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Where've I been?


Dayton yesterday, Owensboro today. No time to chat. It's going to storm like nobody's business here in about five minutes. Some places will be getting feet of snow, but not here. It was 75 degrees today according to my car. Hot. Supposed to be down below freezing this weekend. Cold. If only we had ratified Kyoto!

I know a couple of people who could use this.


Get yours now!

Elive CD in VMWare


I decided to hold off on re-installing Fedora on my Toshiba until I got some more face time with Enlightenment, and I figured the easiest way to get that was to use the E-Live CD. But the CD in the old laptop is pretty beat and really slow, so I fired up VMware Workstation (5, if you must know) on my Dell 610 and ran the CD from a Vm session. It was cool, but still kinda slow, so I used the Elive installer to install Elive to the HDD.

I'm stoked on this distro folks. This is a Development version of E17, but it hasn't crashed or choked yet, and I figured that since I don't really know what I'm doing, I'd be the guy who could break it.

The install was seamless, even in VMware, although I did have a little problem when I was partitioning the drive.

Let me get a little off track here. I know that one of the things that gives Linux street cred is the fact that it's not easy to use. I understand that. I also understand that people, average non-geek people who are interested in a stable, fast, and intuitive operating system, might not want to spend several grand on a Mac, and definately don't want to spend the time figuring out what partition they want to boot from. In short, create a default installer for your Linux distro if you want to see more Linux on the desktop.

I'm not saying that I don't know how to partition my disk, what I'm saying is, that this part of the E-live install was the only part of the install that was unintuitive. I mean this product basically installed itself, but I didn't exactly know what to do when I was finished using the graphical partition tool. I really doubt that someone who just wanted to upgrade from Windows 2000 is going to figure it out as quick as I did. And don't say anything close to RTFM, you know and I know that Linux Man pages suck and are almost impossible for the average user to find, much less find in the middle of an install.

That's my only gripe. Really, even in this development version, all of the multimedia apps work. All of them. And did I mention that it's fast? 'cause it's fast. And pretty. Here's a screenshot:

So I'm stoked, and it's going on the Toshiba as soon as I can figure how to get iTunes loaded, or at least an open source iPod client. We shall see.

In other news, I am evidently a tile God. You may rise, humbly' and gaze upon the countenance of the Tile God, but you must not doubt Tile God, especially when it comes to cutting holes in the backsplash tile for the light switch. I am also a lesser order of under-cabinet lighting angel. Do not fear, we bring light and happiness to those who are sick of the shadow caused by the cabinet overhang.

I am not, however, anything but a poor sinner when it comes to Christmas decorations. And what that means, if you haven't already guessed, is that I have to get my fat ass back up on the ladder that I spent hours on over the weekend and re-attach all of the decorations that fell as soon as the sun came up Monday morning. It also proves that Christmans decorations should always be installed on the coldeest, wettest day possible, otherwise the ghost of Jacob Marley will evidently piss all over your house.

Now I must go because the electricians have tripped the breaker in the basement twice while I was typing this and they need a little help from the under-cabinet lighting angel.

Early Monday Fun Question


Who's Brian Westbrook going to play for next year?


Happy Thanksgiving


What I want for Christmas

The Soundbridge.


Or The Squeezebox

Speaking of multimedia, I've got a new project. I've bumped up the memory on my old Toshiba that I had Fedora running on. I had given it to maddmom to usebecause she wanted access to email from upstairs, but now that she'll have her PC back in her office, it's mine again. So I was playing around with EliveCD a Debian distribution with Enlightenment. Let me tell you, it's awesome. If you ever wanted a computer like they have in the movies, with the impossible looking UI and majical speed, Elive is for you. It's simply the coolest thing I've ever seen. I've been running off the live CD for a while, but I think I may install to disk. The only thing keeping me from doing that at this point is the lack of smb support. So what I may do is install the Enlightenment window manager on Fedora. It won't be as cool as Elive, but it'll still be cool, and I should be able to see my windows shares. Or I just might build a server for ftp and streaming music and not worry about my Windows shares. Dunno, all I know is that nothing runs as fast as the EliveCD on that old laptop and like I said, I'm running from the CD and it's beautiful. Not even my BeOS boot disk from 1999.

So I'll try Fedora, see if I like it with E, if I don't we'll see.

We tiled the parts of the kitchen we had tile for last night, looks great, now i've got to get to the liquor store befor my 1:30 conference call. It's the only way I can make it through these things.

