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He won!


The mob scene after the third out, a tough play at first off a bad bounce with the bases loaded. I don't know who was happier, the adults or the kids. I know I was so relieved I just about lost my bowels.

Look at that score, a seven inning barn burner, tied at the end of the regulation 5 innings and the other team had the home field advantage. Tough kids never gave up.

Look at those boys, first place regular season and first place in the tournament. Big grins all around. Number two is right there on the far left. I'm all choked up.

The Prince plays next Wednesday. Will we have two champions in the family? Will I get the chance to be an insufferable braggart for the rest of the year?

Will we have a family story for the ages?...

Watch this space!

UPDATE: Dust and Glory


UPDATE: I have no idea what happened with my font there, in preview it was small, but it turned out to be enormous. Must be an Irish thing.

Last night both the Prince and Number Two's teams won their games. This means that they are both in their respective Championship games. I'm so proud.

Last night was dusty and hat with storm clouds threatening and both boys performed well. And neither of the other teams knew what hit them.

Tonight, Number Two plays at 5:00 against a team that his coach assures me they have beaten twice before and will again.

The Prince plays on the 5th, after the Regatta*, against the Cardinals who beat the stuffing out of the A's last night. Cardinals have good pitching, I hear, but The Prince went 2 for 2 last time and the Cardinals went down hard.

I'm cautiously optimistic.

* I mention this only because it seems to me that a high profile company that sells auto parts wouldn't waste money by becoming a sponsor for the Regatta. Seeing as there will be about 100k race fans on either side of the river who will need things like tires and plastic floor mats and mufflers (especially mufflers) for their trucks. hint hint.

Quckly, before the baby gets any bigger


Someone buy me this.

Piggy Ride!!!

When he's too big maddmom can use it. Or as she likes to be called, Frau Kolbenstreikender. Rawr.

So, Brendan's got his own theme resturaunt?

Wow! Good going man!*

* not really

Treasury Dept. to NYTimes; Drop Dead

A response.

Bill Keller is probably the most arrogant SOB I've heard of lately, and that's saying something.

Second try...


I never met Rob in person. But he was the guy that got me started blogging. I had a post going, but it got eaten. That's six in a week. Rob was a lot nicer than he came across. At least by email. Rob had a tough couple of years, rest in peace.

Rassen Frassen Friggin Messerfesser!

Couple of games ago a kid on the Prince's team got called out for sliding head first into third. I think the coach should have done

Just kidding.

I was a little worried that the coach on the team that Number Two's team beat on Saturday was going to do this. That guy was really pissed, yelling at the Home plate ump and the people in the stands. Problem with that, even if you're right, is that the kids watch and learn, and sure enough, the kids were at it too by the end of the game. The people in the stands should have just shut their traps as well. Let the ump do their job.

The Prince had a coach a couple of years ago who told me that he picked his team on parents first, talent second. He said that he could build a better team around kids with good parents than around great ball players. His team won the championship that year, and three out of four previous years. He was a competitive guy, but you would never have seen him go off like the guy did on Saturday. Not in public anyway, and definitely not in front of the kids on the team. Don't get me wrong, the ump would have known that he was upset, but that's where it would have ended.

The templates they are a changin'

This is it, thanks to Kaushal Sheth. I had been changing colors and fonts on the other template all weekend and for some reason, maybe my chart's bad, every time I changed the backround color it came up Prince purple. Now, I may be a very funky man, but purple isn't my color.

I'll probably change the images, dunno yet. You'll know if I do. That, I can do all by myself.

Number Two won his game on Saturday, Tuesday he's up against a team that has beaten his team twice. It'll be tough, but he's pumped up for it. Tuesday is a big day here, the Prince has his game too. A toughie against the A's. They beat the A's 7-1 last time, in a battle of the number 1 teams, but hitting has been an issue with both of the guys lately. This is not a good time for a slump, the middle of the tourney, so we will be working on it today.

I go on vacation this weekend, just in time for the Madison Regatta baseball will hold me in town at Regatta time for the first time in years. We'll get to the parade and fireworks I guess. It's summertime.

Nolitne pertubare circulos meos


Here's hoping I got the interrogitive right.

