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Men's room etiquette

No. No it doesn't


The WSJ thinks the new Yahoo mail beats Gmail.

Here's why. And it's a biggie. POP3 access. I can remove my content from Gmail for free. I can access my gmail from my Blackberry for free, I can archive mail in gmail for free. I can create rules in Thunderbird, Eudora, Outlook or any other mail client to folderize my mail. Yahoo mail is also extremely slow. Gmail has a much better SPAM filter. Search in Gmail is much better, the Gmail interface is cleaner and quicker on public computers.

The new Yahoo mail is slow. So slow that I reverted to the old yahoo mail before the beta period was up. I use Gmail, with Gmail notifier and POP3 access to Outlook on my personal computer. I used to use Thunderbird but I found it clunky, plus I had developed a custom Outlook Today page a couple of years ago that I still use every day at work and at home. I'm comfortable with it, dammit, and I'm not going to change.

There is this issue with Google. They're evil, that's kind of a problem. But if they want to take my dick jokes and Viagra spam, they're welcome to it.

Back to geekiness. I'm trying to build a test bed for some applications that I need to learn, one of them requires a Windows 2003 Server. Here's the problem. The only machine I have free that can run 2003 server has a NIC that is not supported in 2003 Server.

And I'm cheap.

So I'm thinking of installing ESX and running 2003 through that, but I'd hate to go through all that trouble and put that kind of overhead on the hardware. Hardware that is marginal already.

Or should I just bite the bullet and go buy a nic card that works?

Better, I mean. This one works fine with everything but 2003 Server. Gad, sometimes I'm so tight I squeak when I walk.



Don't be fooled, he'll take your arm off at the elbow...if it, you know, comes off anyway. Like if it's made out of Lego or something?

For weeks now he's been sitting at the feet of Brave Frog, just itching to take something or someone out. Today at dawn, there was an attack on the McMahonsion compound. Obviously a well-planned incursion by professionals intent on spreading terror and chaos just before the schoolbus arrived.

This time, however, the good guys won.

The return of Brave Frog



Brave Frog has returned to the waterfront here at the McMahonsion.

Yesterday I finally worked up enough nerve to quiz him gently on his whereabouts, it was a tough go. He wasn't interested in answering in any specific way, and the way he was twirling that bicycle chain had me a little off balace, but I did manage to drag some information out of him.

Evidently, now that "those other douchebags" have left, this is a much cooler pad. And no, he doesn't want company, company will find him when he needs it to. He was gone because "he had some things he needed to take care of" and "it's none of my beezwax, got it Dad?".

The water level is "eh" and he would appreciate it if I kept the "stupid mutt" out of his waterfall. He wants the the hummingbird feeder moved because they "run around like a freakin' crackhead trying to sell a car stereo" and disrupt his "me time" and if they don't quit it "I'll eat the big one first. You buzz like a bug, you a bug."

"The little bastard with the net", is going to "get shoved in the pump" if he doesn't quit poking him and he would appreciate it if "the blond showed more skin".

I've got to buy a gun.

It started here.
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OK, I'm typing again. Seems that my phone won't blog any more. I get some weird error from gmail when I try and send mail so anything I had to say last week, well, it wasn't any good anyway.

So. Having survived the nations air traffic control system again, I'm back in my basement watching cartoons with Skippy working hard in my office.

At any rate, I'm glad i'm back because I have loads of whining to do. I'll probably spare you though and just sort of freestle it for the rest of the week. I just found out that Blogger will let you upload videos now. That's cool, I'll have to try that, plus I heard lots of dirty jokes last week so I'll pass them on as I remember them.

I'm building a new test environment for a customer, so you might get some geek on you too, so watch out and keep some napkins handy.

Another excuse


I've missed more blogging in the last two months than I have in the first three years of doing this crap. Why? Not a lot to write about apparently. No that's not true. There's been a lot to write about, but I either havent been able to, or haven't felt like it. I've been traveling lately and just plain wiped out, haven't been watching the news, ESPN, the intartubes or really much of anything. I have read some books, I re-read the Foundation Trilogy for kicks while on planes and in airports. I read the last Harry Potter (OK, WTF was that all about?)last weekend, and I'm six pages from the end of Light in August and that has to go back to the library today.

No, that doesn't make me a snob, it means I had 20 minutes to grab a book from the library and nothing else looked good and since I knew the story and Faulkner is my favorite writer, I grabbed the one book of his on the shelf that i hadn't re-read over the last year. Ta-da! One old guy looking like he was taking Community college Lit 101.

