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Dear Lord, it's happening.


A 37-hour protest and vigil to condemn government the cover up of science linking hurricanes and global warming


BURN THEM! BURN THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a record four major hurricanes hit Florida in 2004, the 2005 hurricane season was even more devastating. Of the six most powerful hurricanes ever to hit America in the past 150 years, three occurred within 52 days in 2005. Yet, despite a flurry of peer-reviewed scientific studies linking planetary warming to storms like Katrina, leaders at NOAA and the NHC continue to claim that the recent hurricane devastation is part of a "natural cycle."

BURN THEM!!!!!!!!!!! A flurry of peer-review articles demands it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lunch time at maddad's house

With maddmom and the boys gone for a whole week I have noticed several things:

1) If you don't talk to anyone all day, when you yell at the dog in the middle of the night for farting, your voice sounds funny.

2) You can't mow your lawn every day. Well you can, but your neighbors think you're nuts.

3) Showers? Right.

4) The bathroom that still has paper on the roll is the bathroom you use. Even if it's in the basement.

5) If I wasn't married I'd starve to death.

6) You have no excuse to watch cartoons when you are 35 years old. Even if it's the Mermaid Man and Barnacle boy Spongebob.

7) The mop does not put itself away. The dishwasher won't empty itself and the vacuum cleaner does not belong on the stairs.

8) I have two more days of tripping over the damn vacuum cleaner, kicking over the mop and eating off of paper plates.

9) I'm starving.

A food police backlash?


Something tells me this will not be taken seriously. Why? Because in the article she states that the "obesity epidemic" is founded on shaky science. It is, I'm sure, but nothing gets shouted down faster than an idea that runs counter to the very well-publicised and funded conventional wisdom. In short, the people who came up with the idea that all kids are fat are used to being "right". They get paid to do research that supports their own opinion, not so much unlike what the tobacco companies do. They have the money and the contacts to shout this argument down. Until we start seeing middle class kids with severe nutritional defecits, we're stuck in the obesity epidemic.

I'll tell you one thing, in order for me to not be classified as "overweight" according to my BMI, I'd have to have about 8% bodyfat. I am right now at about 11% bodyfat. I am at 195 pounds at 6 feet tall. If I lost ten pounds I'd still be classified as "overweight". Whoever came up with this was a jerk, and I hope he didn't have any daughters.


...and lots of them. I fed them and watered them yesterday. I was having a conversation the other day on someone else's blog and evidently American citizens won't pick strawberries. So I'll need to find someone who will. Like a strawberry au pair or something. In any rate, I can't lower myself to the task, it'd be unamerican, so I guess they'll rot.

maddmom and the kids are still out of town, so I spent the weekend puttering around in the garden with the dog. It was mad hot and boring as hell. I mowed the lawn twice. I took some pictures while I was out and about.

Some clemetis... I always want to say chlamydia which is funny, 'cause it looks like the bug've been at it.

This is a "tulip tree". I really don't know the name, but it has all these tulip like flowers on it and they are very pretty, but they gum up the mower.

Scamper and I spent a lot of time with the football. It stinks now and I woke up with it on the pillow next to me, but that's maddmom's pillow. I'll just flip it over.

Two things before the race



I'm on my wife's laptop. maddmom uses my old Toshiba running Fedora Core 4 and browses with Firefox. Well Firefox was taking 187meg of memory, making it almost impossible for anything to get done. I'm going to try and add more physical memory to this old beast, I think I have another 128meg lying around. But until then I figured I'd try Opera. Using that now and sure enough, it's at 76meg. Looks good to me. The problem now is how do I tell maddmom that I changed her settings again? I will say that Opera looks much nicer than Firefox. Very clean.


Watched a documentary on AandE last night about a company of US Marines who lost a lot of people in Iraq. It was Lima Co. a Marine reserve unit out of Columbus OH. Watching it I thought about the two guys that I knew who joined the Marine reserves when I was in college. One was a really unlikely canidate for the Marines, it suprised everyone who knew him, except for maybe himself. The other was a good fit, I thought. Neither one washed out of boot and if they ended up like any of the men that were profiled in this documentary last night, well, they're better men than I am.

