T5. Totally blew me away. I spent a couple of days this summer tooling around North Jersey in a borrowed BMW 540, and all I can say is that that I've got a nicer car. I test drove it all through the Highlands in Louisville, then out on 64 and 265. It is unmistakeably a Volvo as far as safety goes, I will be surrounded by more airbags than the Mars lander. It'll be more expensive to fix, but I bought the manual and can do basic service myself. Keep it happy and it'll run forever. They are still using the same engine that they've had since the first 850's rolled out in what? '93?

I won't be putting the crushing miles on it that I put on the 240, but I'm hoping I'll have it long enought to break my record.

Knock wood.