So what are my options as far as this here blog goes? this week will be a wash, I'm heading out for another looong week on the road, the kids start school this week too, next week looks just as bad. At least it will be if this one guy ever returns my calls. Should I try and post my everyday rants through the fancy new blackberry? Or should I save it up for Friday night. (ooooo! there's a bloggy pop-culture-type reference for you. I swear, I could be that monkey-faced guy who used to do the fake news on Saturday Night live. I could because that's another one! Damn, someone nominate me for an award.)

Anyway, I gotta bug out, get a shower and get to the airport. I should have done my expenses yesterday, but I was pissy and didn't want to work on the weekend because I didn't get home until after midnight Friday, so now I'm paying for it and running late.

And right there's your problem, I almost blogged about work. See, I almost never do that, but lately that's all I've been doing. So check back later I'll post something anyway.

God knows what.

In the Pitts


Not really, spent the afternoon in a bar watching espn and now I'm
headed to the ballgame. Got a ticket for 10 bucks.

Downtown ballparks are de shiznit. I'm walking from my hotel.

I was thinking. If I fell in the river here, how long woul it take me
to wash up on the green banks of Madison, IN?

I might find out tomorrow

Bona fides...


On my way out the door, but here's something I've been promising for a while.

Pictures. Not cat pictures, but kid pictures and in blogging a kid picture is worth .25 of a cat picture. So Here's the equivalent of 1/2 of a cat picture. That's a cat picture with no cutsey saying , no "bukket", no "I has" anything. I would like my penis to stay right where it is, thank you.

Nope, good old fashioned posed kid pictures. From last month on our vacation. If you look closely you can spot the terror in their eyes as I order them to keep still and issue venomous threats against their person and/or pets.

Here they are on the Boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey

Notice the hands are on the lap, that took time and effort. I have just told Dangeresque that the beach is almost a mile wide at this point and I could bury him here and no one would ever find him.

They all managed to survive and Skippy here even made it to his third birthday.

He's checking to see if I'd gone, since it got so quiet. I had to hold the Beast up against the wall with the fireplace lighter in front of his face to keep his fingers out of the cake. It seems the Beast is very attached to his eyebrows and the candle-blowing and cake-singing went off without a hitch.

And that's it because I have to get a shower and get to the airport now. As in, I was supposed to leave ten minutes ago.

End of the line...


Since about 1982 skateboarding has been, to some extent, cool.

No more.

CF Lights, Medium-sized Metro Area


CF Lights, Medium-sized Metro Area

Rotten title, but if you've been following this mess and reading any of this the only thing you can think, really about this mess is that they hired Jay McInerney as a fact checker. At least I did anyway.

Cross posting here because I don't feel like re-typing, or coming up with something else to write today.

My thoughts are that this Scott Beauchamp guy screwed himself over, he could have waited until he got back and used his connections to get his book published. It would've been a hit, we would have seen him on Booknotes and Tobey McGuire would have played him in the movie. That said, he's ripped off everyone from Mailer to O'Brien and his "diary's" were just about as predictable as my blog posts.

He should have waited, he shouldn't have lied. , Now TNR really doesn't have a choice, he's being held by the Army and he did say on their website that he was willing to stand by his story under his real name. So another guy went to the Army and came up with this.

So, like I said, he should have waited until he was out. Stupid kid.

I am so glad I made it home


530 USAir flights delayed in Philly

Good lord, I'd have rented a car and drove the 12 hours. For the record, Wednesday I was delayed in Philly going out and coming back. The other legs of my flight were not affected by any weather, either coming in from the west or the Northeast. So basically, Philly is just Phucked.

Then I got really, really sleepy...


Former addict targets pay-per-view hotel porn

Money quote:
"three movies he documented and recorded during a July hotel stay in Pasadena were hardcore films that “left absolutely nothing to the imagination.”"

Never got to the other six, but the free lotion was scented. That was kinda nice.

UPDATE: A clarification, I can't expense it. That should be all the info you need.

UPDATE 2: Besides, I'm deeply, deeply in love with the woman on the Marriott PPV Menu channel.

UPDATE 3: Someday..oh yesssss....Sooooommmmmeday

UPDATE 4: Not in a creepy way.

UPDATE 5: Well, maybe a little creepy. But lots of guys I know want to have th TV remote duct-taped to their whanger while a chick in a nice dress reads the TV guide.

UPDATE 6: OK, 6. If you need names you'll have to order the newsletter like everyone else.

what flys through Philly, stays in Philly


This is the second time in two weeks I'm delayed out of the Philly airport. I have a meeting at noon that I probably won't make and I had to get up at 4 to get to the Louisville airport on time. So I'm grumpy.