One thing that shocked me, was the people they are fighing against. They are described as "insurgents" in the papers and you would think, reading the news, that these guys were somehow morally superior to the coalition forces in Iraq. Well, guess what? They aren't. The people who made that movie last night were very fair and showed the enemy as the enemy is. These are not good, brave people fighting for their homeland, these are religious and political fanatics, sent on suicide missions, hopped up on methamphetamines and adrenaline injections, whose job is to inflict casualties on as many people as possible, be they civilian or military. They make no distinction. Their job is to create chaos. Not to win. I was really shocked at the amount of drugs the Marines found on these guys. Why isn't that getting more play?

Back in 2004 my cousin, who happens to be a Catholic priest and a chaplin in the US Marine Corps, was explaining to my oldest son what was going on in Cuba. He said, it's where they put the worst people in the world, people who will never be happy until everyone else is dead, then they'll start killing each other. Nothing is good or right except what they believe and they can't even agree on what that is. He had just returned to the States from Cuba, and had lots of stories, but that's the one that stuck with me.

But after a couple of years you get worn down, you forget, you only hear one side of the story and you begin to believe it without even realizing it. When you do hear the other side, it's dismissed as fear mongering at best and racism at worst. Usually by the people who want you to be terrified that a one degree temperature difference will destroy the world and want every person classified by race and either rewarded or punished based on the accident of birth.

Well here's the truth. There are people out there who want you dead. Even if you are sitting in a coffehouse in a hip neighborhood blogging about how bad George Bush is and how much you hate Isreal. These people really don't care what you think. They never have. These are people who honestly believe that the best thing that can happen to you is to be killed by them, and the best thing that can happen to them is to be killed period. You will never, ever be able to find the root cause of their hatred, because they don't understand it themselves, and anyway, it'll change over time. They want to kill you, they really do. They've said it over and over, it's not just rhetoric.

Now there are people over there, people who might be your friends and neighbors, who might agree with you or not, who are killing the peple who want you dead. They are killing bad people who make no distinction between civilian and military casualties. They are doing it so you don't have to. They aren't stupid, they aren't ignorant and they aren't doing it because they have no other choice. They are doing it because they have a sense of honor, a sense of duty, a sense of mission and above all courage that most of us lack. This is the weekend to remember those guys.

And if you can, check A&E for that documentary, it makes no claim about the war, just follows the Marines. It'll make you think.

Translation problems at CNN



This is "good" news.

Tucker Max wins one. Read the opinion, hilarious.

Can't believe this guy went nuts.


Other eighties videos on YouTube

This seems like good news for Yahoo.

Yahoo! and eBay announced an alliance under which Yahoo's search engine will be incorporated into eBay's site and Yahoo!
will provide advertising throughout eBay's site. The alliance is intended to help both companies compete with the rising competitive challenge presented by Google's power to attract advertisers. Yahoo's shares (YHOO) gained 3% and eBay (EBAY) rose 12%.

It looks to m elike at some point Yahoo might take a big bite out of Ebay, maybe even buy it.

I think right now if I were Yahoo, I'd be in serious negotiations to buy YouTube. Google video just sucks, if you've used it you know it does and YouTube is eating Google's lunch. Plus, YouTube kinda sorta sounds like Yahoo if your on a cellphone with a bad connection. Or if the prevailing winds have blown so much pollen into your home that your head has swollen to about six times its normal size.

Enron is finally over, at least the first trial is. Now we get to see what kind of massive discovery takes place during the appeal process. Can't wait really. Those two will have to find something to get themselves off the hook. Especially Kenny Boy, who came off looking like a complete asshole when he testified.

What was he thinking anyway? To go from an almost Reganesque grandfatherly nice guy in his news conferences to hard-bitten executive prick on the stand wasn't the best strategy. Hell, he made Skilling look good, I wouldn't want to give him bad news either.

Remember that Saturday Night Live sketch back in the eighties with Phil Hartman doing Reagan breifing his staff on Iran Contra? That was Kenny Boy in real life.

You know all this anyway.

Some people just refuse to believe it.



TaxProf Blog: Can You Hear Me Now? IRS to Refund $15 Billion of Telephone Taxes to Consumers

Detention for a High School Blog Entry?

Detention for a High School Blog Entry?:
"A school district in Illinois said that kids who post images of themselves engaged in lewd, inappropriate or illegal behavior � even off school grounds � are subject to disciplinary action. School officials say they are not trying to censor students but to protect them."

What really crack me up is that the kids aren't being held responsible for actually engaging in "lewd, inappropriate or illegal behavior", just posting images of it on-line.

