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I went to the bank today and noticed that gas is below 2 bucks a gallon today. I know it won't stay like that, because in some sort of idiotic "teaching moment" the morons in congress have used up at leat two of their hundred hours to reduce tax breaks for oil companies and try and recoup fees imposed on deep-water drilling (read off shore exploration) that were rolled back when we had more sense when we thought we needed more oil.

You see, the bad oil companies need to be forced to pay more tax, because they are bad, oil is expensive and gas is expensive and it's the oil companies fault, so we should raise taxes on the oil companies. Brilliant. That'll bring down the price of gas.

The best part of the story is that they've said that the money raised will be used to fund research on alternative fuels.

Just who the hell do you think does the most research on alternate fuels?

I'll give you a hint:

Most oil companies refer to themselves as energy companies.

So, if you're following at home, they raised taxes on a big company that will pass the cost of those taxes on to you and me, and we'll have to take it, because there are really no alternative fuels yet. But the taxes collected, from you and me, will go to the companies doing the research on alternative fuels...the big company that is paying the tax in the first place.

Don't forget that when they do find the alternate fuel, and it better be quick since it's going to cost the oil companies more to drill in US waters, the cost of developing that fuel will be handed down to us as well, either by taxes used to offset the subsidy the new fuel will require until it becomes profitable (think of the new infrastructure required) or by the energy companies themselves seeking to offset the cost of developing the new fuel and working through all of the regulation that will result.

Truly, "the gavel has been placed in the hands of America's Children tm"

Would it be so bad to maybe hand it to an adult for once?

Here's another example of these idiot children having a temper tantrum.

Anyone else noticing ol' Atlas looking a little uncomfortable?


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