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What a weekend.


Bears, Colts and Villanova all win. The Colts game was phenominal.

Anyway, you won't hear from me for the rest of the day, probably not until Wednesday, as I will be working.

So enjoy the highlight films and the suffering of the "fans" of the New England Patriots, I'm riding the bandwagon of my adopted team to Florida.

If you miss me you can read my archives, I heat they're pretty good. If you like 6 foot 190 pound bloggers with no idea how to put a sentance together.

(Yes, that's a play on the phone commercial with Peyton Manning, you see, he's my new hero! Not really, but I would really like to hear the Philly fans explain how the overrated quarterback with the big numbers really isn't any good because he can't win the big game. Really, just one more time before one of the quarterbacks in this years Superbowl gets cramps and chokes in the final scoring drive. It was heat exhaustion? Are you sure it wasn't a sports hernia? Or a bad back? Or a busted knee? Or maybe he just ate too much soup? I dunno, you'll have to tell me after the game.)



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