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This was on last night, but I had to turn it off. Looked like a close game, but a loss for 'Nova. Looks like I missed something there. They play Louisville on Feb 3 in Philly, I'm going to see if I can get work to schedule me in the Philly office on the 5th and I'll try and get tickets. Won't happen, but a guy can dream.

I'm looking for some mass storage, 250 to 500gig of disk. I'm sitting on five old Segate 12 gig drives, three are in my jukebox PC and two are in a drawer, the wife's computer has 80 gig and my work laptop has 50 gig. My ipod has 30 gig too. And I have no backup.

Correction, I have about a blue million CDRom and DVDs. None labeled. I also have an old 2gig DAT drive that was TOP OF THE FREAKIN LINE in 1997. Not going to do me a bit of good. At all.

Every year around this time I get all freaked out because of taxes and post-Christmas freakout. (We can't afford this!) And every year at about this time I end up spending the money that I have left over from the Holidays on things that are actually budgeted for, like food and gas. This year I didn't, I still have a $100 dollar bill that my father-in-law gave me for my birthday. I've been resisting spending it on anything, because we might need it. I don't think we do though, I think it's extra, and I think it's mine. So I'm keeping it in my wallet, right next to the 22 year-old condom, junior-high student ID and the ticket stub from a Cramps show that's so old the ink has worn off. And look at that, there's a ticket stup from the Fixx, and U2, and... Danzig? WTF? And what the hell movie did I see at Woodhaven?

I think it's time to get a new wallet. And I think i'm going to spend my hunnert dollars on a disk drive to back all of my stuff up, work stuff included, so I don't have to worry.

Unless something happens to the backup drive. Which is more than likely.

Maybe I'll just spend it on gas.


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