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I'm topless, plus my annual "I'm better than you" post


They tore the roof off of the house today. Very cool, looks like things are moving ahead with the remodel of the McMahonsion. I was in Detroit yesterday, stuck in the airport for two hours with an iPod that has become a real pain in the neck. I've had to restore it twice over the last week and again today, since when I went to finish watching "The Incredibles" there were no movies on the damn thing. Apple sucks.

Yeah, you heard me.

I've got some sort of backache from the plane ride home, 50 of us packed into a Canadair regional jet. I'm not super tall, but those seats are so close together that even sitting up completely straight my knee hit the seat in front of me, it's tight baby. If I die of deep vein thrombosis, can I sue Delta/Northwest/Comair?

I bet I can.

As usual Halloween shot my diet to hell. I am addicted to candy corn and Reese's and there's not a damn thing I can do about it. Take them away and I'll just sit in the corner, mumbling and aimlessly scratching my forearms. It's....so...hard....YOU DON'T KNOW ME!

And hey, speaking of getting fat...

Today is the day that I quit smoking several years ago, the "several" stands for "more than you, you loser. I am a non-smoker and sooo much better than you." *cough, cough* Could you please stand somewhere else?

You know that I quit smoking using Starburst Jellybeans? It's true, I ate 30 pounds of Starburst Jelly beans instead of smoking two cigarettes a day. So if you want to feel good about your weak, loser, smelly, smoker self, buy a bag or two, dulls the tastebuds at least as effectively as Marlboro Reds.

That's all you get for today, I have to go into the office tomorrow and I must get ready to look like I'm working.


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