You might notice something different here. I've been playing with the template because I've noticed a lot of other blogs out there using the one I did. I'll probably change the backround color more than once over the next couple of days but I like pretty much everything else about this template.

Simple, clean, boring. No cats, pixies, lighthouses, elves or sprites. Nice.

I'm at Number Two's makeup ballgame but I'm not gonna post anything but the score, I lost the last couple of play-by-plays I posted and yesterday I lost two really good posts, so I'm really sour on Blogger.

I'm looking into getting this thing off of Blogger and on to someplace else. Anyone has any recommendations, I'm game.

Investor's Business Daily

This is, or should be anyway, a wake up call. The rhetoric coming out of of his side of the political aisle is, franky, just disgusting.

With all evidence pointing to the contrary, I have heard that we have already lost the Iraq war, the economy is horrible, unemployment is out of control and the government is plotting to remove all of the civil liberties granted minorities after the Civil Rights era of the 60's.

Yesterday, success in disrupting a terror cell was spun as either a failure, there shouldn't be a terror at all if the governments new policy worked; or a racist distraction, arrest some black muslims to deflect attention from the vote to pull out of Iraq.

Bill Keller of the New York Times has decided that it's in my best interest to publish details of a perfectly legal and in my view neccessary program to help track and disrupt terrorist organizations. Here's Bill::

'We have listened closely to the administration's arguments for withholding this information, and given them the most serious and respectful consideration,' Mr. Keller said. 'We remain convinced that the administration's extraordinary access to this vast repository of international financial data, however carefully targeted use of it may be, is a matter of public interest.

Thanks Bill, but it's not a matter of public interest that's why it was secret, this was not your decision to make. No one voted for you.

Fourty years ago your newspaper would have been shut down and you would have been put in prison had you done this. You should be there now.



The Size Of Our World

He ate it!

I wrote two posts this morning, Blogger ate them. I'm shopping for a host.

Global Warming Affecting Your Life? E-Mail Us


Well, this cheered me up.:

"We want to hear and see your stories. Have you noticed changes in your own backyard or hometown? The differences can be large or small � altered blooming schedules, unusual animals that have arrived in your community, higher water levels encroaching on your property. "

Dear God in Heaven, what the hell has gone wrong with people.

Dear ABC News,

I live in Southeastern Indiana and just recently I've noticed that the days have actually become exactly one hour longer! The sun used to set here around 9:00pm during the summer, this year it's closer to 10! I've also noticed that Kentucky has somehow slipped into slow time. Heating of the Earth's crust must have pushed all of Kentucky into a different time zone! This would never have happened if we had ratified the Kyoto treaty.

Inconvenienced by Truth,

PS: The chupacabras have been running pretty heavy this year, maddmom almost got herself bit. Dunno if that's got anything to do with Global Warming or just all of the damn goats. Free Mumia! maddad.

I'm going where there's no depression...


I've got that song in my head today...

In this dark hour, midnight nearing
The tribulation time will come
The storms will hurl the midnight fear
And sweep lost millions to their doom

But, we've got new friends in the frog pond. I had to zoom out so you could see the water lilly too, so he looks real small. There's another guy in there who still has his tail. By the end of the summer these guys will be as big as a fist.

Have to remember to keep the pond from freezing over this year. Last November the damn thing looked like the last reel of Titanic with all of the bodies floating around in the freezing water.

Regular season Little League ended last night with a win for Number two's Lookouts. I wasn't there, but I was at the Tuesday games, the Lookouts lost that one but the Prince's Reds beat the stuffing out of whoever it was they played and got a by in the tourney. Pretty cool. Next week is going to be insane baseball-wise.

I'm working on a biography of Nelson. You know, Horatio Nelson of Trafalgar? Turns out his real name was Horace. Really interesting guy. Wasn't afraid to use his family and friendships to his advantage, but hasn't done anything nasty to them yet, but I'm just getting started. I had read a history of Trafalgar a couple of weeks ago and thought that this would be a cool read but I couldn't find anything else on him at the library. So I took out "Their Finest Hour" by Churchill and slogged through that. Churchill was a pretty funny guy, especially when he talks about the French.

Anyway, Nelson passed his lieutenants Exam when he was 18 years old. He had been at sea for over six years. I can't get my oldest to weed wack the lawn.

