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Circumcision Studied in Africa as AIDS Preventive


I'm thinking maybe the rates are lower because it takes these guys out of action for a while.

But there's this nice blurb at the end that reminds me why exactly we have the best health care on the planet.

For four years, he said, he has gone repeatedly to the government hospital to be circumcised, only to be told to try again another day. He said that "they give the impression they don't care much about it."

But he does. "It reduces the risk of H.I.V.," he said. Besides, he added, "my girlfriend wants me to do it."

That poor girl. EEEEEEWWW.

How does your garden grow


I got the garden turned over today, looks good. It's been too wet to do it up until now. I added about 100 lbs of sand and a couple yards of hummus, tilled it down about eight inches. Look at that dirt, baby.

  Plants go in today before ball practice. Fresh veggies all summer. Love that.

Still have a lot of tulips up, looks nice.


A weed! In my yard!


The MadMax Super Pursuit Trainer is next to the Soccer goal it took about four hours to assemble.


The Beast looking for tadpoles in the frog pond, when his mother sees this she'll be mad at me.


Scamper has been feeling much better, he got run over last fall AND had Lyme disease. Wouldn't know it to look at him.


The excitement of the day was this gigantic beeswimming in the frog pond. This thing was about the size of my hand. And not happy.

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Everyone took turns throwing things at him. Gotta love a housefull o' boys. I think it's interesting how boys kinda migrate to one house in the neighborhood and hang out, even though creepy dad is around.

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Making MP3 Streaming Illegal?


Read this. This is a play to big software and big media. Help get this bill killed, call these people and tell them you will vote their ass out if they vote for this bill. I've sent my congress critters a message today.

Need a Guru?

Check the ratings first. Remember, only you can prevent enlightenment.

Track list


Got that tape rewound last night. Oh my.

What I thought was Souxie was X. So, here's what I pulled off of it:

Tons of Iggy and the Stooges:

Search and Destroy
I wanna be your Dog
No Fun.
Tell Me a Story

Richard Hell
Blank Generation (of course)
Love Comes in Spurts
White Punks on Dope
(spock) Ah, the classics (/spock)

Los Angeles (crunched)

Robert Hazard
Change Reaction

Beru Review
I Got a Job (either a really bad live cut or seriously crunched, tape looks OK)

Can your pussy do the dog
Bikini Girls with Machine Guns (crunched) But dates this mix to at least 1989.

That's all, everything else is too crunched to identify. I don't even remember making this one, but it's obviously sophomore year of college, The Cramps Stay Sick didn't come out until '89.

Audiograbber is a freeware ripper that supports line-in audio, I'm using it to digitize all of my old cassettes and it's working out pretty well. I'm ripping them to MP3 using the lame decoder and using Audacity to clean them up. I'm using my old Windows 2000 Jukebox machine to do all this, it's only a P2 400 mhz box, works great, I've had it since 2000 or so, inherited it from my father-in-law. Old hardware never dies around here, there's an old 1 gig drive in there, still spinning.

Anyway, enough, I've got a good one on tap, something that happened to maddmom, made me laugh, you will too. Stay tuned.

Audiograbber update


From an unmarked cassette I found in the trunk of my old car......Richard Hell, Love Comes in Spurts! Whooooooo!

Also, "Change Reaction" by Robert Hazard and a bunch of other songs that might be Souxie but they're too crunched to get anything, but the Richard Hell and Robert Hazard cleaned up really well. The tape won't rewind that far, so I'm gonna work on it a little and see if I can get to the beginning. I got "Open Your Eyes" by the Lords of the New Church a while ago and "Beam Me up Scotty" by Beru Review. This mix dates to '86 or '87 I'm sure.

I repeat, damn I miss Napster.

Warning: The following contains...oh hell, you figger it out.

Acidman found a story about some kind of "save the childern" bullshit going down in DC. Hey, I've got an idea, if you don't want grown men hitting on your 14 year old daughter, don't let her post pictures of herself in her nightie on MySpace. If you don't want your 11 year old son looking at porn on the Internet, filter it. It can be done, you know. It's not hard.

