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Just backed up the blog


Three years worth of rants and links. Really now, not what I expected it to be when I started...

Wait. Yes it is. I dunno who I'm trying to fool. More later

Just in time for summer vacation


The Speed Trap Exchange

School's out

Yesterday was the last day of school for all of the residents of the Mcmahonsion. It was a long time coming. We were counting the days, and psyching ourselves up for an explosive release of tension and a palpable sense of relief from the three now free from grade slavery.



Oh well, summer was fun while it lasted.

Here's a list of records that have held up nicely over time, even though they shouldn't have...

Let's Dance - David Bowie
So - Peter Gabriel
Love - The Cult

Here's a list of records that, well, didn't...

Diesel and Dust - Midnight Oil
Empire - Queenryche
A Tonic For the Troops - Boomtown Rats

And that's all you'll get from me today. Tip your waitress...

The Graduate



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Lego's majic Trick.




This is the passenger manifest for the ship that brought my father and his family to New York from Ireland. My kids are all about the same age now as he and his brothers and sisters were then and I cannot imagine taking them on a boat ride that long.

I like how they list his birthdate as "abt 1941".

Maybe he's not as old as he thinks?

Here's a picture of the SS Marine Falcon:

It was built as a troopship, used to transport DP's after the war and later leased to United States Lines. That's when my Dad caught his ride.

It would certainly be interesting to find out what it was like to deal with five young kids on a long boat-ride across the North Atlantic, but my Grandmother died in 2004, and to be honest, I never really thought about it, much.

Interesting that I can find out more about the boat than I can the people.

Last day of school

Busy, busy. The beast had his kindergarten graduation last night, and the Prince and Dangeresque had award ceremonies today. I am backed up and busy, what with baseball, work and all. We are 0-2 in the maddad household for ballgames, so let's hope we're hitting today.

Battery on the camera is dead, will upload photos tomorrow.

The Remains of Kursk Submarine


The Remains of Kursk Submarine

Great moments in communications history...2-year-old version.

maddad: Eat your cereal

Skippy: Volcano!

maddad: Hot Lava!

Skippy: Stop mocking me!

This must be what it's like to run for President...


via the Presurfer

Hey, where the boys at?

The smallest minority

I've got four boys. You don't want to get me started on this topic.

Thank God for Jimmy Neutron on TV.

Now we are six



Happy Birthday Beast!

Cool bike!
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Engadget Knocks $4 billion off Apple Market Cap on Bogus iPhone email

I'm betting the farm that someone got paid a bunch to bounce an email off of the SMTP gateway from inside Apple. Probably a contractor, an admin who's been there a while, overworked and underpaid, on-call seven days a week and married to his pager. He probably doesn't get Apple's employee benefits or options because he doesn't work for Apple.

That's my guess, and I bet they only catch him when they do forensics on the trades and the guy they catch gives him up.

That's all you get from me this week. My manic phase left the building at some point this weekend. maddad swing like a pendulum do.

Microsoft claims software like Linux violates its patents


Of course it does... Like that mouse thing and that GUI thing....


BTW, I will be MS free here at the McMansion in about a year on my own hardware. I still have a BeOS boot disk biatch!

Best Life Magazine: Health & Fitness: Our oceans are turning into plastic...are we?


Our oceans are turning into plastic...are we?

There's a lot of BS in this article, but there is also a lot of truth. There is a huge problem with waste plastic in out environment, it's called pollution. It's nasty, kills animals and never goes away. Litter is a real problem. It needs to be addressed.

However, it's a big enough problem that they don't need to lie about it. But they do anyway, and it's depressing. You see, someone is going to read this article, pick out the embellishments and conclude that this guy is completely full of crap. They'll pick apart his statements one by one and present every little white lie as a massive affront to their sensibilities and in the end nothing will get done about the underlying problem.

