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Sporting News!


Yes Dear, the Cowboys did lose...and the Eagles won! How cool was that. Now they just have to figure out how they let a guy with 37 interceptions this year get away with a first down after a 1 and 30. Then they might be a contender. But TO dropped the ball and Romo dropped a snap, and life was good here at the Mcmansion.

This weekend I re-configured my office so maddmom could have her computer up in her new office and I could do everything I need to do without ever leaving my office. So now I have a better office and my network is in better shap... OK, who's the asshole on NPR's sports show who keeps laughing at Boise State? what a bunch of dicks. This guy probably went to Boston College. Why is it that all NPR commentators sound like such assholes whenever they talk about anything outside of the Mid-Atlantic and New England? News Flash dickheads, the mid-west is not outer-space, these towns and cities are not forgotten hamlets in eastern Europe. And your nasal whine makes you sound like a homosexual to everyone west of the Appalachians.

And at the risk of getting fired, don't you think that someone would come out and say McNabb is over-rated? Anyone? Anyone?

OK, enough football talk, I'll figure out something else to write about later.


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