Nothing pisses me off more than being forced to modify my behavior because there's some jerk in the crowd who can't seem to tell his kid to go to bed. Ever happen to you? Ever go to a party, get to the middle of a great joke about nuns, French bread and bicycles and suddenly see Junior in the corner with a notepad taking it all down? Doesn't it make you want to recite the seven dirty words?

I have an 11 year old son, I know he knows every dirty word there is. I know he uses them. I did, I see no reason why he wouldn't. My job is to make sure he doesn't use them in front of me, my wife, his teachers, adults in general or anyone else he should respect. I filter his internet access. He can't log on to my account on the computer, so he gets what I give him. I filter some top level domains at my router, which means I can't go to any *.cx sites either. I don't rent rated "R" movies and I don't let him go. I don't let him play Rated "T" video games, even though it seems there aren't any games that aren't rated "T" so if the other 3 boys aren't around he gets a pass. I have the V chip enabled on my TV, because while 11 year-olds might be OK watching Britney Spears rub one out on Nickelodeon, 7 year olds aren't.

Now notice what word appears most often in that paragraph. I. I decide what he sees in my house. I tell him he's not allowed to do anything he wouldn't do in my house in anyone elses house. Can I stop him from looking at someone's Dad's collection of late '70's National Lampoon magazines? No. Hey, someone's going to bring their older brother's Hustler magazine on the bus ride to the zoo, he's gonna see the "Beaver Hunt" someday. I can't stop it, nor do I really want to. What I do want is for him to recognize inappropriate behavior and to choose the appropriate behavior most of the time.

I don't think I'm being contradictory here. I don't think it's the government's job to tell me what I can or cannot say because someone isn't watching their kid. I am an adult, kinda. And adults have privleges that kids don't have no matter what you see on TV.

I might update this later, I gotta run...

In Honor Of Earth Day


This should have gone out Sunday, but Blogger bit the big salami. If I wasn't so damn cheap I would start paying for hosting. But I am cheap, and what of it? I'll post until they charge me, then I'll just mail inchoherent letters to the newspapers. Maybe I'll start calling talk radio, who knows?

The Story of Ira Einhorn. One of the "organizers" of Earth Day in 1970.
Now, of course, the organizers of Earth Day say old Ira had nothing to do with it, they simply let him hold the mic all day. I call BS on that. But anyway, just a reminder of what a smelly hippie egomanic can do if he puts his mind to it. With a little help from celebrities and the French, of course.

Blogger Fubar'd

Who knows if I'll ever post again.

Aboout time.


If this article is correct, in my opinion, she should get put away for a long, long time.

Here's an exerpt from the article, "Whether or not the actions of the CIA or other agencies have interfered with anyone's civil liberties is important information for Americans to know and is an important part of our jobs."

Do you think Al-Queda worried about interfering with the Civil Liberties of the people in New York, or on Flight 93, or in the Pentagon? How about the Subway riders in London, or the people on the train in Spain? How about those vacationers in Bali? I think it's important to know if Al-Queda plans on interfering with my Civil Liberties, thank you.

I will take mine at the expense of others, that's how a war works and that's how Al-Queda plays. It's not some happy fairy land out there. This Washington Post editor is a fool. And if this woman did what they think she did, she should go to jail.

Friday Shmyday


Meh. The rain is getting me down. I'm one of those guys who needs bright sunlight or I get all crabby and mean. Not good if it's raining all day or I'm stuck in my basement office. I was today. Stuck, I mean. I was waiting for a call, just waiting, because the guy might need me on this one. Well the 11am got pushed to 2, got pushed to Monday, so I was stuck. I'm out now, which is good. But damn.

I've also got the creeping crud that's going around, think it might just be allergies, but I've had allergies all my life and never had anything like this. I swear there's something growing on the back of my tounge.


