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Interesting observation


This is the first time I've ever been to Kansas City...

..you know what? The whole place is fucking covered in pine tar.

Abreu to NY

Fills a hole for NY, but Boston's defense is still better. And they need it
if their pitching is like yesterday. Let's just say Schilling had an off

As for the Phillies, they need to make a pitching move. They have the
money, one of the minor leaguers they got is a pitcher, and if that new kid
they called up in the beginning of the month works out, they might be in a
good spot.

Seriously, the NL needs pitchers. IMHO.

And there won't be snow in Africa this Christmastime...


Really though....Is there ever snow in Africa? I don't think that there will be snow in Africa this Easter either. And hey, I have it on good authority that there was no snow in Africa this Fourth of July. Really. None.

Damn iTunes, just ruined a good song.



It's a trick.

Anyway, Friday and lots to do. I need to get a class-action lawsuit rolling against Comair for leaving me on the tarmac for 35 minutes the other night. It was unbearable. Really. And stinky. So again, for perhaps the fiftieth time, I am swearing off Delta. Next week I fly Northwest...we'll see.

For some reason I love Steak and Shake, even though you can't eat the chicken melt while driving. Try it at your own risk.

I found this picture on the web...

..which says just about everything there is to say about that particular ad buy. Does anyone else want to cockpunch the "mac"? What a tool.

Today is the end of an experiment, I'm putting Windows back on the wife's computer. I tried, it's just not what she wanted. Truthfully, there have been some issues. I had to switch from Firefox to Opera because of a memory issue, and Evolution wasn't what maddmom wanted, so g'bye open source.

My older brother turned older the other day, I understand he is on his way to middle age. So now I have an old guy for a brother. Feels weird. I guess it probably feels weirder for him, but old people have terrible memories and he probably can't remember being anything but old. So I guess that takes the edge off. For him. I now get to watch my own imminent decline play out in front of me in slow motion.

Like I said earlier, I spent a loooong ass time stuck on a crappy little Comair jet the other night. I swear I felt the clots forming fifteen minutes into the flight, there was absolutely no legroom. I couldn't move my legs and inch in any direction. It hurt. And then yesterday was a workout day, so I did 3 sets of barbell squats (don't get excited, if they were working strange, hot women would be grabbing my ass in office building elevators, pushing me into alcoves in the hallway and generally making me happy that I spend my time bouncing around like an idiot in my basement. Not happening) then I went to the movies with the boys. I am cramped to hell and gone today.

Went and saw "Cars" with the boys at the Ohio theater last night. It was a great movie, I liked it. Might go see the Pirate movie tomorrow. Might, but I need to change my oil and go to a wedding, so probably not.

That's it, maybe more later.


Automotive X PRIZE Two years max baby. That's when we'll see a winner.

I say two years because most of the work has already been done. Nickel air batteries or hydroen fuel cells already exist. In five years we'll have a consumer-ready alt-fuel car for sale to consumers that consumers actually want to buy. It'll look cool, be fast, and be cheap to operate and fix.

In sixteen yaers the only gas powered cars will be owned by collectors, hobbyists and the army. And me, because I have four kids, they will all be in college or just out and I'll be broke, so I'll be buying gas at $2.00 per gallon for the rest of my life.

But you, you will be super space age super car driving super fantastic super guys.



I'm getting frustrated with Blogger. My last several posts have disappeared into the ether and there's no autosave function, so they are gone. I can't use the plug-in for Word because I am still on Office 97 here at the Mcmahonsion and I'm unlikely to ever upgrade and even Microsoft won't support that any more. So all you get is this bunch of leftover pictures from July fourth weekend.

Here'sThe Prince and his ball team. Second place tourney trophies and League champion trophies spread around like rose petals at a wedding....sniff...I'm so proud.

This is Blogger Tech support. Working hard to figure out why my posts will not publish.

This was the Regatta Parade. All of the boats used to be in the parade, but for some reason this was the only one I saw this year. These things are really cool and this year seven out of ten wrecked on the river. And that was before the stupid kid tried to kill everyone.

Here's maddmom watching the parade, sitting on the curb so she could elbow all of the kids out of the way when they started throwing candy. Charles Barkley has nothing on maddmom, we were eventually asked to leave...and the language she was using?...don't get me started.

One Down


Many to go.



Blogger is totally bitched up, you'll get nothing new until it be fixed.

OK, I call BS on this.


