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I don't like being the one to complain I hate the fucking Cincinnati airport. It took 75 minutes for my bag to move 500 feet from my plane to baggage claim. This is not an unusual occurrance at CVG, and I used to avoid it by not checking my bag, but since I didn't want to have my toiletries examined by several hundred people some of whome might not believe my reason for carrying the 12 ounce bottle of KY warming massage liquid (feet, it's good for your feet...), I checked my bag on the way home from South Carolina last night. I was wroooong to do so.

Usually, when my bags are lost at CVG, I go right to the Delta bag service room, give them my claim check and they deliver my bag to my house. This time I waited because the flight number was still up on the board and there were still people from my flight standing around, looking like refugees from the Bagwan Shri Rajneesh cult compound and trying, in vain, to find an area in baggage claim at CVG where you can get more than three bars on your cell phone.

Now I said usually up above because this is the seventh time that Delta Airlines has lost my bag at CVG, twice my bag was sent to Louisville, and the other five times it was put on a different plane due to weight. One of those times I had gate-checked the bag and Comair had removed it and put it on a plane that connected through Shanghai or something. Let me repeat, they removed a gate checked bag.

I know what you're thinking and that's exactly what I said.

Anyway, I am finding it very difficult to get worked up enough to blog lately,but it's not because there's nothing to blog about. For example, I'm pissed off about the Duke rape case, especially because I have four sons, and I find it utterly incomprehensible that the freakin' basketball coach hasn't come out and said something publically about the "Group of 88" liberal arts professors who tried and convicted the accused athletes without waiting to see if there was any merit to the charge. He should, because it is obvious that his charges, the basketball team, who are forced to take "core" "humanities" classes are reviled by these professors because they are athletes. Maybe the hate is balanced out a bit because most of the team is African-American? Still, he needs to say something, because I can tell you right now, my sons will never go to a school where one out of tem professors openly hates the students they are there to teach.

And then
there's this little gem, posted by Dan Collins at Jeff Goldstein's blog. Hilarious.

But I've been remarkably distracted and really just not in the mood. I have somewhere around fifty draft posts that I wanted to finish up, but argh. Nah. Most of it is High-School level creative writing exercises like the one below, maybe I'll just get fed up and hit the publish button on all of them. What's a little embarassment when you get 3 hits a day (OK, 5).

I did dig out an old TSOL album the other day, so I've got that going for me. Woot!


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