Garden goes in tomorrow. Happy about that. Nothing better than fresh veggies. I had a great post to go up this morning about my drive through Indiana yesterday, but Blogger ate it, then I couldn't get in to re-type, so it's gone.

Got maddmom using the old laptop, the one I'm posting from now, it's Fedora Core 4 now, works like a champ, she's all Firefox and Thunderbird now. My little open source queen. She's cute too. Did I mention the wireless card? I'm going to get her Palm hooked up...then....OOOOOh baby. Soccer mom meet geek mom.

Little league starts next week, and the countdown to the end of school, how cool.

Next week, more stuff.

Save the Internet

Save the Internet Go there, read up and then write your congressman. I don't want the Internet to go the way of cable TV and the phone biz and neither do you.

Man it's early


I'm sick and the baby got up at 2am and wouldn't go back to sleep, so to keep the peace I got him out of bed and brought him downstairs to watch some Blues Clues, or the Girls Gone Wild infomercial, whatever, he's not even two, he'll get over it. I on the other hand am going to die. Every time I swallow I feel like I am forcing shards of hot glass down my throat and every third breath ends in something that sounds like a Snidely Whiplash snicker.

OK, Skippy just interrupted me to tell me that he farted. Then he demonstrated and said "fart". The boy's a genius. But if he interrupts me again, I'm going to duct tape him to the chair.

Am I crabby? You bet. The only thing that gives me any amount of pleasure right now is the anticipation on my alarm going off at quarter to five because I didn't turn it off before coming downstairs, and that's just mean.

Now he wants Easter candy. I'm tempted to just give it to him. I wonder why this never happens to Lileks? Must be a boy-girl thing.

Been thinking a lot about stuff, all sorts of stuff wanted me to blog it this week, but I was busy or in the car, or taking care of the kids. So before the littlest madkid interrupts again, here's a list.

Saturday I borrowed a friends truck and picked up three yards of mulch to fill in my front beds, they were about two years late with the re-mulching. I was going to get the mulch, empty the truck and get to the Easter egg hunt in Hanover by 10. And I would have too, but I couldn't get the tailgate down. So I had to pitchfork all three yards over the tailgate. I still made it to the egg hunt, but I was a little tired. When I got there and told my buddy that the tailgate was stuck, he smacked it like Fonzie and it opened like it was on springs. "Oh yeah", he says, "I forgot to tell you about that." It's all good though, the McMahonsion looks great all mulched up, need about another three yards to really finish, but that'll have to wait, this weekend I get the vegetable garden in.

Speaking of next weekend, Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday and the Pope has declared a Plenary Indulgence. Now for all of you who saw "Dogma" and think you know what a plenary indulgence is here's the rules;
plenary indulgence, granted under the usual conditions (sacramental confession, Eucharistic communion and prayer for the intentions of Supreme Pontiff) to the faithful who, on the Second Sunday of Easter or Divine Mercy Sunday, in any church or chapel, in a spirit that is completely detached from the affection for a sin, even a venial sin, take part in the prayers and devotions held in honour of Divine Mercy, or who, in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament exposed or reserved in the tabernacle, recite the Our Father and the Creed, adding a devout prayer to the merciful Lord Jesus (e.g. Merciful Jesus, I trust in you!")

So that basically rules out anyone I know from getting the whole deal, who is completely detached from sin? But you can get a partial indulgence,
A partial indulgence, granted to the faithful who, at least with a contrite heart, pray to the merciful Lord Jesus a legitimately approved invocation.

Indulgences, BTW are transferable, so If you know anyone who has died or not super religious, you can give it to them. That's a pretty good deal from where I sit.

and speaking of sin, I got myself a massive speeding ticket in Indy on my way home from Chicago the other day. $150. Not even 15 miles over the limit. No way to fight it, either. You know, it was a city cop and he didn't ask to see my proof of insurance or my registration? He just wanted the quick quota bump. I'm sure of it. I wonder if I can expense that.