I'm in a mood, got trouble in my mind. Over nothing...

Well maybe my inablility to do simple arithmetic. Balanced my checkbook, was $1.87 off the third time around. Found $1.50 I didn't put in the register, then, this morning found three more errors and got the $.37. But $.16 was waaay back last month, which I thought I had balanced. So I'm thinking of chucking the whole damn thing and starting over.

Fear the hearts of men are failing
These our latter days we know
The great depression now is spreading
God's word declared it would be so

Its a happy song, really. Lots of hope in the chorus...

I'm going where there's no depression
To a better land that's free from care
I'll leave this world of toil and trouble
My home's in heaven
I'm going there

Amen. If it wasn't too hot I'd sit and watch the frogs all day.

Wait, The Beast just yelled that he has diarrhea on his hand. The day gets more interesting.....

Happy Birthday Brendan


A song for you...

My Addiction, Saturday Ballgames and the iPod speaketh.


Jack Sparks is back... with last years list of the best country songs of all time. He gets an "A" for including Todd Snider.

I said once that there are some people who will always get a pass from me, no matter how much we would disagree, for example Bob Dylan. He wrote "It's all over now Baby Blue". Willie Nelson is another one.

Jack and I would probably get along. He'd say shit and I'd say shit and neither one of us would want to get up out of out folding chairs because someone put Allison Kraus and Union Station's cover of "Baby, Now that I found you" on the stereo and arguing just wasn't important.

Most rational people can find something to agree on, it's not all that hard. But lately there seems to be a law that says if you disagree with someone on something, then everything they've said or done their entire life is either the product of gross stupidity or malicious intent.

And I think every educated person knows that that law only applies to the assholes who run the music business in Nashville.

Saturday was brutally hot here, we were at the ballfield all day, from 10am to 3pm, no shade. Number Two's game went off without a hitch, 14-4. But The Prince's game was tough. The Reds were missing three players, were out late Saturday night with a big win that didn't finish until close to ten, and like I said, by noon, it was 91 degrees. It was hot. The game started slow and the Reds just weren't hitting. Luckily neither were the Braves, but after two extra innings, the reds finally fell 7-5. Tough loss, tough game, the Braves played really well and the Reds tried hard, but just couldn't pull it out. I got sunburned beyond belief, and since I was wearing sandals, so did the tops of my pasty white feet.

For father's day maddmom got me a really great office chair, it's HUGE. I love it.

And to top it all off "Psychotic Reaction" by the Cramps popped up on iTunes as I was typing this, and my new chair doesn't squeak alarmingly when my big ass starts grooving down to the mounds of sounds and stacks of wax at radio free maddad.

Don't expect much from me this week, I'm just seriously not in the mood.

Next ballgame is Tuesday, maybe I'll update, maybe not.

Friday Night Ballgame


I had written a play-by-play on the blackberry in Yahoo mail, like I used to, but my session timed out before the game was over. So you get the score 7-1 Reds, but nothing else. The game was a lot closer than the score would suggest and you would have known that if you had the play-by-play, but, Yahoo sucks what can I say. The Prince had a stand-up double in the second, there were two home runs, some terrible officiating by a brand-new umpire that really hurt, but the Reds pulled it off. They are 7 and 1 and play again today at noon.

Number two plays today as well, I'm at the ballfield all day.

Was in Louisville yesterday, saw some old co-workers and actually went in to the office. Felt weird, but I have a desk and a phone, instead of a blackberry and a plane ticket.

Tuesday Ballgames and A QUAKE!


Forgot to post the Tuesday results:

The Prince's Reds won 13 to 3.

Number2's Lookouts squeaked by 11 to 10.

I missed most of those games waiting at Subway for my dinner. (see below)

When we got home I ended up watching a TV show about how we are all going to die because 200 years ago there was a huge earthquake in New Madrid, Missouri and there might be one sometime in the next 300 years. So excuse me while I panic.


There. I'm done. Back to being worried about Bird Flu, Shark attacks and Hurricanes.

Here for your viewing pleasure is the Animaniacs tribute to earthquakes.

Wasn't going to post again but...