Happy Thanksgiving, may your quarterback not tear his ACL. Of course, his knees wouldn't have been under so much stress if he wasn't carrying the whole team.

Yes, that was from Leno, but it's true, so there.

Happy Birthday Number Two!



Nine years old. Whod'a thunk it.

We were living in New Jersey, maddmom's mother had died one month earlier and maddmom decide she wanted to try for a VBAC, which did not happen. So she had a second Cesarian He popped out at about nine pounds and fell asleep for about three days. A nice change from the Prince, who still hasn't slept a whole night through.

Number two was a tough one for us, I had just started a new job when the OB saw something on the ultrasound he didn't like (cysts in the ventricals that should have gone away, didn't) and sent us to the "genetic counselor" who told us all of the horrible things that that could mean, although, that probably wouldn't happen to us maddmom should have amniocentecis done just in case. It took three weeks to get the results back, maddmom's mother was terminal and maddmom was taking care of her pretty much around the clock, I had just started a new job and was learning my way around a real messed-up corporate culture and the Prince was a very active two-year old. On top of this, I was trying to finish out the unfinished second floor of our house, and we were dirt poor. Getting better, but still poor.

Looking back on it, I think the couple of hours together in the Maternity ward at West Jersey Hospital were the longest we had been together in about a year. A year that had so much going on that I can't even remember everything that happened. I remember Number two though, that's the best part.

Incedentally, here's a before and after shot of the exterior of the McMahonsion.

Helpful hint on searching the intertubes

Google is not Amazon. Do not search for "Big Pink" in your toolbar as a shortcut for searching the shopping sites. You have been warned.

Oh yeah, and use the whole albumn name...in quotes..."Music from Big Pink" trust me. Just trust me.

Whatta Day


busy busy busy busy. Number Two's Birthday, baseboard going in, floor done, installed the gas logs (we are all still alive, thank you) and soon a new heat pump for upstairs. Other than that, work, review time and a three day week. I have 108 hours of vacation left and I can carry over sixty, so I have lots of time to go shopping.

Not going to work out today, I'm opening a bottle of wine.

What every little girl wants for Christmas



Sophia shows she's still sexy

Well, you'll just have to look.

I just have to tell you all, in 2000 I was bumped to first class and sat across the aisle from Ms. Loren, and she looked...

..old. No disrespect, she looked good for being old, but old she is and old she looked. And she acted old, too. I mean, Jackie O is dead, and it's not 1972 any more, lose the giant sunglasses already. She also didn't say a word all flight.

But, not all old people act old, witness Mamie Van Doren, (Not Remotely Safe for Work) who is older than Sophia Loren and has huge tits and knows how to use them. She never shuts up. Ever. She also acts like a drunk 22 year old. What wonders genetics be.

That woman will be at my funeral, I garantee.

I bet the Beast moves to LA and becomes her boytoy.

Oh dear God NO!


US Airways Makes $8 Billion Offer To Buy Delta and create a giant black hole of airline suck.

I got an email telling me that they will combine my SkyMiles and my Dividend Miles, which would be good, only I'd have to fly USAir to use them. Plus USAir charges you to use Dividend miles and charges you to cancel a Dividend miles flight. What about the Crown Room? Will it turn into some low-class USAir waiting room? Will Comair become worse than it already is?

This is the worst news I have heard in a long time. I am going to sit and drink my little bottle of airline water and sulk.

Because you didn't want to do it


Jack Sparks reviews the CMA awards. Nicer than normal, he's got a soft spot for pretty ladies.

Don't believe what you read.. Continued.

The last paragraph of this link is the kicker.

Remember, if you are reading something that is not written by a machine. Politics and ideology are involved. If the writers of what you are reading claim to have no ideology or politics, or claim to be "above" politics, then it is safe to assume that they have become ideologically homogeneous.

New Bumpersticker slogans:

"Don't trust anyone who watches TV news" "Don't trust anyone who was under 30 during the 60's" "Don't trust anyone who subscribes to a magazine"

Any politician who utters the words "the children" and is not speaking about his or her own should be dragged off and shot.

That's a bonus for you there, doesn't have anything to do with the link.

Tons to write about, no time to do it.


I am, I swear, going to get back at it.

I even had a good poop story. But that was last week, this is this week. And what a week it will be/is/whatever.

Another lame posting day.


All you get is this cute animated short. via The presurfer.

The McMahonsion is coming along well, the roof is almost on, the cabinets are in the kitchen and the floor should be going in this weekend. Knock wood.

