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Raise the roof! (May take a while to load)


This is the walking board so they can put up the new rafters


The back of my house, sans roof


The view from the upstairs hallway


Inside the new room

Another view


The were walking on that thing, I think that's insane.


The old door into the house, you can just make out where the old rafters cut the doorway in two.


The new landing at the top of the stairs, now we'll be able to turn around up there. Check out the blood-red carpet, you can see how wide the hallway used to be. It was like living on a boat.

No one puts baby in the corner! Cabinets will go where he's sitting, the fridge gets moved to the right.


The maddad Family Puppet Theatre! Get your tickets early kids! That's all new woodwoork around the window to the family room. The hole's bigger and the door is wider. The lamp over the table's been moved a foot to your right and there used to be a wall directly in front of the camera, so you wouldn't have seen any of that from where I'm standing.


On the counter, barefoot and painting. How I like my women.


Dried in by the end of Sunday. I'll bet my double chin we have a new roof by Friday. 

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