Well that's it, took me two hours to write this thanks to Skippy and I have to be on the road by 6 to get to my first appointment. I had a whole bunch to say too. I was going to tell you why I don't have a blogroll and how I mostly blog from my Blackberry and how I think some people take blogging waaaaaaaay to seriously. Really, I mean, Doogie Howser was a proto-blogger, you didn't see him trying to influence the "National Discussion". This blog here just started as a way to get around the email filter at work. I couldn't send links or naughty words and all my email was archived. I would know, I was the email guy. Now that I'm not there any more, I still have the blog, but it's mostly so I can brag once a year about how much better I am than you because I quit smoking.

And bitching, lots of bitching.

Oh for crying out loud.


We are all going to DIE!

Prominent U.S. Physicists Send Warning Letter to President Bush

And a Hallmark Card to Iran. Just kidding.. Iran...ha! Iran would never do anything crazy with nuclear weapons.

What a bunch of self-satisfied idiots. I got a medal in seventh grade for geography, I suppose I should write a letter to the government of India explaining the whole Kashmir situation to them and warning them to not do anything rash.



Quick update. Travelling today, stopped in a Denny's and was served by a very nice young woman with the word "Crayola" on her name tag.


Her mother should be shot.

What's up with maddad?


Airport. A great short movie illustrating my average day. Made from Airport infographics.

Up,up and away, see you later.

The Gatorade Conspiracy


Dan Brown call your office.

Jack's Back

With an open letter to Kenny Chesney.

He has a point about Neko Case, but I hear her all the time on Louisville's Public Radio station. Which, I would just like to say, is one of the best radio stations I 've ever heard, even though they put that dickhead from Penn on every day. I'm usually not in the car then, thank God. Seriously, why is it that most Public Radio presenters nowadays have to sound like they have a dick in their mouth? Can't they finish up, swallow and talk clearly? What is it with that affectation? It's annoying.

I also find it amusing to hear the stenorous, authoritive tones of Carl Kasell lead into the Queer Eye sound-alikes they have reading stories on All Things Considered nowadays. In my opinion, and this is my opinion. You can be ugly and get a radio job, but sounding like a fruit doesn't help. Even worse, a fruit with braces. Take a class, butch it up, do something, it's like listening to the daily announcements over the PA at an all girls middle school.

Back to Kenny, has there ever been a bigger rip-off of Jimmy Buffet? Ever? Do you think Jimmy gets royalties from every Kenny album? I don't know if any of you out there have ever listened to this guy, but let me just say, it's obvious, almost embarrasing.

That being said, the only reason I'm listening to this shit is the fact that I can't hear "Kashmere" again. No really, physically impossible. I've reached my limit. At any given time, anywhere in America you can turn on the radio and hear one of two songs, "Kashmere" or "Sweet Emotion". True story, my last day of work in downtown Louisville, I got in the car, turned on the radio and "Sweet Emotion" was playing on THREE different radio stations. That's just sad.

I'd rather hear Garth Brooks.

And I'm not saying that because I like Garth Brooks, I'm saying that because I didn't grow up listening to Garth Brooks. It's still kind of new to me. Even now, I'm sure there are Garth Brooks songs I've never heard. I don't neccessicarialy want to hear them, but if it's a choice between "classic" rock, the insane shrieks of some pre-menstrual teenaged girl in a padded bra, or some stoner kid with a speech impediment mouthing bad poetry over minor chords lifted from an early nineties Alice in Chains song, I'm gonna have to tilt to Garth, Lord save me.

Itunes was supposed to fix all this, wasn't it? It didn't. Sure I can find a lot of stuff, but not the stuff I really want to hear. And part of the beauty of radio was the personalities, the local guys who you sort of thought you knew, who had the same taste in music as you did and played EVERYTHING from Buddy Holly to INXS (dating myself, but there was a time that INXS was new and exciting and what you needed). Plus traffic and weather. Which is nice. Few of those stations left, fewer without some kind of hippy-dippy psycho anti-Wal-Mart backround noise polluting the music. The Louisville station does a good job of keeping the noise down to a dull roar. Plus they have the "Dirty Soul Party" on Saturday night. That's a good show.