Tell you what. You teach my kids to read, write and do math, and I'll take care of what they do outside of school. My tax dollars don't go to fund your crazy nutcase morality play.

I'm so sick of public school bullshit I can't tell you. I choose to send my kids to private school. I do it because I want 1) my kids to get a little religious instruction with their education. 2) I want smaller classes and I want the teachers to be able to keep order. 3) I want to have a say in what's taught to my kids.

I pay for that. I don't pay taxes so that some public school administrator just back from a three-day workshop on how the internet works can foist his own brand of morality on the students who attend his school. The absolutely last thing in the world I would want is the public school system as it exists in this country to be responsible for teaching my kids religion or morality. Because lowest common denominator doesn't work for me or my kids.

I support rules to keep order. Maybe same sex classes, a dress code, hall passes, etc. But keep your watered down, wishy-washy prayer out of public school. Keep your political pontificating and screwed up moralizing for the evening news. If a teenager wants to pose nude on the internet, it's the parents who need to be held responsible. They own the connection, they're disseminating kiddie porn. Seems easy enough to me.

Look, even in private schools you have parents who refuse to take responsibility for parenting their kids. The difference is if a private school gets fed up with a kids OR a parents behavior the private school has a recourse.

For example, when I was in elementary school there was a certain store in town that was declared "off limits". (When I was in High School I found out why and you can probably guess.) If word got back to the powers that be that you were frequenting this establishment, you were done for. But I went to a Catholic school. It was a privlege to go there. That privlege could be revoked.

I'm not saying that you can't get a perfectly good education from public school. You can and most people do. What I'm saying is that public school should be just that, a school. Not a parent and not a church.

20: House Leaders Demand FBI Return Papers - Forbes.com

How many of these jerks were elected in '94 and promised term limits? They all need to go. Some need to go to jail.

Time to clean house.

and Senate.

Tut-tut it looks like rain.


It's about to pour in downtown Chicago. I'm standing in a bus shelter by
the excelon Pavillion waiting on a ride to the next meeting. Might hail.
I'm freaking thrilled.

More free publicity? OK, sure!


Over the past three days I have been hit repeatedly over the head with the fact that the Dixie Chicks had put out a new album. Yay. You may recall that a couple of years ago one of them waited until she was on stage in England before yelling out that she wished she wasn't from Texas or some such nonsense, as if there are no goofy bleeding hearts in Texas and the whole state is populated by rabid, big hat wearing, shit kickin', other people hatin', womenfolk beatin' motherfuckers with a chip on their shoulders.

Well, there are plenty of bleeding heart pansies in texas, just like the rest of the world. But the people who pay money to listen to shitty top 40 "new country" radio stations aren't them. And the Dixies and their handlers know that. So instead of trying to get the bullshit stations to play their latest, they are engaged in a blatant and ugly "synergy" marketing strategy. The company that put out their record owns a TV network, news magazines and a pretty popular web portal. So we have a Cover story about the "brave" Dixies on the magazine, endless stories about the "plucky" Dixies on the TV news and banner ads on the website about the "important" new album by the Dixie Chicks.

It's blatant marketing and offensive.

Look, I don't give a shit about what singers blather on about between songs. I don't care about political messages "coded" in songs as long as the songs are good. I think the Dixies are damn good musicians, and I like some of their stuff, but some of it is crap. The song that I heard this morning was crap. And that's a shame, because some damn good session musicians played on this new album. But it's like listening to opera in English. Self indulgent political rants don't sound good put to over-produced fiddle.

Look, country music should tell you a story. Good country music will tell you a story about the day your wife left you because you were on a three day drunk in a motel with her sister who lied when she said she loved you, stole your truck and ran over your dog. You should be able to feel Jesus leaning over your shoulder and clucking his tounge at the mess you've made. Point is, no matter what kind of truck you drive, who the hell you voted for or what you say on Good Morning America, when that song starts your life and everyone else's is reduced to the lowest common denominator. People fuck up. You, in particular have fucked up. God might help you and he might not, you may be drunk, a bigamist by accident and wanted in thirteen states for bad checks, but it ain't George Bush's fault and it ain't Bill Clinton's fault and it ain't Osama bin Laden's fault. It's your fault, and you're sorry. And it won't happen again. For a while, anyway. But when it does, you'll be sorry again.

So the Dixies took heir talent and instead of making music made a "statement". From what I've heard it doesn't work. Music will make a statement on it's own if you do it right. It'll force the feeling right through your ears and into your gut, like the smell of pumpkin pie baking when you've been raking leaves on a wet November day.

