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Tallest Buildings In Your Mind


Via the presurfer:

The tallest buildings in each state in one picture.

So I'm back from NYC where I had really weird set of meetings and one good but short dinner, one longer dinner with better company, Not enough beer or booze and a lot of long train rides.

I learned Indiana is a far away state near Minnesota and Louisville, KY is somewhere in the deep south.

I was treated to a discussion of how revolting fat hillbillies on scooters in Wal-Mart are and nodded agreaably while watching Mongo the Elephant Boy shave himself with an electric razor over an open bottle of pomegranate juice on the number 3 train from South Ferry to 34th street.

I spent $7.75 to go one stop on NJ Transit.

I had some good pizza, almost no exercise and thanks to the pills I've been taking for my back, almost no sleep.

It rained while I was gone. So the grass grew, but the lawn mower's broken, if it weren't for all of the toys on the lawn the house would look abandoned.

Tomorrow is the Madison Chautauqua Festival of Art. so I'm not mowing tomorrow. The weather promises to be beautiful.

I fell asleep watching Kelly's Heros last night and now I have that damn song stuck in my head.




It hasn't rained here at the Mcmahonsion in a little over nine and a half years, so I'm surprised to see green from the battlments. If you dropped a match on my lawn there you'd probably ignite a brush fire that would consume most of Kentuckiana.

So when is it going to rain? Tuesday, I'll be out working for a living so I thought I's put this somewhat pretty view up for both of you to look at.

I'm in a drought myself, so I'm not updating next week. Don't take that seriously, I have a 9am meeting around the corner from Ground Zero on monday, and I think that's when that nutcase from Iran is supposed to be in New York. So If I'm late for that, because of him...

Expect a post. Otherwise, only if maddmom isn't taking my drunk-dials.
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I think I need an exterminator.
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A Jose Placebo Margarita


OK, get this. I went to the doctor yesterday because for the last month or so I've have real problems on and off with my hip. Actually over the last 2 weeks, I haven't been able to do anything because of it. Sleeping's been rough, sitting at my desk, typing a stupid blog, driving a car, all of it sucked.

And I've had some big things going on and I kind of need to be paying attention. So off to the doctor's I went.

He gave me pills.

Not the good kind of pills, because I couldn't take those, I've got too much to do. He gave me some kind of steroid to fix inflammation. Hell, if I knew what they were I'd be a doctor, but I don't, because I'm not. What I am, though, is the owner of a messed-up hip, so when I tell you that I took these two tiny pills this morning I was astounded at how quickly they worked. Like in minutes.

My hip is fixed. Like in ten minutes, In fact:

I'm so hip, I'm going to start using the word "bro".

Like you all, I thought that the word "bro" was like the word "rad". A creation of the entertainment industry that wanted to look cool without actually using any of the offensive slang words that the crazy kids were actually using.

Did you ever, in your entire life, ever, hear anyone use the word "rad"? Not some douchebag kid on TV, but a real person? No, you didn't. And if you did, I'm sure there was a reason, like you were home schooled by your sister who was really, really into "Saved By the Bell" and "Silver Spoons" reruns. And snorting a lot of crank, provided by her dealer/pimp/boyfriend who pretty much lived on your couch, lighting farts and picking scabs off his track marks. He wore a lot of neon and acid wash and thought Timbuk3 was, "like, the coolest new wave out there."

That guy said "rad."

Like "rad", "bro" is a made-up word that TV people say when the can't simply add a garden variety obscenity to a normal English word. This happens all the time in TV world and eventually some douchebag on the outside decides it must be real "street" to say "bro" or "rad' or "dawg".

Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't, witness the aforementioned "rad", only spoken in public by kids in cereal commercials, Ricky Schroeder and the above mentioned douche. "Dawg", hell, the only one who ever fell for that crap was Garry Trudeau, he though college kids said that last time I read Doonesbury. That was sometime in the '90s, right about the time I realised Garry Trudeau is hopelessly out of touch.