Jack has, or had, I haven't been to the Twin Cities in a couple of months, a great show. You gotta respect a guy who will play stuff he doesn't like, just so it will get played.

Damn I miss Napster.

This is kind of exciting


Madison named National Historic Landmark Pretty Cool.

The Nastiest Wife on Television


I agree with something in Slate? Wow, yes I do. Until the last sentance of the article, which is missing the word "illegal". He should know better.

I know this is my third post today, but I am on hold waiting for a conference call to start. 10 minutes late so far, cancelled twice. Maybe I should just have them call me when they're ready. Seriously people, I've got stuff to do.

More of what the internet was made for.

1986 World Series Game Six Re-enacted in RBI Baseball So cool.

A question that may be an observation...

Are people who reflexively take offense to perceived stereotypes so as not to risk offending anyone more or less offensive than the person who used the perceived stereotype?

In my opinion, people who vomit copious amounts of PC garbage whenever someone makes a statement that may to most people be perfectly innocent and maybe even perfectly descriptive but may violate some strange worldview in which there is no differences between any gender, age or race are more apt to be just plain rude than people who actually take the differences between people at face value.

Take this for example, a loooong time ago there used to be a "Schoolhouse Rock" type PSA on during afternoon cartoons called "The Land of Could Be You" where cartoon children of every race, gender and ability end up as astronauts, doctors, scientists and teachers (why never software salesmen?). One day, my friends Danny, Chucky, Dean and I were watching this and Danny says, "I'm gonna be an astronaut." and Chucky says, "No you're not." And Dean says, "Sure he could, you just need a suit." And Chucky says, "No he can't." And Danny says, "Why the hell not?" And Chucky says, "Because you're fucking retarded." Really. For years after that, whenever we saw that stupid PSA, and they ran down the list of things YOU COULD BE we would add the words, "unless you're retarded". So it would be:

Song I'm gonna be an astronaut!
maddad Unless you're retarded!
Song I'm going to be a scientist!
maddad Unless you're retarded!

And so on.

Then one day Dan and Chuck's dad heard us in shouting out our bit of the song and came in and sat us down like Captain Kangaroo and gave us a stern talking to about how retarted people could do anything we could do and were really no different. So Danny asks his dad, "So, could they be astronauts?" And Danny's dad chuckles and says, "Well, no. They can't really be astronauts." And I asked why. And Chucky yelled out, "Because they're fucking retarded!" And got sent to his room (for all of five minutes.)

The point of this story is that Chucky was right, retarded kids won't become astronauts. There is nothing wrong with stating the obvious. I mean if I find a jockstrap in the locker room and decide to post something on the lost and found board (as opposed to just letting it sit in the corner until the end of time)I'm not going to post a notice on the board in the girls locker room. I might be wrong, but usually girls don't wear jocks. If you see the ad and come to me and say, hey man, that's my sister's jock you got there, I'm not going to say a thing, I will give you the jock to give to your sister. If you are one of these PC people and come at me with a , "Hey man! How come you didn't post that in the girls room too? What makes you think that only a man would lose a jock? You sexist. People like you make me sick!" I'd probably fill the damn thing with Ben-Gay before I gave it back. Why? Not because of any hatred of jock-wearing women, but because you were such an asshole about it.

There's a lesson in there somewhere.



Do you suppose this is true? Nancy Grace, call your office.

Hey, I got a comment!

And he didn't call me an idiot! Yet.

From "Dirty Sanchez" (heh heh)

The only problem with your logic is that you are assuming that these people - not scumbags - are breaking a law that makes any sense. A speeder on the highway is breaking a law, but is not a scumbag. A person making a mix CD for his girlfriend is breaking the law, but is not a scumbag. People who smoke marijuana break the law, as did drinkers during prohibition - not necessarily scumbags. We do not have a good system in this country that allows people to come in to work, so people ignore the stupid government and just do it anyway. The government should just do what it always ends up doing - codifying the de-facto system so that the law matches reality. We really do have a demand for cheap labor in this country, and it is being satisfied. Cut off the cheap labor and you will pay more for, well, everything.

