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Eye of the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel


Maybe it's just me but I saw the trailer for the "Rocky Balboa" movie again yesterday and man, it gave me chills. I am eventually going to see this movie (probably next year on TBS)and I'm going to love it. Even if it's terrible.

I think it was the "Eye of the Tiger" song in the trailer that did it. No other piece of bad '80s music, with maybe the exception of "Purple Rain" can match the emotional power of that song.

And it is a bad song. I had to listen to the whole thing just to be sure.

It starts with the digga-digga-digga ripped off of Stevie Nicks and a huge power chord that promises much not delivered. Then the drums kick in and are noticably bad, flat bass, and a piano chord fill up the white space just before the vocal starts, somewhere down a tunnel. There's an incredible anount of silence in this song, like it could be compressed to about half its length. I remain convince that the singer thought he was doing a commercial for Exxon when he was laying his track, because there is absolutely no emotion in his voice whatsoever. These guys have no soul.

Maybe it's a white guy thing? Or maybe just an '80s thing. Halfway through the song, at its peak and for no apparent reason, the guitar cuts off as the singer, who hasn't changed his tone or pace at all continues into the third verse unabated. Was this a bridge? The piano chord that plays every time the singer starts a new line changes, barely, but the bass and the really bad drumming stay exactly the same, like they're looped.

Of course they probably were, since any self-respecting rock band at the time was so coked up they wouldn't have been able to keep playing at that intermidable pace for more than a minute and a half.

All that being said, there is no way you can listen to that song and not want to lift something heavy or punch someone out. It's a motivator.

At least it was this morning, before I sat in on a webinar for five hours. Now I want to go to sleep. And that sucks, because I finally reclaimed my office from the piles of crap that have been living here since we started the remodel. So my execise contraption is now uncovered and back in business. I started a four-day split last week, and I was feeling pretty good by Friday. But the thought of doing squats today kinda leaves me cold. Maybe it's the rain, or the thirty-degree drop in temperature.

It sure ain't the backround music!




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