You see this day in and day out with the Global Warming scare. What we should be worried about is pollution and a reliance on unrenewable fossil fuels, what do they have us worried about?

Climate change. As if we could stop it.

I say, we find the people who make those dang plastic grocery bags and strangle them with them. I personally have about four thousand of the damn things in my house right now. If I went outside, I could probably find thirty or fourty more in trees, gardens and by the side of the road.

We wouldn't have this problem if we were cutting down the trees and making paper bags out of them, would we.


And the turtles wouldn't be choking either.

RBrendan? Is that you?


Prince Attacked by Woman During London Concert?!

A streaming pile of.....

This is more geek bait, but what the hell.

I had decided the other day to give up on the daap server and just go for streaming, since I have the music library on a Samba share and the iTunes install that I use to sync my iPod can see it just fine. What I didn't want to do is to have to train the boys to log in to a Samba share every time they wanted to listen to music. Made sense to me at the time.

So, what streaming software to use? I first I just tried opening up the music directory via Apache, it works, but you have to download the songs. Wireless connectivity up in the boys room ain't that great (yet, mwhahahahahah!) and it takes too long. So I started looking at various streaming packages for Linux, like gstreamer and flumotion. I even tried installing them via the .deb packages, but neither worked. So I figure Icecast is probably the way to go. It's free, built for Apache, works with winamp, yadda, yadda, yadda.

But I can't get the mother to install.

So that's it, the die is icecast (heh, heh), since a server is what I want, a server is what I need, I'm taking down my eLive workstation and turning the Toshiba into a server. Probably Fedora, but maybe Debian or Slack, since I already have the iso's. I am also , really seriously considering making this workstation (win2k) into an eLive workstation, since all I do is surf, email and blog on it any more.

Plus, it's older than three of my kids. The problem is the HD controller isn't recognized by any of the distributions I've tried so far.

We'll see

Hey neat...and geek bait.


I'm really not trolling for pageviews, but what the hell.

I, like most people, have a mailbox I keep just to catch spam. So if I register a product or join a community website, really any time I have to provide an email address, I use my super secret spam address. It keeps my "production" mail clean. My "production" email address never hits the web. I check my spam mail every day, for newsletters and because I have some freinds who still send to that mailbox, for some reason. It's nicely organized, I have multiple folders, it's much more anal than I am in real life. So anyway, to make this short, it's Wednesday, I cleaned out all the spam on Sunday, and today I went in and had 22,680 unread messages.


How small do they think my penis is?

Anyway, I'm trying to decide if Firefly daap server is worth the trouble of installing it. I've got iTunes running on three different workstations on my network, really for no reason other than the kids like iTunes and there's no uPnP client for Windows 2000 and gmediaserver doesn't have a web interface. So the idea is to share my iTunes library using Firefly from the media server and get rid of all local iTunes library, then use GTKpod to sync the iPod.

I'm thinking this is too complicated. But I'm going to do it. If it doesn't work as well as I hope, I'll put together a web site to share out the mp3s and playlists I have on the server. Probably the easiest for me, but not for the kids. I'll keep gmedia as the uPnp server. Unless I buy Twonkymedia, I'm still debating that.

I'm also debating getting rid of my elive install and re-installing Linux as a server-only inststall. So should I do Fedora, Debian, Slack or unbunbtu? Or FreeBSD? I'm leaning toward Fedora, just because I've had it set up before and I still have my notes. On the server I'll have a proxy server and software firewall, the media server, and an ftp server. I'm also really debating putting together my own mail server and hosting my own stuff, We'll see.

I got mixed feelings...


On one hand, he was found not guilty. On the other, he's a dick.

Is this a joke?



All those bloggers wish they were me! Except the racist ones who should be in jail. I get paid to do this, you all need to stop, you're not up to my standards.

No comments allowed on his site, obviously.

What a tool.