I would just like to let all the fat-assed little pimply-faced girls who work at Starbucks know that there is no Starbucks here at the end of the world, I wouldn't buy my coffee there if there was, I don't particularly like Starbucks coffee anyway, and therefore, fatass, when you say "grande" in response to my order of a small coffee I think you are talking about your extremely large behind.

Small fucking coffee, black. Too hard for you? I'm paying four bucks for it, I should be able to call it whatever I want. In fact, for four bucks you should be working topless. And don't start asking me aboout what kind of small coffee I want. There is only one kind of coffee, hot. Not iced, that would be tea. If I want coffee it's black, hot and bitter. Like my women.

I would expect this kind of crap coming out of Starbucks, which is like a Gap only serves coffe and provides a place for salesmen to meet and bitch about their last call and check their email, fat girls to drink 50000000 calorie "coffee" drinks and update the bad poetry on their mySpace page and homosexual guys who comb their hair backwards and wear girl pants. Starbucks has some built-in pretentions. Mallitude we called it when we were younger. For some reason, the kids making $3.25 an hour at the places with cool clothes were thought of as cooler than the kids making $3.25 at Sears. And the total dorks making bank at McDonalds were fry-oil smelling freaks who no one liked, but they were LOADED!

But how do you deal with attitude from a person who works at Subway?

Yesterday I was driving back from Indianapolis and I did not want to stop and eat at McDonalds because I didn't want to shit all over my car. So I stopped at Subway. I ordered a wrap, it looked good in the picture. The girl took the wrap, placed it on the counter and stared at me for a good four minutes. Seconds before I was about to tell her I was married she asked in dulcet tones, "Waddayawantonit." So I asked her what comes on it and she said , "nuthin". He parents must be so proud.

So I asked her what people normally order on it and she started putting all sorts of crap in the damn thing then asked me what kind of cheese I wanted. Now, looking at the picture on the menu I could see there was all sorts of stuff in the wrap, and some kind of cheezy substance, so I asked her to put the "regular stuff that's in the picture." Evidently that was the wrong thing to say, because she informed me that she didn't know what kind of cheese was in the picture but it was probably Mexican. OK, I said, Mexican it is. She then told me the Mexican wasn't shredded and I should get the shredded. OK. I did. Then she microwaved the shredded cheese product, along with the chicken-flavored meat product, dropped this steaming pile of "goodness" on to my wrap full of factory-raised vegetable product and asked me what sauce I wanted, like Ranch?

Lemme ask you all a question......WHY THE HELL DO THEY HAVE PICTURES ON THE MENU?

Seriously. I mean obviously there is a way to make a mexican Chicken Wrap and there's the pile of garbage I got because they want me to make all the decisions. I made a goddamn decision, I wanted a Mexican Chicken Wrap. Make me a Mexican Chicken Wrap, don't ask me if I want ranch dressing on it if the menu says it comes with Ranch Dressing on it. I obviously want the Ranch Dressing, I ordered the fucking wrap didn't I? I didn't say ," One Mexican Chicken Wrap, no lettuce onion, "tomatoes", chicken, cheese, peppers or Ranch Dressing please." did I ? Hell no!

I never go into Subway and now I know why. I never read the State Department Guide on negotiating sandwich retrieval from Subway employees.

News to the Subway guys, you are trying to be better than the McDonalds' and Wendy's of the world, well, I got some news for you. When you go into one of these places, you order, they give. You can change them if you pick the nasty crap off. If I wanted to make my own damn sandwich, I'd do it.

You know, they've got some guys back at Subway International Headquarters and Tanning Salon who spend months figuring out how to make a sandwich out of mostly reclaimed styrofoam and processed ham that will taste exactly the same no matter where you buy it, be it in a kiosk at the bus station or in a storefront between the wig shop and the methadone clinic. I have a feeling they had a pretty good idea of what should go on a Mexican Chicken Wrap. I didn't and neither did little Susie Buttercup there.

When I go to a really nice, 5 star restaraunt, I don't expect to build my own entree. There's no Salad Bar at La Forchette. You know why? Because the if the waiter asked what kind of dressing you wanted on your cut grass salad on a bed of cous-cous lightly flavored with zest of fresh Solomon Island Penis Gourd, three quarters of you jerks would ask for the low-fat french.