There's a couple of things that I think are wrong with Dirty's logic. First, he didn't read the link, or if he did, didn't see anything wrong with the people who are running these protests. Here's the link again, so you can see it again. It's been changed, but some of the pictures are still there. Call me a racist because of the color of my skin and I call you a scumbag, period. No discussion.

On another tip, looking at these pictures makes me wonder what it is about the 14th century that appeals to people? Especially religious and political nutcases?

Second, he assumes that I think speeders and pot smokers aren't scumbags. He's wrong, even though I have done both. A speeder who gets caught has to face the music, if he doesn't sooner or later he will go to jail, it's a matter of time. If you don't pay speeding tickets or for that matter parking tickets, you are labeled a scofflaw a word that means, in legalese "scumbag". If you do get this label, the state, county city or whatever government entity issued the citation will gradually remove some of the privleges afforded to you escalating to your very freedom if you don't watch out. And to assume speed limit laws make no sense is just wrong, spend maybe one day driving a truck, even a rental truck and you'll see exactly why we have traffic laws.

Third, his analogy with the guy burning a CD for his girlfriend is all wrong. It's pretty much settled that if I burn a CD and give it to my girlfriend it's fair use, if I set up a factory and burn thousands of CD's and hand them out on the street, I'm a thief. Period. That's also settled. Bad analogy.

Fourth, Pot. Pot is illegal, pot is harmful, get caught with it, you go to jail. I have had some experience in the pot area, and if you think that I think pot is a harmless little thing you are sadly mistaken. Sorry man, my blog, my opinion. Can you equivilate pot and booze? Some people can, not me. You make another mistake thinking that the majority of people broke the law and drank during Prohibition. Compare the per capita use of alcohol in 1914 of like 25 gallons to something like 10 in 1934. That figure's from a book called Booze, Bucks and Bamboozle that I read a while ago, go google. Or, you can read this which states that Prohibition reduced cirrhosis by 10-20%. Read a little closer and you see that Prohibition didn't seem to have a real effect on public safety, arrests for public drunkenness pretty much stayed the same, but further down you'll see that enforcement for public drunkenness increased in some areas and relaxed in others, both for the same reason, to prove that Prohibition was working. Basically you can't have your cake, everybody drank during Prohibition and they weren't scumbags; and eat it too, crime rates shot up during Prohibition. Because they didn't and they didn't.

But let's explore this idea...You don't like a law, so you break it and don't think any of the punishments meted out by the legal authorities should apply to you. Therefore, the law should be changed to accept the fact that certain behaviors will occur and there shouldn't be a punishment for these behaviors. Great. Good for you. Also, wrong. I don't agree with a lot of laws but I obey them. I work to change the laws I don't like by voting for the people who say they will change the laws I don't like. Sometimes I call my representative. Most of the time nothing happens. I also complain on the internet. Again, most of the time, nothing happens. Actually, all of the time nothing happens, but I feel better. Point is, I don't willy-nilly break the law just because I don't like it, that's part of being a responsible and productive (well, at least responsible) member of our society.