I have news for this son of a bitch, most people who blog don't do it because of some innate desire to be a newspaper columnist. And nobdy, nobody would ever confuse being a rock star with being a newspaper columnist. Well, except for one particularly astonishingly arrogant newspaper columnist, but I won't name names.

This is not the reason I don't go to Starbucks

I don't go to Starbucks because unless the coffee is made from beans that are crapped out by an extremely rare coffee bean eating furless rodent that only lives in a four-square mile area of northern Ontario (told you it was rare), it's not worth four bucks a cup. Plus, If I want burnt coffee, I can leave my coffee pot on all day. No,this isn't the reason I don't go to Starbucks, it's the reason I vent my spleen semi-anonymously (and sometimes scatalogically) on the Intertubes, where like-minded people with names like Tr8T0rGI can leave me wonderful email messages full of wit and thought provoking argument like "WHY DONT U SOOT URSELF U CHIMPHUMPIJG FAGGET". Because otherwise, when you show your ass in public, well, people see your ass. And while I may have a fine ass, I'm sure if I walked around with it hanging out, some jerkoff would kick it.

And I'd deserve it.

So, If you want to see my ass, stop by here, it'll pop out eventually (usually when I'm excited). And don't go complaining about the packaging at a fast-food joint, because you'll just look stupid.

Besides, everyone knows, for thought-provoking opinion, you've got to go to the King...



The household engineer returned from her trip today, so I called accountemps and told them I didn't need the accountant, laundry machine operator, computer operator, psychologist, facilities manager,daycare center teacher, van driver, janitor and CEO. Which is cool, then I said I needed someone to take over as gardener, handyman, auto mechanic, carpenter, IT manager, and while you're at it, bring in an entire sales force for revenue generation, because I'm going to Vegas.

I kid, I kid... maddmom's worth more than 137k.

She's worth 250k, double if she dies in an accident!

Ba-dump-dump. I'm here all week, try the veal....

No seriously, no one expects their mom to be a psycologist, people go to a psycologist because of their mom....

...is this thing on?.....

No, seriously, I'm glad I'm married, it's great...because now when I go out drinking I got somebody to drive the van! Yuck yuck Heyoh!..

So anyway, what is it with airline food.....

Blah... blah.... blah....


Working today.

Supposed to be a day off. So, let me vent.

If you decide it is so important to the bottom line that you and I need to have a meeting on my day off, and I agree, seeing as how I can always use the money. Then you decide to spend the few minutes that I have to give you chatting about golf...

May I humbly suggest that you go eat a bag of dicks.

It's not that I don't like golf, I think golf is fine. One day, when I have more money and time than sense, I would like to golf often. I have golfed before and probably will again. That said, if you golf, I couldn't give a shit.

And if you are talking about the game you had this morning, before the meeting I agreed to attend on my day off, and the golf trip you will take this weekend, which necessitated today's emergency meeting that I agreed to do on short notice and spent all morning preparing materials for because you absolutely had to see everything customised to your specs, during my fucking presentation, then may I assume your previous career as a fluffer in gay porn didn't get off the ground because you were literally chewing up the scenery?

To be fair, I am sure that even though you golf, there's someone out there who would happily sodomise you, for a price. And I am terribly sorry that your mother sold herself in the treeline of the 14th fairway at Cobbs Creek, and while this may explain your obsession to some, all it tells me is that you are descended from a long line of low-ball hitters with short drives and a shorter attention span.

In short, you are. Next time you wish to have me on the phone while you stroke your miniature putter across the back nine of your fellow golf enthusiast and regular foil, remember to dial the 900 number, and I will grunt approvingly at your obvious lies and try not to laugh at every mention of scoring high with dirty balls.

Until then you spectacular prick,


Recruiting cane toads to fight the cane beetles...


Recruiting Plankton to Fight Global Warming


Oh, sorry. If you didn't get the headline, click here.

Cane Toads

or here


Or better yet since arguably plankton is not a non-native species...

Red Tide.

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature.