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Happy Halloween


Halloween is my favorite holiday. It beats Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving, hell, it even gives Arbor Day a run for its money. No other holiday has the atmosphere that Halloween has, with all the fallen leaves and cold wind and teenaged girls dressed up as naughty cats.

Yep, Halloween is a great day for romance. I remember Halloween night in 1985 I met this cute blonde chick dressed up in some kind of domanitrix outfit, complete with riding boots, jodhpurs and a whip. Soooooo hot. Followed that chick around all night, finally got her to notice me, and now she wants my opinion on what color to paint the bathroom. And I thought the whip thing was an act.

Well, have a happy one, eat a lot, get sick, I've got to leave for Detroit at 5 am, so keep your damn kids off my porch after dark.


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