Yesterday there was a big splash on most of the news sites about Tesla Motors, an electric "performance" car. Looks to me like an electrified Lotus Esprit, so I like it. But I have problems with it. A lot of problems.

1) the claim that it gets the equivalent of 135 MPG. It doesn't. First, it takes three hours to charge. Second, "The Tesla Roadster’s “fuel tank” weighs in at about 1,0000 pounds". Could you imagine a 1000 pound gas tank that took three hours to fill and only drove you 250 miles? You can, if you buy one of these.

2)That it gets better range than other electric cars. At the 1992 Tour Del Sol I came across a Chevy S10 conversion using NiMH batteries (very heavy) that would get about 130 miles to the charge at a constant speed of 45mph. The battery pack was about 500 pounds, maybe less. So about half the weight of Tesla's roadster and half the range. It did take 8 hours to charge though, so I'm glad, 14 years on, there's been some progress. Hey! What do you know! You can still buy one!
The Tesla uses lithium ion cells, so you would hope it got better range, unfortunately lithium ion cells are pretty damn expensive, especially at this size. And there is no curb weight posted at Tesla's site, so I'm gussing that the Battery pack and regenerative braking mechanism weigh about as much as a normal 4-cylinder gas engine so I would expect a 4-door passenger car at twice the weight would require more battery for the same range.

3)Fun to drive. OK, electric cars have huge tourqe, all of them. But they don't let you manipulate it. There's no downshifting in the corners to feel that pushback in your seat. No growl, no real power curve, there's no way to drive just under the limit. Driving an electric car is like driving an electric powered golf cart, you get immediate tourque...then blah, unless you try and tip the thing over.

So, do I want one of these? Hell yes! Do I think it's anything special, no. Electrify my Volvo so I can go 500 miles without recharging and I can recharge in the ten minutes it takes to fill up my gas tank, well that will be something special. This is hype. Cool hype, but hype.

There needs to be a significant breakthrough in power storage before electric vehicles become commonplace, it's been this way for years, people have been working around the problem instead of looking right at it.

Right now hybrids are the only way to get acceptable range out of an electric car, plug-in hybrids that use an alternate fuel like Ethanol or bio-deisel would be the best of these, but they're not here yet. And you still have the battery problem. I'm waiting on Hydrogen fuel-cells. That will do it, in the meantime, flex fuel engines need to be made much more efficient.

Teen charged in Regatta accident


The Jerk was huffing keyboard cleaner. Which means I'll have to produce ID and buy my keyboard cleaner at the pharmacy.

Anyone remember the five kids from Philadelphia who died from huffing this stuff? What the hell are they thinking?

Remember these?

Fleer 1979 Crazy Labels




While we were away it stormed here and our plum tomatoes were beaten off of their stakes. Now the damn things are too heavy to re-tie without breaking the stalks. I've got tomatoes out the wazoo. I hope they turn red soon. The Big Boy tomatoes are excellent, we had an early one the day we came home. Those damn things are huge and I'm glad they were in cages. The zucchini are crap, something is causing them to rot before they get much bigger than my "thumb". (that's right, I said it)

More pictures below. Posted by Picasa

Things you find when mowing the backyard

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Are you better off today than 30 years ago?

Another link in the all-British-press-all-the-time theme here at maddad's.

Is it really more dangerous for kids today than 30 years ago?

Actually, the most interesting tidbit in this article is that in 1976 it was so hot that the UK had a minister of drought appointed. See? I wasn't kidding yesterday, scroll down.

I was in first grade in 1976 and I remember it clearly thanks to many sessions with my psychiatrist, it was damn hot in Philly and way dangerous. MOVE, Frank Rizzo, Hippies at the full-serve gas station next to the Train yard at the Olney end of the Subway (you weren't supposed to look at them), The Bay City Rollers on Mike Douglas, and the persistant rumour that Sid Vicious was coming to town (I kid you not, the dude was like Frankenstein, didn't help that Nancy Spungen was from the area.) Solid steel playground equipment, nuns, tight pants, and a TV you had to turn on and off by plugging it in and unplugging it. And the cord was frayed! I had a bike with a pedal brake, literally a peice of rubber that rubbed against the tire to slow it down....and I lived at the top of a very steep hill. We used to go on car rides and fight over who got to lie on top of the suitcases.

So you'll excuse me if I let my boys run around like wild men (when their mother isn't around), they need to learn to judge risk, and a few broken bones are a small price to pay.

Besides, I heard Sid Vicious was coming to town, and he stabs people for fun.