Anyway, now that my hip is repaired I've noticed a preponderance of TV douchebags saying "bro". "Hey, bro, wassup." "I got your back, bro." "Bro, that's not cool."

First, it's been established that no one says "bro", they say "dude" or "asshole" or "motherfucker" or they may even use a person's given name, but they will never say "bro". Unless they want a cockpunch, see the second point.

Second, watching TV last night, I heard the word "bro' so many times I actually had to be physically restrained from punching myself in the cock (thanks, brave frog!). So obviously this is some kind of mind control plant by Roger Ailes or Summer Redstone or the USA network to turn the whole country into a bunch of squealing, Martha Stewart wearing douchebags who watch "The View".

I mean, Christ, didn't you people watch Monday Night Football? Fist, Kornheiser talks about "The View" and then Jaws squeals like a baby at the giant inflateable Eagle in the endzone, then McNabb goes and crys like a bitch because he doesn't understand the difference between being a black quarterback and being a good quarterback.

And you'd think that by now he'd understand that he plays ball in Philadelphia and not some city that, you know, has a quarterback that didn't choke in the Superbowl.

I'm telling you, it's a conspiracy.



There, I said it. Will that get me fired?


This is my ninth year living out here, it's probably my last rooting for the Eagles.

Anyone see Jeff Garcia lately? Oh, that's right, he was busy throwing touchdowns. Remember those? At 1-1 with the bucs he's got a 116 rating, does anyone else think Philly held on to the wrong quarterback?

McNabb is done. He's not in control of the game, he's worried about getting hurt and he's slow. He's a backup now. How long will it take Philly to realize that?

How about 0-3?

I know none of you will read this...

But Greenspan says he was mis-quoted.

Friday Links


The Scariest Thing I Have Ever Seen

The pound is up,the kilogram down.

Well, duh. How to stretch your Sternocleidomastoid.

Ment to post this when I saw it way back when, but here it is now. Does anyone else think that the new Bin Laden tape sounds just like this asshole?

More cool optical illusions.

Fast food ads vs reality.


Maddad makes the grade



Stand back ladies.

Debian Win32 installer flash demo


OK, over the last two weeks I have lost both old laptops I used for my media server and its backup. So I'm looking to get either a $300 workstation from Wal-Mart, a bare bones from newegg or a new HDD for my old Toshiba Tecra 8000. No matter what I do, I'll probably go Deb. I'll dual-boot if I go with the workstation but I'll go all-deb with the laptop.

I also might install Debian and Enlightenment on the workstation upstairs, I haven't yet for two reasons, Disk space and wireless maddmom and the kids.

All of the computers in my test bed have hit EOL, the computer I'm typing on now is a Gateway 2000 from 1997. Upgraded a little, but still way overdue for replacement. One of the laptops was upgraded from Windows 98 about 3 months ago and the Tecra, my workhorse, was given up for dead in late 2001. It's kind of like the bionic man of laptops.

Maybe I'll do both, new workstation and a new HDD, the drive is only $60 bucks. Hmmmmmm, I wonder if maddmom will let me.....

What, no post yesterday?

I was busy.




Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.

I mean....Damn.

You can't handle the truth...


Be advised that maddad knows and respects the difference between "unfortunate" and "poor". If you don't, wise the fuck up.

"This is what happens when you lend money to poor people."

Be honest with yourself, suck it up. We all feel sorry for the poor, but the "poor" are poor because they don't handle money well. Or, in other words, they don't handle their own shit.

I have some really good friends out here in the boonies who are "poor". Together they pull in almost as much as I do. But they're broke and they think I'm "rich".

They are great people, they just can't handle their own shit.

And for some reason, for the last fifteen or so years, "poor" people have been under the impression that even though they are broke, they can have the same things that "rich" people have.

They can't.