Sex with humans is boring.

Sex with humans is boring.

This is why my older brother is heading to Iceland.

Hey, Blogger's back!


oofa, I am busy this week, quarter end and baby needs a new pair o' shoes. Brew-Masters (look right) actually has new posts up, and the US just got beat like a red-headed stepchild by the Czech Republic. Ugly, Ugly.

But if we beat Italy, we might be able to advance to the round of sixackaackckakakka...cough...cough...choke.....hahhahahahahahahahahah!

Oh my, that'll happen. Right about the same time monkeys fly out of my ass. I was pretty psyched this year because I almost won my bracket last time. I figure it's kind of like March Madness, only it's the players who do the crying like a girl and the fans are thugs. Seriously, look one post down and see the next superstar of American soccer.

Anyway, should I root for Italy now? Or England? Can't do Ireland, that's Brendan's job. For those of you following the story, when Irish Rugby Camp is over, he's off to Band Camp.

Bring your flute B-Man.

I keed, I keed. But seriously, the Proclaimers?

Strike Three! .....Whaaaaaaaaaa!


I know everyone's seen this, but it's a baseball segue, so here it is.

The Prince and Number Two each had ballgames Friday night and Saturday morning. There should be no suprize that Saturday was a tough day.

Friday, the Prince went two for two one RBI and had a pretty slow day in right center. Team was down 4-3 in the third and came back to win 13-4. Number Two had a good game Friday night as well, went 2-4 (machine pitch) two RBI's, good night playing short. Team won 16-2. That's right, 16-2.

Both of them are on pretty dominant teams this year, a blessing, since last year was so tough.

Number Two's game on Friday night didn't go over until well after 9pm, much too late for an 8 year old, and the Saturday game was at 10, the kids were tired out and they were off to a slow start, down by 3 in the second, No one hitting, and some bretty bad errors. They came back and at the end of 5 it was tied up, Number Two went 1-4, an RBI single, two K's and thrown out at first. Game went to six innings, and it looked like we could hold them off, but a bad error on third cost us the game 7-6. Really tough, they had battled back pretty good.

The Prince was in a terrible mood (up too late as well) and went 0-2 (2 K's) but good pitching and great defense got the Reds a shutout 5-0. The Prince made a good stop and held a pretty well hit frozen rope to a base hit. A couple of hours with the Hit-A-Way and fourteen hours of uninterrupted sleep and he'll be back in form. The Reds are 4-1 and the Lookouts (Number Two's team) are 5-2.

Whoever thought that 8:15 pm is a good time to start a machine pitch game for 7 and 8 year old boys is, frankly, an idiot. I don't care if we have daylight savings time now and I don't care if most 8 year olds now don't go to bed until 10:30 anyway. Mine's in bead by 8:30, because if he's not, the entire next day is a write-off. You could see a visible difference between the two teams on Saturday. The Lookouts couldn't concentrate. The infield, which looked almost professional against their opponent on Friday night, just couldn't get it done. That's not to say they didn't try, they were tired.

And that's it, I'm tired too.



I just had one of the most unfortunate radio experiences of my life.

Patty Smith "people have the power".

What the hell is this? Who thought giving this woman a record deal was a good idea? I mean, I could deal with her Springsteen song out of nostalgia, the 10k maniacs remake, well, chicks dug it and at the time I was looking to get laid so I listened....

But "people have the power"?


I'd rather listen to "Free to be You and Me."

In fact, "Free to be You and Me" brings back not alltogether unpleasant memories of playing "show you mine if you show me yours" with one of my older sisters friends when we were both waaaaaaaaaaaaay to old to be doing shit like that.

As a matter of fact if I had the chance I'd like to thank Marlo Thomas personally.

"Thanks Margo," I'd say, "for all the boners. Got me through Middle School and half of High School." She'd smile and say, "I know,dear. Please don't shake my hand."

But "people have the power"?

Seriously, it doesn't even work as bumper music for "All Things Considered". Do you think she ever played this ridiculous shit live? Did people applaud?