Tomorrow may be Britain's hottest day ever.

Every year about this time we get a heat wave. Usually some big city somewhere counts everything from swimming pool drownings to robbery-murder of an icecream truck to be heat related death. Every year we are inundated with HEAT WAVE stories. Yawn. It's hot. Deal.

When I was a kid I remember being at soccer camp at the Y when it was 103 degrees. My mom drove me there in a dark green station wagon with no air conditioning and a flat roof the size of a football stadium parking lot. Did I complain??

Hell yes I complained! Did it do any good? Hell no! What's mild heat stroke compared to the iffy mental health of a woman with five kids? (This was way back when folks, when you could still drop your kids off at practice and go home content that you could get something done without Social Services making discreet inquires about your social drinking.)

I only bring this up because the Beast had a Tee-Ball game today at four o'clock and evidently the Constitution has been ammended to require parental attendance at all childhood sports contests and practices.

I'm going to prison and hell in that order because I went to work today. Driving 60 miles to Louisville on an
day so I could get my expenses in and my new work phone set up. Because of my blatant anti-environmentalism, condemning all Louisvillians to cough at least once as I sped unimpeded across I-64 at 70 miles per hour, I missed the Beast's game. And thank God I did, it was hot out, I had the AC cranked, and he won 10-1.

So, to thew people of Britain all I can say is, "hot enough for you?" (A phrase that will get you killed if you say it in the wrong American city at the wrong time.) And keep a stiff upper lip and all that rot, and enjoy the girls wandering about in thin, sweaty tank tops, it only happens three months out of the year.

Vacation by the numbers


10 days without rest is called a vacation in America. And it was fun. At some point I'll run down everything that went on, but here's a quick list.

2 Little league championship games.

1 Tee-Ball game

1 day at the pool

10,000 tomatoes (approximately)

2 bunny rabbits intent on eating the tomatoes.

2 new koi

3 panicked frogs

4 boys in a car

12 hour drive

5 days at the beach

1 visit with a high School friend

1 massive hangover

2 days in DC

1 close encounter with Newt Gingrich (he tripped over Skippy, who wasn't belted in the stroller and fell into a puddle. Really, I was looking at my ex-congressman instead of looking where I was pushing the little bugger.)

1 look at the White House

1 Nice Asian lady who treated us all to free bubble gum for making her "lucky" by proxy, since she said that having four boys is extremely lucky and to have us choose to eat at her hotdog stand outside the Air and Space Museum was even luckier. Good thing we had Skippy with us, since three is the most unlucky number.

2 day ride home

379 emails in my inbox this morning.

97 degrees outside

1.15 acres to mow

22 inch push mower

911 is the number to call when I have heat stroke.

A pitching duel


The Prince's Championship game was last night. They didn't win. In an old fashioned pitching duel the Cardinls won 2-1 in six. The Reds just didn't have the bats. I guess that's what happens when you take a week off. Anyway the Prince was disappointed and I felt bad, but his team won the league and runner-up in the tourney so he made it home with two trophies. Pictures later. I'm out of here for a week.

As soon as I wake up the kids who only sleep in when we have to get up. Amazing.

The Beast and Skippy were up at 5 yesterday. Sleeping in today.

Bad Luck


High Water, Debris and bad luck got the Regatta this year. This is unbelievable. Guy must have been passed out.

Evidently he was doing about 60 down Jefferson St (a hill) hit the curb, went airborne, while he was in the air he hit a golf cart (thankfully it was empty) flew through the crowd and into the Ohio River.

There were two or three kids in the car and about 11 spectators were taken to the hospital, no deaths yet, thank God.

The world’s great age begins anew, The golden years return,


The earth doth like a snake renew
Her winter weeds outworn.

....and that can only mean it's time for Summer Vacation! Woot!

I was thinking of that line yesterday when maddmom decided to clean out the frogpond. It was lovely before, but now it's pretty spectacular. The water is so clear we can see the new koi swimming around. And I wonder if they can see us:

The awful shadow of some unseen Power
Floats, tho’ unseen, amongst us.
glub, glub.

Enough of that, or as Blackadder said, "What's so romantic about wandering around Europe in a puffy shirt trying to get laid?"

I put the answer you seek in the extended entry.

It's Shelly, if you must know. First is from Hellas you read this in High School. Second from Hym to intellectual Beauty. A very pretentious poem I believe he wrote to justify himself to his father-in-law. These are famnous quotes people! Also, the only ones I know off the top of my head.. Geeze.