So lets look at your final thought, all they are doing is satisfying a need for cheap labor in this country and if we stopped or limited illegal immigration we'd pay more for everything. Great. You know we probably would pay a little more for everything, but you didn't read the first half of this post. I don't care about market-driven price fluxuation, I care about taxes. What supporters of Illegal immigration don't care about is social justice. Oh they say they do, but they don't. Legal immigrants and all citizens of this country are entitled to a minimum wage and pretty stringent work rules. Illegal immigrants bypass these rules, lie on official government documents and pull the bottom out of our wage and price schedule. I'll repeat a question I asked before, why should I hire you at minimum wage and be forced to give you paid time off, lunch and fifteen minute breaks when I can hire an illegal for piecework and not have to pay any of that, not to mention not filing all of the paperwork required. All I have to do is show up at the Home Depot parking lot with my van at six o'clock in the morning and pick and choose. You don't show up, you don't work. You'll take what I give you because you are here illegally and are subject to deportation whether or not the law is evenly enforced. But then, you get into a car accident, you are uninsured, you end up at the Emergency room and get free healthcare, who pays for that? Me. There's drywalling to be done, I know I can get a team of Mexicans to do the work for half what I'd pay Union guys, but who pays when those guys are out of work? Me. My strawberries need pickin'? I'm not paying minimum if I don't have to. And if you're illegal, I don't have to. A couple of years ago a guy working at a factory over on the Kentucky side of the river couldn't get his brother a job blew the whistle and the INS rounded up 80 illegals in one factory, making crap wages. Where I worked was a Steelworkers shop and it took me three years before I made as much as a line supervisor and I was Corporate management. I can pay a little more for the labor and a lot less for government services if the labor is legal. Lets spread that tax burden around.

Now lets think about what we do about the problem. Where do you see people who have broken a law demonstrating IN PUBLIC that they should be able to break that law whenever they want? What makes anyone believe that these people will follow any law that they think is too tough? How about those speed limits, Dirty? What about paying taxes? How about car insurance requirements? Massachusetts wants every resident to pay for health insurance or pay a fine, what about illegals? And this leads me to a digression...how about that "compromise bill". Do they really expect people who jumped the fence once to fill out all of the paperwork to become legal? I was thinking that I might be able to make a good living forging pay stubs back to 2000, but then I thought, why bother. If it's too much to try and get here legally now, and they're already here and no one's doing anything about it, who cares about becoming a citizen?

So now we have all of these illegal aliens in one place, chanting and ranting about racism. We know where they all are now, send in the INS, ship them back. Build a fence, put a system in place that maybe makes it easier for people to come in. Sure create a guest worker program, but make it reciprocal, or else tell Mexico we're shutting the border. If they don't like it, tough. That's a plan, better for the people coming over the border, better for the people here. That's what I think. And this being my blog, I am right.

So even though I am right, and you are not. I appreciate your comment, and your handle.

Palm Sunday!


For your reading pleasure: a short explanation of the Gnostic heresy.

When I was in eighth grade, I had a religion teacher, Brother John, who must have been studying the Gnostic gospels. He was actually ordained about halfway through the year, but for about a month we studied the origin of the Catholic Bible, why the books were picked, who wrote them, how all the New Testament books were written well after the death of Jesus, what "Divine Inspiration" meant..etc. We studied the difference between the "sola scriptura" view of the Bible and the Catholic view. And, of course, we studied all of the Councils that led up to the modern Catholic Bible and the Creed.

I remember having a test on the Councils that by rights should have been given to maybe a college sophomore, freakin' brutal. But anyway...

As I get older and all of the knowledge shoved into my tiny brain during school gets replaced by software pricing structure, the PBS Kids morning TV structure and Google searches, I am still holding on to two of the big reasons that most of these "Gospels" were rejected. One, most of these books were written much to late to be written by a contemporary or a person who had first-person contact with a contemporary of Jesus. And two, many of the books were written to support various heretical ideas, such as Gnosticism, which despite sounding all sorts of romantic, wasn't a really nice idea at all.

And if you want, go on and read "The Davinci Code" my wife thought it was a good story. I couldn't get past the first thirty pages, it was soooo bad, just terrible, and I like Dirk Pitt books. Read the 'Illuminati Trilogy" or "Foucault's Pendulum" if you are in the mood for some real good conspiracy fiction. And remember that word, fiction, it's a good one.

So anyway, have a good Sunday in the Church of your choice, and read what you like, you're allowed.



Time to move. Redux: "Residents who can afford insurance but do not choose a plan by July 1, 2007, will face tax penalties that year, as incentive to take out insurance in an attempt to reduce health-care costs statewide"

A tax on being alive. Imagine.

Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Zeppo


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