Now Dixies, you've got a song called "Eating right and Drinking bad." Listen to that and write some more of those.

Here's a quick list of songs that work, easily accessible:

Maria McKee - Show Me Heaven. There was no teenaged boy in the US who saw her on Saturday Night Live with Lone Justice in the eighties who did not and does not harbor serious thoughts of chucking it all and living in the bushes on the traffic median closest to her house. This song could tip you over the edge. maddmom, watch out.

Allison Kraus and Union Station - Let me touch you for a while. OK, sure. Right now?

The Blasters - Border Radio. Hey, I think it's country. And it works well.

Buck Owens - Hello Trouble. You've been there, I've been there. Hell everyone's been there, Buck sings about it.

Dwight Yoakum - Two Doors Down. Lord, am I still sober?

What the Media Missed

No Suprise. But it's been a year, so here's a quick retread on Katrina. From the National Guard's POV.

That said. It's Tuesday, I'm in Chicago. American League Hell these days. Can't take the TV in this hotel. I ended up watching paintball on TV last night. Paintball. What the hell?

Guess it's better than figure skating.

Birthday Party


That's me on the right.

Happy Birthday Beast!



I had a post all ready to go, but then the Beast and I went for a walk through downtown Madison to return my library books and kill some time on a beautiful day.

He'll be five years old on Monday and looking every bit of it, I might add. What a ham.

Jaycees Park by the Madison-Milton Bridge

We saw a seagull and a buzzard eating a big ol' dead catfish.

Down by the Ohio we played around on some great big driftwood trees all jammed together.

Stopped by the Lanier Mansion. You know, to check out how the poor folk lived back in the day. If my Mom's reading this, they are painting that big green house across the street.

Hung out by the Broadway Fountain for a while, it was kind of warm in the sun and the spray cooled us down.

another shot of the fountain, couldn't get the top, he's just a little too short.

You probably think I posed him, but he did it himself. Happy Birthday, you big Ham. I'll have to change your name, you keep it up.


Har dee har. I never got far enough into the book to find it funny, but whatever.

Rotten Anniversary


May 17th. 19 years ago. Whoa.

The author of this book left a comment on my Stark post. This looks like a fascinating book. Doesn't seem like such a "low-level" conflict when you read stuff like that. I'm going to go look for this book, it's history you won't find in any text book.

I finished the book I was reading on Trafalgar on the plane back from Detroit. Good read, gotta love that Nelson cat.



You know, this guy is the reason I have a problem with my own stance on the death penalty.

I don't think the death penalty is any kind of deterrent. I think it is a punishment. I also don't think that a person who is not a threat to either the security of the nation or an immeadiate threat to someone's life, even if that someone can't be identified.

In other words, traitors and killers, but not just any killers, people who will kill and kill again. I think the state has the right to get rid of those people. I don't know if I could ever be convinced to vote that way if I was on a jury, but it's the lawyers job to either convince me, or keep me off of that jury. I can live with that.

I really think that Mumia is a danger to the well being of the state, he's a cold-blooded killer who has morphed into an anti-american cult figure. He advocates violent revolution and has turned our prison system into a sick pulpit. He needs to go away, either into a deep, dark cave with no media access, or permanently.

As for the French, it should be worthwhile for them to remember that if dear Mumia had been there during their recent riots, he would have been right in the middle, probably organizing it and probably trying to kill as many French cops as possible in the meantime.

Pre immigration speech thoughts


oooooh, I feel like a real blogger now,...here goes.

I don't think it's a big deal if you are a legal immigrant to this country and can't speak a lick of English. I don't. I think Americans should push for better foreign language training in our schools. I think kids who immigrate here will learn the language and help their parents out, just as they have done for a couple of hundred years now.

I mean seriously folks, it's not the languge that makes you an American.

Anyone want to teach me Spanish? Because I want to learn.

It ain't bragging if you can do it.

According to my insurance company, my total cholesterol in November was 284, My ratio was a 5:1 and my triglycerides were elevated. Basically, since my diet was good and I excercise 3-4 days a week and had been doing so for two years before this test, I was going to die and soon if I didn't get on some kind of statin. So my life insurance ended up being so expensive I had to reduce coverage.

