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Are you ready for some Football?


The season's in high gear in Philly. Actually, I'm as shocked as anybody else at this type of behavior at a kids football game. I mean this is the type of behavior you expect at a basketball game. Or a block party. No, I kid. Really. In Philadelphia the only time you can expect someone to be shouting curses and waving a gun is at a parade.


You know the only reason I went to the Daily News was to read up on the Eagles come-from-behind victory on Sunday, Man! Three touchdowns, unbelievable! Wait, wait, I'm sorry, I was thinking of offensive touchdowns. You know, where the quarterback throws to his own team.

The quarterback is the six foot 5 guy, with the laser, rocket arm and the 6 and 0 team if you're from Philadelphia by the way.

Again, I am seriously considering giving up Philly teams, too much drama, smaller markets eat their lunch, Howard Eskin, (damn internet radio) etc...

Comments are open, anonymous and unmoderated, but if you do comment explain to me why the Phillies, the number three TV market, havent been in the World Series since '93, the Flyers, well, are the Flyers and the Sixers are a one ego team.

Then explain the Eagles. If you can.

I just can't work up enough green to root for a bunch of self-destructive teams that are 800 miles away anymore.

At least the Cowboys lost, but the Cowboys have a lot of rings now, don't they. And they lost to the Giants, who also beat the Eagles.

Please, God, let there be a Chicago/Indianapolis Superbowl this year, then I will be able to make a true break.


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