I am off to a wedding with maddmom and the kids so I will not be here to complain about the electrician who, being three weeks late, is holding up the project. The replacement is on vacation this week. Oh well, next week it is.

Work calls, and it's 71 degrees out and sunny, I am having a hard time concentrating. This isn't helping. So...till Monday then.

Another lame posting day.

Finally a solution!


I got my pencil. Now gimme something to write on!

Well, the world hasn't ended yet...


Evidently there was an election yesterday here in the States. It was a big deal, and damn, am I glad it's over. I get my TV back and the yard signs will come down. All good things. I do wonder about motivation though, who the hell would actually want to run for office?

Not me. Let's face it, just having this blog makes me unelectable in any state. plus I have a propensity towards profanity, which, when used by Republicans, makes Democrats go insane.

It may just be me, but I was pretty happy with the local Congress critters, the only guy I was really pulling for lost, and the only reason I was really pulling for him was because the first political TV ad I saw this year was by his opponent. It was a "positive ad" with the tactful tagline "Would you trust a man who would lie to a preacher?" My guy lost, but I expect it was only because his opponent had pictures of a full three-quarters of the eligile voters in SE Indiana in bed with dead hookers. It helped that every couple of days he sent me a picture of his three daughters and reminded me he had "Hoosier Values." I like most Hoosiers, this guy's a dick.

Doesn't matter though, he's a dick with an office in DC, and the guy he beat was a one-termer, the real shocker is Northup loosing in Louisville. Why in God's name would you kick out a high ranking, effective Congressman like Northup when you are on the verge of getting funding to actually build two new bridges and re-do spaghetti junction is beyond me. But, they did it, thank God I don't have to go down there anymore.

On the flip side, maybe something will get done now that we've got a lame-duck session, Lord knows, nothing's been done the last two years.

Oh yeah, and now the "World" likes us again, right?


Raise the roof! (May take a while to load)


This is the walking board so they can put up the new rafters


The back of my house, sans roof


The view from the upstairs hallway


Inside the new room

Another view


The were walking on that thing, I think that's insane.


The old door into the house, you can just make out where the old rafters cut the doorway in two.


The new landing at the top of the stairs, now we'll be able to turn around up there. Check out the blood-red carpet, you can see how wide the hallway used to be. It was like living on a boat.

No one puts baby in the corner! Cabinets will go where he's sitting, the fridge gets moved to the right.


The maddad Family Puppet Theatre! Get your tickets early kids! That's all new woodwoork around the window to the family room. The hole's bigger and the door is wider. The lamp over the table's been moved a foot to your right and there used to be a wall directly in front of the camera, so you wouldn't have seen any of that from where I'm standing.


On the counter, barefoot and painting. How I like my women.


Dried in by the end of Sunday. I'll bet my double chin we have a new roof by Friday. 

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I'm topless, plus my annual "I'm better than you" post


They tore the roof off of the house today. Very cool, looks like things are moving ahead with the remodel of the McMahonsion. I was in Detroit yesterday, stuck in the airport for two hours with an iPod that has become a real pain in the neck. I've had to restore it twice over the last week and again today, since when I went to finish watching "The Incredibles" there were no movies on the damn thing. Apple sucks.

Yeah, you heard me.

I've got some sort of backache from the plane ride home, 50 of us packed into a Canadair regional jet. I'm not super tall, but those seats are so close together that even sitting up completely straight my knee hit the seat in front of me, it's tight baby. If I die of deep vein thrombosis, can I sue Delta/Northwest/Comair?

I bet I can.

As usual Halloween shot my diet to hell. I am addicted to candy corn and Reese's and there's not a damn thing I can do about it. Take them away and I'll just sit in the corner, mumbling and aimlessly scratching my forearms. It's....so...hard....YOU DON'T KNOW ME!

And hey, speaking of getting fat...

Today is the day that I quit smoking several years ago, the "several" stands for "more than you, you loser. I am a non-smoker and sooo much better than you." *cough, cough* Could you please stand somewhere else?

You know that I quit smoking using Starburst Jellybeans? It's true, I ate 30 pounds of Starburst Jelly beans instead of smoking two cigarettes a day. So if you want to feel good about your weak, loser, smelly, smoker self, buy a bag or two, dulls the tastebuds at least as effectively as Marlboro Reds.

That's all you get for today, I have to go into the office tomorrow and I must get ready to look like I'm working.

Detroit metro airport


$7.95 for 1 day of wireless internet? In your dreams. Verizon here I come.