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Well, the world hasn't ended yet...


Evidently there was an election yesterday here in the States. It was a big deal, and damn, am I glad it's over. I get my TV back and the yard signs will come down. All good things. I do wonder about motivation though, who the hell would actually want to run for office?

Not me. Let's face it, just having this blog makes me unelectable in any state. plus I have a propensity towards profanity, which, when used by Republicans, makes Democrats go insane.

It may just be me, but I was pretty happy with the local Congress critters, the only guy I was really pulling for lost, and the only reason I was really pulling for him was because the first political TV ad I saw this year was by his opponent. It was a "positive ad" with the tactful tagline "Would you trust a man who would lie to a preacher?" My guy lost, but I expect it was only because his opponent had pictures of a full three-quarters of the eligile voters in SE Indiana in bed with dead hookers. It helped that every couple of days he sent me a picture of his three daughters and reminded me he had "Hoosier Values." I like most Hoosiers, this guy's a dick.

Doesn't matter though, he's a dick with an office in DC, and the guy he beat was a one-termer, the real shocker is Northup loosing in Louisville. Why in God's name would you kick out a high ranking, effective Congressman like Northup when you are on the verge of getting funding to actually build two new bridges and re-do spaghetti junction is beyond me. But, they did it, thank God I don't have to go down there anymore.

On the flip side, maybe something will get done now that we've got a lame-duck session, Lord knows, nothing's been done the last two years.

Oh yeah, and now the "World" likes us again, right?



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