Fast-forward to today. I just got back from the doctor where I had a physical so I could get on Lipitor or some other cholesterol drug and not die of a massive heart attack at 36. I had blood drawn to get a better baseline than the insurace physical and I was bracing myself for the bad news this morning. Imagine $50 per month in prescription drugs for the rest of my life. It had me sweating, although I do have to say, I was kind of looking forward to being a plaintiff in the great statin class action of 2011.

Anyway, my ratio was 3.5:1 and my total cholesterol was 191 and my tri-glycerides were normal.

I had lost a couple of pounds from last week as well, probably just water, but hey, I'm at 200 and 11% body fat.

Great blood pressure and an "athletes" resting pulse of "barely beating". Brag/brag/brag/brag.

So what did I do different?

Nothing. My insurance company screwed me. And they will not adjust my rate, or even administer me a new test for two years. Even though I had an almost 100 point drop in total cholesterol, a rise in HDL and a complete vanishment (is that a word? Is now.) of liver enzymes. I think their test was wrong, way wrong. they don't agree. The thing that makes me think that their test is way wrong is the liver enzymes, I had Gabe's First Holy Communion party the day before my latest test, and I fasted from about midnight on, versus the first test where I abstained from booze for two days and fasted since six the previous evening. And like I said, my diet hasn't changed.

I'm looking for a new life insurance company, If you are a life insurance agent hit the comments, I over-buy.

Happy Birthday

Blog-birthday anyway to Joe Sherlock. I read Joe's blog at least once a week. He's a good read, a fellow Prep grad and a Villanova alum to boot. We're about 30 years apart in age, but not more than 9 in attitude.

His post today got me thinking about this here blog. I removed all of my contact and identifying info, but it's still pretty easy for anyone to find out who I am. I don'y have a blogroll, not because I don't like certain blogs, but because you can't update your blogroll from your blackberry. Plus, there's a whole etiquette thing that goes along with that, and I don't have the patience for etiquette.

I pretty much started this blog as a way to get around the e-mail filter at work and I've continued it as a way to stay in touch with people I don't see much. Anyone else who drops by is just a bonus.

I guess the only thing I don't like about having a blog is the random jerkoffs who feel they can talk to people on the internet the way they might have talked to kids they didn't like on the playground. Usually they show up here and post anonymously, that's fine I allow anonymous posting, but they almost never answer me when I rebut them. Now, I'm not the world's smartest guy, but I try to be fair, and if I'm wrong and you say so, I'll admit it. If you fly by and call me an idiot, then never answer me when I dispute this fact, well, you're a jerk.

This is why I don't comment on many blogs. I actually comment on only two, maybe three blogs. I just don't want to have to keep going back to places that have nothing to say. I like a site that tells a story, or makes a joke. A site that makes a point, even if I don't agree all the time. A site that has a civil comments section full of snappy one-liners and very few trolls.

I think I'm slowing down on my linking too. I used to link to the news, but man, I'm tired of the news. It's all bad. It will stay all bad forever, probably. Try this some time, watch the local TV news and pretend you are from Mars. Then try not to slit your wrists. If you live in a medium-size American city you would swear that the country was on the verge of collapse. Ruin, death and destruction. Corruption, incompetence and accidents. Weather, sports and the puppy of the week (awwwwww). Not to mention THE LATEST DANGER TO OUR KIDS!
I do try and post those when I see them, because I want you all to know that we are all going to die, and you should be worried. Seriously. You are all going to die. Probably from a head injury sustained from mowing the lawn without a helmet, I mean won't someone think of the children?

Anyway, this is one of those half-posts that go nowhere because I have to run. You won't read this far down anyway.

Hey, Smart guy


Number one son, the Prince, has been nominated by his teachers as aGreat Lakes Scholar. Pretty cool for him. He's a worker, takes after his mother.

I'm behind a bit, Number two son had his First Holy Communion last Sunday and we had a party, but I took no digital pictures. Maddmom did get the old camcorder to work, so we have it on tape, and now we have video proof of Skippy. Who, being last in line, (so far) has never been photographed. Or at least that's what he'll tell us when he moves back home from college and we don't let him take out the car because it's raining too hard.

I will deal with each son's therapists as I have dealt with everything else in life. Call bullshit when I see it and leave you to figure out if I'm joking.

Have a good weekend, I am on the road all of next week, trying out American and Northwest. I will be all over the Great Lakes.

Looked at my analytics and it looks as if I ticked somebody off. My California visitors are no more. Sorry guys or guy or chick, but I gots to be me.