The image that springs to mind is of some kind of Jazz Fest or Earth Day festival in some city park in front of some crappy public building or mid-60's outdoor sculpture. After a brief intro by a City Council woman with a paisley scarf tied around her neck, she starts howling like the brakes on a '73 Chevy Vega and when she's finished the grey-haired guy with the gold framed aviator-style bifocals wearing a khaki suit with black reeboks tucks his copy of the New Yorker under his left arm and stands up and pumps his fist and barks like he was in the audience at the Arsenio Hall show.

He smells vaugely like pee. He told his family he was vegetarian twenty years ago and hasn't been able to eat Thanksgiving turkey since. He's not a vegetarian, he just doesn't want his Dad to win the argument. He's been a paralegal at a non-profit since he graduated from Temple with a degree in English Lit. He takes the LSATs every five years.

His older brother was a CPA with a private firm for years. Had three kids and one day took all of his savings, his 401k money and his kids college money and bought one of his company's clients, a small manufacturer of stainless steel boxes. He personally visited the president of one of his company's other clients and his small company became the sole supplier of the stainless cases for the number one selling PDA on the market. Now his company also makes cell-phone bodies for Motorola. He's now a multi-millionaire. His oldest daughter just graduated from Hofstra and is engaged to marry the son of the CEO of a huge commercial catering outfit in Notheastern Pennsylvania. His second-oldest, another daughter, is on a piano scolarship at Bennington, he thinks she's probably gay. But his son is on the varsity baseball team at his private high school and recently his mother found condoms stuffed in his sock drawer. He's positive his son is banging the girl with the back tatoo and is glad the kid is wrapping it up, that one's kinda skanky, but he can't blame the kid, she's got huge tits.

The guy in the suit thinks his brother is an idiot because he thinks repealing the death tax is a good thing. His older brother hardly thinks of the guy in the suit at all, except for Thanksgiving when he begs his mother not to seat his brother next to him or his wife, who swears she can smell dandruff. Plus he always sort of smells like pee. And he always gets so dammed worked up when Dad asks him if he wants white or dark meat.

The guy in the suit thinks people should have the power, dammit. The people need to stand up to the SUV driving, global-warming causing, tax-cutting, overspending, fanatically religious, neo-con assholes!

His brother wonders why it is people who think people should have the power always want the government to do the dirty work.

I wonder why when they say "People should have the power" the "but not you" is understood.

Al-Qaeda's Zarqawi killed



And hey, let's rub it in Al-Qaeda's face...
USS Cole Deploys To Middle East.

And there's this from al-Reuters...

Al Qaeda in Iraq confirms Zarqawi's death :

"'We tell our prince, Sheikh bin Laden, your soldiers in al Qaeda in Iraq will continue along the same path that you set out for Abu Musab al-Zarqawi'"

Oh they will, only not how you think, asshole.

Hello Mudda...Hello Fadda...


I had an interesting day yesterday, I flew to Memphis, had a meeting a quick lunch and made it back home in time to catch Number Two's ball game. A total blow out, his team won 16-2. He was 2 for three. Thrown out once at first. Batting lead off, he's come a long way. It's machine pitch, so we'll see how he does with kid pitch later. That's a huge difference and can really be tough on a kid.

The Prince is off at CYO camp outside Bloomington, IN. Sleep away camp. I never did that. Everything I know about sleep away camp I learned from "Meatballs". So I was a little worried letting him go.

But today we got a letter from him, he loves camp. Hiking and rock climbing and all sorts of cool stuff is going on. And evidently by informing the counselors that his bunkmate had been espousing counter-revolutionary ideas after lights out he had earned double rations. I'm so proud.

Speaking of camp, This guy has posted more pictures from Irish Rugby Super Adventure Camp. Take a look and give him hell for not posting more often.

I knew a priest once who said God answers all prayers....

sometimes he just says no.

Two steps forward, Four steps back


I didn't eat well when maddmom was out of town, so I gained weight. Probably all water, but it all went to my hereditary double chin. I say it's hereditary to make myself feel better, but it ain't working. I look and feel like crap. You know that quote that goes, "Arnold Schwartzenegger looks like a condom filled with walnuts"? Well, I look like a condom filled with Arnold. (That is so wrong any way you visualize it, I'm keeping it in.)