Because "rich" people can handle their own shit, which means they pay for the shit they buy and if they can't afford to pay for the shit they buy they don't buy that shit.

That's why the "rich" are "rich" and the "poor" are "poor".

Now the "poor" want the "rich" to pay for the shit that they bought and can't pay for.
All because the "rich" people thought that, perhaps, the "poor" people could handle their shit.

They can't, that's why they are "poor"
And the politicians and lawyers are on the "poor" people's side.

Because politicians and lawyer are the only two jobs that will ever be given to you by "poor" people.

And politicians and lawyers are by definition people who like to put their hands in other people's shit.

"Poor" people are happy to have someone else handleing their shit, since they themselves do such a piss-poor job of it, so they don't mind if someone else is elbow-deep in their pile of shit.

"Rich" people can and do handle their own shit, so when a politician or lawyer starts digging through their shit picking out the peanuts and corn, well, the "rich" folks get upset. They tell the politicians and lawyers, "Keep your hands out of my shit!".

Politicians and lawyers get upset when they hear this, and since "rich" people typically have bigger piles of shit than "poor" people, the politicians and lawyers point this out. "Hey "poor" people," they shout, "Look at all the shit the "rich" people have. There's corn, peanuts and...Look!...BUBBLE GUM!"

And that'll set the "poor" people off, because bubble gum sinks, it typically gets flushed away before they find it in their own shit. And they really like bubble gum, so they'll go out and look for a way to get some bubblegum in their shit.

And the cycle repeats...

At 10:00 Saturday Morning


It was time to turn off the TV, all the cartoons were over. The live action shows came on. It was time to get outside and run to your friend's house and turn on their TV.

Have fun with this, there's a full episode of Land of the Lost at the end. See how many of these you remember. I haven't included the Monster Squad and the Kroft Supershow. Sigmund, as cool as he is, doesn't count.

Another reason is that the Monster Squad scared the shit out of me. Back in the day my friend's with the lax parents had this crawl-space/utility room that was set up with these weird secret passage-like cabinet doors between the family room and a rumpus room. It was a cool thing to have if you were a kid, even though it smelled like cat pee. Cool that is until you watched the Monster Squad. Then it was the most frightening 5 feet ever.

I wish I could find the Hudson Brothers in color. They were badass. Did you know that Kate Hudson is Bill Hudson's daughter? I did not. The more you know...

VGA over Cat-5 ethernet


Hackszine.com: VGA over Cat-5 ethernet

This works. Back in the late 90's I worked for a manufacturing company that had a PC-based labeling system at the end of some of its production lines. An operator would have to watch the screen for errors to pop up (mislabelled, offline, etc). It got to be a hassle for the line operators to stand there as other things always needed to be done, so the monitors were moved to the supervisors office up on the catwalk. Guy I worked for was a wire nut and built this conversion from spare parts, since an ethernet KVM switch was, at the time, really expensive. We eventually did buy one, from Black Box, I think, but it turned out that one of the guys on third shift was playing solitare on one of the machines. Whoopsie. We put the hack back and I ended up using the KVM switch in my office. The only time I went to the server room was to turn the AC up or to hide from the VP of Ops when I came in late.

Good times...

High Quality Bloggage


It's the first day of pre-school for Skippy. Here he is at 6:30 this morning:


And here he is after school, with his picture and maddmom. Happy as a clam.

Speaking of maddmom, today is our 13th wedding anniversary. Of course, I forgot and had to run out this morning and grab a cake, it was a leftover, I hope she likes it.

Next time I'll have to plan ahead.

So much for being well liked.


Amazon Bookstore's Blog: All My Sons. Well, Except for That One

If I remember to update this on monday, I'll have more to say. But just remember this, the most sympathetic character this shitbag ever wrote was Willy Loman...and he wanted you to think he was an asshole.

Oh yeah, as mentioned here before. Alger Hiss was a spy.

And DiMaggio was hung like a horse.