And Elkton, MD...we love you baby, even if you do ignore your own site.

Nice, no more fedex for me.


MPAA training Dogs to Sniff Out DVDs I send burned DVD's with demo software out by Fedex all the time to customers with NDA's. The freakin' movie people think that they have the right to open my packages because someone wants a copy of a piece of crap like King Kong?

Bullshit. It's easier for me to use DVD's, but I'll be setting up a private, firewalled FTP now. I'd rather give my money to a hosting company than a company who will allow a private organization to search my mail.

I can't actually remember the last movie I saw in the theater, the last DVD I rented was Duck Soup for the boys, they like the Marx Bros. The last thing my wife and I rented sucked real bad and we turned it off.

I saw the Chronicles of Riddick on HBO one night, meh. But not too bad.

Reading Nelson's Trafalgar : The Battle That Changed the World to keep my mind off of the itty-bitty planes that Delta keeps putting me on. Quick read, good book.

I've found out that I can search the card catalog of my local library on-line, which is cool, so now I don't have to go down there in order to throw darts, I just pick from the recommended list. Sometimes it pans out, sometimes it doesn't.

I wish I had the cash to buy books, but then the last book I took out was garbage, so my cheapiosity probably saved me from finding the author and repeatedly cock-punching him until he 1) learned to tell a story and 2) gave me my money back. Instead I'm just going to let the air out of the librarian's tires.

I've decided not to risk flying Delta next week, going to go American. We'll see...we'll see.

iTunes is playing Lyle Lovett and it's raining, so I am mellow, mellow, mellow. Except....

My wife is going to go look at a house. My mother told her to, so I am assuming my mother is either going to buy this one, or pay for that one. Or she's just screwing with me. I think that's it. I can almost hear her manic cackle all the way from Philadelphia. I wonder if she and my father shared a good hearty laugh over dinner last night, So without further ado:

The Like a Train Wreck Players present:

Dinner at Granny Kate's House
a tragedy in less than one act

Granny Kate: "Pat, maddmom called me today."
Grandpop: "grunt"
Granny Kate: "We talked about what she wanted to do to her house."
Grandpop: "I can do it next weekend, if I can get off. Tell madolderbrother to round up the tools and buy gas."
Madolderbrother: "snore" flips over on the couch and buts his hands over his ears.
Granny Kate: "You don't have to go, I told her not to do it."
Grandpop: "Oh yeah?"
Granny Kate: (giggles) "I told her to just buy another house"
Grandpop: "Mwuhahahahahah!"
Granny Kate: "Mwuhahahahahahahahahahah!"
Grandpop: "This is even better than when you gave his 11 year-old-son his Junior Year yearbook. Mwuhahahahaahahahahahahahahah!"
Granny Kate: "That'll teach the little prick I meant business when I said be home by midnight! Mwuhahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!"
Madyoungersister: "you people are craaaaaazy!
Granny Kate: "Oh, you'll get yours girlie. You'll get yours....."
Grandpop: "buy another house....haha...I think I just peed a little..."


Open Letter To Delta Airlines


Dear Mr Delta,

I am a frequent flier who has been avoiding your airline for two reasons.

1) Every flight I have been on out of or in to Cincinnati has been delayed, yes, every one.

2) Your planes are too damn small.

I am going to switch back to the now profitable US Airways if:

1) You lose my luggage for the fourth time.

2) I'm delayed again.

3) You don't buy some big fucking planes real fucking soon.

I am giving you another chance because I like the little water bottles on your beverage cart, and your in-flight magazine has a killer wine column. But I can fly out of Louisville, Indianapolis or Cincinnati, so don't think I won't switch. And don't think the SkyMiles will hold me, they mean nothing to me. I'll switch man. I'm just crazy enough to do it. Booga booga, Craaaaaaaazy, man.



Booga booga.

Interesting trip

I drove my Swedish car to the Cincinnati airport and took a Brazilian made
jet to Greenville SC where I was picked up by a Japanese car made in Indiana
and delivered to a Hotel where I was greeted by a Nigerian clerk. Woke up
this morning and put on my tie that was made in Malaysia and purchased by
me from a German-owned grocery chain. I was then picked up by a minivan
assembled in Canada by a German-American company and driven to another
German company where I presented a product made in New England but supported
out of Canada. I will take a French made jet home this evening. Where I
will have to fill the gas tank of my swedish car with gas made from oil
taken from who knows where. I will give my money to the Pakistani gentelman
who runs the Speedway gas station and continue on home.