Pissing an moaning like a little girl today, so I am out and gone. Nothing tomorrow, on the road. I have pictures of Number two's First Holy Communion to scan and eventually post. But not today.

I think I've heard this somewhere else...


Take a good, hard look at what's going on here

Can't imagine where..

Oh yeah, bring back the 1850's!


The American Scene:
"Before the Civil War, America was perhaps the most egalitarian society in the world. But the unbridled entrepreneurialism of the 1870's gave rise to the robber barons. Even if ordinary people were doing better in the 1870's, the yawning gap between the very rich and everybody else fanned resentments."

OK. So, let's forget about slavery before the war and uncontrolled immigration to the north. The 1870s were about ten years removed from a horrendous civil war that destroyed half of the country. Reconstruction was failing and the President had been impeached. There was a hell of oa lot going on besides a deep feeling of economic unfairness.

Seriously, everytime I'm unfortunate enough to see reality TV I get a deep feeling of economic unfairness, that doesn't and won't change my feeling toward a free and open economy.

I wonder what role the press plays in this? The 1870's was also the vanguard of the yellow press. Things are always percieved in the press as worse than they are, if the people's interst in the "news", either for novelty or in a fevered search for information, say the Iraq war or the Indian wars, results in a growth in opinion journalism, more people are going to be hearing more bad news. That ought to be called McMahon's law. Less people may be reading newspapers today, but more people are reading the "news". "News" these days is almost entirely opinion driven, one side or the other, doesn't matter. But it is manufactured opinion in order to drive readership, so, left or right, the news you read is supposed to make you angry and upset. Why else do you think that you could say to virtually anyone on the street, without asking or knowing their political affiliation, "This country is going to hell in a handbasket." and get agreement. Almost instant agreement followed by a list of things that are ruining this country. From oral sex to Global warming, abortion to George Bush, everyone thinks that the world is going to hell. But it's not because we hate Bill Gates, it's because half of us hate the other half. We hate the other half because we are steeped in our own spheres of opinion.

There's nothing wrong with this country, this crap happens all the time. Someone will realise that you can make money by reporting straight fact, the fever swamps on both ends of the political spectrum will lose their unwarranted influence over national opinion because people will get sick and tired of the effort it takes to stay "kosher" in political opinion.
I know I have, and I know people on the other side who are getting sick of their rules and regulations too.

Trust me, people stop paying attention to these idiots, the media companies will hire people to whom people will listen. That's how money works, no business is in business to put itself out of business.

Good old fashioned Americans will be back in vouge before you know it.

The boys are back in town

maddmom and the boys made it home last night after a nice 12 hour drive through pouring rain. The house is now incredibly loud, messy and smells like feet. The cat is back in hiding and the dog hasn't stopped barking since last night. All of the food that was left in the house is gone. The clothes washer hasn't stopped all morning and the phone has been ringing off the hook.

Thank God. Everything's back to normal.

Clerk Says Scanty Attire Was Distraction


I don't think the LBC should have the ability to do this anyway. It's bull. It's a draconian law and removes the responsibility for comitting the crime from the people who actually commit the crime to the the person who is actually a victim of a crime.

Sending in decoys that are underage to buy liquor so you can fine businesses that are taken in by them is an abuse of power. Simply put, if this girl was not a decoy, the girl got booze by deception. The law that requires people to check the id of people under 26 is ridiculous. What if you don't card someone who is 24? Do you get fined? If I'm 26, I've been legal for five years, card me, I'll be pissed.

If you don't need to provide ID to vote, you don't need to provide ID to drink.

Is Google Purging Conservative News Sites?

File this one under is Google evil?

I have a real problem with anyone deciding what speech is "hate" speech. I don't think there are any different types of speech. Speech is speech. If I'm some sort of radical athiest calling for the dismemberment of Christians or a Christian fundamentalist screaming about the death penalty for homosexuals. That and everything in between is nothing but speech. In this country, it's free.

Of course Google owns its service and can do what it wants, but I can garantee you, that if Google published both of the above examples, one would be considered "hate" speech and one would be considered "humor". I'll let you figure out which is which.

At some point, I'll end up paying for my hobby and move off Blogger and quit using Google. Or maybe the tides of fashion will change, and individual rights will be back in vouge.