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The best part of waking up...


is I dunno, maybe not being asleep? No one can sneak up on you? Not as likely to die in a fire? A good change you'll hear the tornado warning? You might catch the dog doing that thing with your favorite sweatshirt that's just plain gross? Like I said, I dunno. I don't even know why I wrote that, other than it's Monday and i have to post or my Mom will think I'm dead. But don't expect a lot from me this week, I'm on the road during the day, I've got more tile to finish and tonight the Eagles will lose.

For some reason I am exhausted today, I can barely keep my eyes open. I slept crummy, my body hurts, but I'm not sick. Dunno, again.

Anyway, I'm going to install Elive on the Toshiba when I get back, and I have a Christmas dinner to go to on Friday, hope it's not Dutch, since I also have to bring a secret Santa gift. I'm thinking one-size-fits-all leather chaps and a ball gag, just so I can gauge the type of people I work with.

The cabinet guys were here all day finishing up the butler's pantry and the rest of the guys were upstairs in the master doing the bathroom. The plumbing was finished yesterday, these guys want to get out of here fast. I've got to do the tile in the shower and on the floor before they can set the vanity and sink, so I hope they've got enough to keep them busy through Thursday.

Nothing else to say tonight, should post in the morning, I have much more to say.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

half formed thoughts * who needs em? fuck off and reform some where else!!"

5:29 PM


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