Which ones?


TEHRAN, Iran - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rices
abrupt dismissal of a letter from Irans president
might only strengthen hardline attitudes and mistrust
of America, some Iranians warned Tuesday.

So myquestion is, what Iranians? Does anyone wonder
why people dont take the news seriously?

These people
go to school for this crap.

In the airport, excuse the footer. Blackberry still fubared.

UPDATE: Got rid of the footer, did not fix any spelling, some Iranians were dissapointed.

I read the news today...


Oh fer crying out loud.
If we sue them, they'll take us seriously.

Let's just offer a bit of thanks to our freinds the Muslims... Thanks Muslims. Thanks for setting a precedent that no one needed set.

I, for one, could not give a crap about the DaVinci Code. Book or movie, it means nothing to me. Worse things have been said about the Catholic Church. Indeed, worse things are said about the Catholic Church every Wednesday and Sunday in different Protestant Churches throughout the US. So why the pissing and moaning about this book cum movie? Because if you insult a religion of peace you deserve to die of course. Or at least shell out some money, Cardinal's got him some bills to pay.

I do think it's a terrible thing that this Brown idiot pick Opus Dei to be the bad guys in his crappy book. That's just mean, why pick on Opus Dei when the Jesuits are still around?

If anyone has the right to be pissed of it's the Opus Dei guys. They are portrayed as some kind of murderous cult and they're not. And even that wouldn't be so bad except that the author of the book has stated unequivically that "the documents, rituals, organization, artwork, and architecture in the novel all exist:

Try to look past the Clintonite sentance parsing on that there web page and remember that the vast majority of people who are reading this book picked it up in an airport or some drugstore for a quick read, and these people haven't even been inside a church since their cousin Cecilia married that Greek Orthodox guy from Chicago with the really hairy arms. They are going to open the book, read the page that says "this book is based on fact" and think, "Wow, this book is based on fact." That's kind of an issue if you're in Opus Dei, or as the newspapers call it ,"the controversial Catholic order, Opus Dei." What exactly makes it controversial to people who haven't read this book, no one ever says.

Now, based on the TV news reports I've seen based on this book, there are a lot of people who will believe anything they read while sitting on the crapper at the Marriott Beach Club. And that's the problem. But now, we have a solution. Instead of sitting back and taking it, and proving how wrong these people are by our illustration of the life of Christ in our own life and actions; (like that? That there is supposedly a really good way to covert someone. It's supposedly better than asking someone point-blank if they know they are going to hell. I mean, it may not get as many butts in the pews, but it will keep you on the Catholics good side. And let's face it, next time you happen to be posessed by Satan, old pastor Bible Thumper is gonna tell you to go old-school anyway. You might want to be on our good side.) like we have for hundreds of years; we can bring up the fact that some people would burn down your whole town for drawing a picture that insults their religion. A lot of governments put a lot of stock in not insulting that particular religion, they passed a lot of stupid laws so that those particularly stupid people would no longer be offended by anyone else. So now we have some people who are a little smarter, who want to tell you that sure, you can insult our religion, but based on government reaction to that other religion, we're going to get our way. And they'll get their way without having to burn a lot of cars.

So, if all you wanted to do was to burn a rainy Saturday afternoon watching a probably OK Tom Hanks movie based on a really crappy book (the book sucks people, face it) and you can't find it in your neighborhood, blame the Muslims. Trust me, it's been a good long time since the Catholic Church had any power over what comes out of Hollywood, but that was before it was a crime to insult religion.

At any rate, here in the US you'll be able to see the damn thing, and all of the TV special tie-ins and knock-offs and video extras. Dan Brown will get as rich as the Harry Pottrix without being able to write half as well, and I will still get suckered at the new fiction counter at the library by reading blurbs that compare an author with "the great Raymond Chandler" before getting home and noticing the blurb was written by Kinky Friedman.

On the other hand, iTunes just served up the Hoodoo Gurus and I'll be busy doing the alligator for the next few.


Like school in the summer time.....

no class.

There was one signature needed though. Oliveras had to sign a waiver for Bonds' reality show.

I wouldn't have. Period. Bonds can suck it.

By the way, does it suprize anyone that this happened at a Phillies home game? Yay Phillies.

I'm rooting for the Reds.