Plus, over the last week I have been on the wrong end of some of the worst customer service ever, and I'm just not used to it.

For example, the mariott by the Loisville airport did not have hot water this morning when I went to get a shower. When I brought this up to management I was told that I was, "doing it wrong".

I shit you not.

I know that Kentuckians have a low opinion of Hoosiers, but we do have running water in most of the state. Which is a little better than most of Kentucky. So the marriott rewards hotline will get a call as soon as I have a free minute and we will have to discuss the shower situation in Louisville and how they will make it up to me.

Insert gratuitus cursing here.

No, no, no, no.....


I'm on my way to Rhode Island at some unGodly hour in the mornig. So I spent all day yesterday doing paperwork for work and yesterday building a test Exchange Server 2007 environment in VMWare.

2 things...

Exchange server 2007 is about 50 times easier to set up than Exchange Server 2003.

I have no desire to use any of the new features in Exchange Server 2007.

Also, installing the Exchange system files on a mount point is tricky because that portion of setup doesn't report the size correctly, and due to limited space I had to create a new HD in my VM session. I wasn't happy since it lives on my laptop and now I have about 250 meg free on my hard drive.

There, are you all sufficiently nerded out yet? Good. See you later.

PS, I got really fat on vacation and have only worked out twice since being home, the first time I almost killed myself doing squats. I've lost 50 pounds off of my deadlift and more off of my squat. I decided on my own to lower my bech and my body decided to reduce the number of pullups I can do in one set to seven. I'm a fat, weak girlyman.

Queen's Brian May to complete astrophysics doctorate


Queen's Brian May to complete astrophysics doctorate How cool is that? Nice that he has a brain left.

How to detect bullshit


Here's an interesting article on How to detect bullshit by a guy named Scott Berkun.

An interesting piece. I'll sumarize for you based on my own experience. If any of the following phrases appear in the book/magazine/newspaper (hell, if it's in a newspaper it's bullshit by definition)/TV Show/conversation:

Experts say...
New polls show...
It'll take me two weeks...
Couldn't be more than $50...
I'm a consultant...
The word "unconstitutional"
Check out the warranty...
"Gas prices" or "oil"...
I get (number) miles per gallon...
I got such a good deal...
Congress will never go for that...
I got a (number) on my (standardized test)...
I used to bench (number) until I hurt my (bodypart)...
She was so hot but she was craaaaaaaazy, so I broke up with her...
I had no idea we were going to (name of strip club) until we got there...
Check these out, aaaaaallllll silk...
Have it to you Monday, for sure.
This is the most exciting opportunity to come around in a while...
I felt I needed to spend more time with my family...
It's not about the money...
I would like to apologize to anyone whom I've offended...
I'll have pictures up soon...
She was your sister/roommate/cousin/girlfriend/best friend/mom?
Dude, they're real. Trust me, I know...
So I told him to knock it off or I'd kick his ass...
I had it up to (number) miles an hour...
So I said, "This is BULLSHIT, man! You can (impossible physical act) and (probably illegal too)!" and walked out of there...
I was looking for a new job anyway...
I was going to get the (super expensive model) but got the (Korean knock off) because it's (any reason but price)...
Lucky for him I had my (thing/mom/girlfriend) with me...
It's going to take me forever to get this copied, I'll be at Kinkos all day...
Of course I don't mind you leaving your (kids/relatives/pets) here all day, they were no trouble at all..
Really? I think it's delicious...
I can't wait to see pictures of the baby...
I'm not much of a drinker, but I'll have one...

There's more, I probably used six or seven today. If you can think of any, leave them in the comments black hole....

The peasants are revolting!


Againt the last property tax increase.

This is a pretty big deal, especially for older people and people who own older homes.

My property tax didn't go up as much as I was afraid it would, but that's because I recently bought this house and my taxes were high to begin with. Some people in this neighborhood had their taxes double. That's not right.

Older people and people who are on a fixed income are in serious financial stress, in effect, Indiana is taxing the poor and old out of home ownership. What they need to do is to look at the big cities in New Jersey and see what happened there. A massive number of abentee landlords, super-high rent and a dilapidated housing stock. Why? I'll tell you. You might be able to pay your mortgage, but when your taxes double your monthly payment, like ours did when we lived in south Jersey, you're screwed.

When you are money stressed, the first thing to go is exterior maintenance of your house. Paint, new shutters, fixing the crack in the stoop. Then the interior, then transportation, clothing and finally food.

In a town like ours, a National Historic Landmark District, the increase is dramatic and dangerous. These guys need to re-think what they are doing.