Oh we're gonna party like it's 1999


Only took six years. What a coinckydink. It took me about the same amount of time to get back to the salary I was getting in 2000. Boom, baby.

Things I'm not afraid of...

In some kind of order, but I'm not telling you what kind of order it is.

Comet hitting the Earth.
Tsnunami (I live in Indiana)
Bird Flu
$4.00 Gas
Global Warming
Sudden Climate Change
Giant Hurricane flooding an American city(Been done. and hey, does anyone remember the 1906 earthquake that destroyed San Francisco?)
Theocracy in the US
The Dixie Chicks
The Mumps
Nuclear Power (Ours, anyway)
Swine Flu (Oh riiiiight...)
Kids who drink soda.
Dennis Kucinich (Although, I am afraid of people who take him seriously)
The great soccer head injury epidemic.
Rainbow parties
File Sharing
GM going bankrupt (so what?)
Competition in the cable industry
Pat Buchanan (Ditto Dennis)
Letting an 11 year old mow the lawn
Ground beef
Sea Bass
Crab Fishing in Alaska
Political Lobbying
Mass Transit
President Hillary (so what? If it happens, it happens)
Free Speech
Steven Colbert
George W Bush
Paris Hilton
Rejecting the death penalty for Moussoui or whatever the hell his name is.

That's it for today. Not scared. Not one bit. Was a little wary of the crackhead who followed me all over downtown Columbus last night. But he went away.

Yet another non-post


One of the funniest men ever on TV has died.

No, I'm not kidding. He really is dead.

I said I wasn't going to post but....

Non-Diet Sodas Won't Be Sold to Schools

Idiots. Idiocy.

First of all, it's the schools selling the soda to begin with. They want and "need" the money from the vending contracts. And second, how the hell is DIET soda any better than REGULAR soda? Hint: it's not.

So they are going to stock the vending machines with Juice, Snapple and Sports Drinks, because that's what the kids want and that's what will sell, and that's the whole reason the machines are there for in the first place. Take a look at the label some time. what makes apple juice sweet? Another hint: it ain't Nutra Sweet. (windfall profit tax for J.W. Childs Equity Partners II L.P.? Check Clinton's little black book of companies his little investment firm reccommended. /tinfoil hat)

Tell you what, you want skinny kids? Let them have their soda, but bring back recess and gym. Kids need more than 15 minutes of spaz time a day. I could handle my kids not getting out of school until 3:15, I assure you most other parents would too.

Maddmom's Birthday


So no post. This fine young man will have a birthday in 19 days. On the road the rest of the week and the Blackberry's on the fritz, so probably no posting unless I get really bored at the hotel. May happen. May not. Go outside, it's Spring. Baseball has started.

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Blog Readers Unmasked!


Blog Readers Unmasked: "I think people want to dismiss blog readers as unemployed people in their basement. Apparently not,"

He's right, we're employed people in our basements.

Yo yo yo, We may have a Saint in the Hizzhouse

Blessed Mother Theodore Guerin of the Sisters of St. Mary in the Woods. These are the nuns who founded St Mary's School here in Madison. It's long gone, but we still use the church.

Interesting tidbit: My great-aunt Katherine was St Katherine Drexel's secretary. And yes, that's Drexel as in Drexel University in Philadelphia. She gave my aunt a load of crystal when she got married and my aunt had it all on display on her wall. Anyway about ten years ago, the shelves collapsed and shattered almost all of it, if not all of it. Kind of a shame. That really bothered my grandmother, and since she was the one who told me that little story, it had to have been more than ten years ago.

Another tidbit: Isaac Jouges was the patron Saint of one of the nuns at St Katherine of Siena, we used to read the story all the time. Did you know that his fingers were cut off and eaten by the Indians? While he was alive? The Calvinists helped him escape after that and he basically hitchhiked back to France as a servant on a tiny boat where he had to work without any fingers. The Pope declared him a Martyr before he was dead, which was maybe wishful thinking, because they sent him back to the Indians later and he was carved up, decapitated and his body thrown into the river. .

Not gonna get a story like that in your reading workshop at the local public school.

Wanna get a nine year old boy excited about religion class? Have him read the lives of the Saints. I would just stick to the Jesuits, because man, these guys lived some exciting lives. Short lives, but exciting nonetheless.

Where would we be without headlines.

U.S. Prepares for 'Day Without illegal Immigrants' - Yahoo! News

There, fixed that for you.